Friday, 6 July 2012

Is it racist to refer to members of your own race as "smelly Pakis"?!/RacismReporter

Mariyah Ahmed

Mariyah Ahmed

after watching these football games forget all u smelly paki boys im going for a spanish or italian man!
8:24 PM - 1 Jul 12

This tweet has been retweeted by RacismReporter at!/RacismReporter for being racist.

This is an Asian woman being rude about Asian men. Can you be racist about your own race? Can you be arrested for inciting racial hatred AGAINST YOUR OWN RACE??

A male Asian Muslim Facebook friend said:

"Maryah Ahmed should be reminded - Spanish and Italian men also prefer the oilve Spanish and the stylish Italian women, instead of the smelly ghee eating overweight paki women!"

Eek!  He used the P-word too.  Are the police going to be knocking on his door?  And hers too?

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Eric said...

"Is it racist to refer to members of your own race as "smelly Pakis"?" That fertile branch of Thought Crime, racism, requires hatred or intolerance of another race or the belief that inherent racial differences determine a perceived superiority and inferiority. So, she’s safe, pending a judicial decision to the contrary.