Monday, 9 July 2012

Islam is not the threat to Western civilisation, feminism is

Daryll Christopher:

"The only way Islam will take hold in this country is if the people voted for it. Islam can never take power by force. The fact that we have these "Macho Men" roaming the streets and seeking confrontations with the police tells us all we need to know of the calibre of the men in our society. Many of these men have no jobs, they can't see their kids, some have even been cleaned out in a divorce etc, but yet they will tell you that Islam is a huge threat. Where were these people when the IRA was letting off bombs all over the country?.

If Islamists plan to take power, how exactly would they do it? The only people who benefit from men fighting against other men are women. You do not get women campaigning for men's rights, because they have the men in their pockets and do not see them as a threat. They however see Islam as a threat, so they campaign against Islam in their millions. The men who further erode the little they have to fight Islam and deliver even more power to women need to take a long. hard look at themselves."

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Eric said...

Islam is a threat to the geopolitical anomaly that is Israel, that last construct of the Colonial Age. And this threat is conflated by the philo-Zionist MSM into a threat to Western Civilisation, which it is not. If Israel had never existed, the Muslim world would now regard the non-Muslim world much as before, with benign indifference.