Wednesday, 11 July 2012

More praise from men for the Goddess of Reason

"I find her views 1000 times better than those of the BNP, who are absolute shit, almost as shit as the mainstream parties. Why? Because she actually gets the point that so many people in society don't. I voted for the BNP and National Front a couple of times, but such parties are completely pointless. You cannot change an entire culture with a shit political party which has an aura of white male sexual frustration about it."
Someone on Stormfront describes me as "stunning" and it clear that a significant number of nationalists are "obsessed" by me.

I am dubbed the Goddess of Reason. at  

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Anonymous said...

Did you read the rest of that post on the News From Atlantis forum?

These days, I simply find being a white male to be shit. It is also a biologically immutable state as well - that of being a white male. I wish I'd been born black.

There is no point in wishing that you could be something that you can never be.

As long as I am a white male - and that is all I will EVER be because it is a biologically immutable state - then I will feel like a eunuch.