Monday, 9 July 2012

My beautifully simple solution to Lords Reform

How about this for an idea?

The Top 775 taxpayers are automatically members of the House of Lords tracked by HMRC.

It would be a pure meritocracy in the sense that members are constantly being kicked off and allowed in according to how much they are able to pay into the coffers of government, in a manner reminiscent of Top of the Pops though I suppose this show will be called Top of the PEERS.

They can vote for or against legislation online and are required to give reasons for how they voted.

That's it, really.  Beautifully simple, is it not?

I really think it is high time my genius is acknowledged.

Lord Courtown seems to like it, describing it as cheap and quick.  I have had other compliments, but must say I have a weakness for earls.

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