Monday, 9 July 2012


David Jones - Independent Nationalist
Todmorden, East Lancashire

London BNP recently ran a candidate in an affluent West London ward, one “David Child”, this candidate is confirmed to have Asperger's Syndrome, and is by all standards of his behaviour unsuited to be a candidate for a nationalist party, below is a synopsis of a long argument in the Facebook group “Exchanging Ideas” between London BNP’s Bob Taylor, Claire Khaw & me.

Gavin Cardy: 
I've grown to like David, and it was a seat we had no chance of winning so well done that man.
And Claire if you knew were BNP and nationalist politics in this GB nation has come from and past candidates you would be more than happy with Mr Child.

Claire Khaw: 
Why would I be happy with a RETARD representing nationalism, Gavin? How many nationalists want to be represented by retard candidates?

Stuart Hamilton:
How many retard candidates want to represent nationalists? I wonder if he truly knew what he was getting himself into.

Bob Taylor:
Would ,Claire and Jeff be happy if they could introduced a policy like, Hitler's T-4 Program?

Claire Khaw:
Do you really not get this, Bob?

I suppose you like pretending that you do not so you can say I want to kill babies again and again and again. But all I will do is repeat that all I propose to do is allow parents to dispose of THEIR OWN unwanted disabled unviable babies.

I am not the only one questioning the wisdom of having the BNP represented by the mentally deficient when it is already considered a party of social retards.

Bob Taylor:
You don't have to call him a 'RETARD'.

David MountainMan Jones:
I call an adult having aspergers syndrome and a brain the capacity of a teenager a retard - sorry I'm old fashioned.

The guy ain't a full shilling is he? And I agree with Claire, nationalists don't want to be represented by people with mental deformities. Michael [another poster, who participated in the conversation, whose comments I have left out], maybe you ought to adopt an Asperger's son if you think they're not that bad.

Bob Taylor:
People don't like a lot of things about people, Dave. It don't mean we should take the piss out of them. Remember, whilst you point you’re finger judging someone, someone is pointing these, judging you. Food for thought their, Dave.

David MountainMan Jones:
Does anybody here want to own up to anything?

Bob Taylor:
Dave, we all pass on some sort of defective gene. That's nature. And when we do, if the result isn’t what we thought it would be then we become what we are. I do, Dave. I want to own up to being a compassionate and caring member of the British National Party.

David MountainMan Jones:
Has the BNP been overrun by fucking Quakers, and I’m a Lancastrian, and I'm an ethnic Ulsterman actually.

Bob Taylor:
Dave, is it against the rules to be a nationalist and hold Compassionate and caring views?

David MountainMan Jones:
Compassionate, Caring? I have met enough people who I twig something not right by spending less than two minutes talking to them, i may not be a shrink but I know a fruitcake when I meet one.

I think anybody with a mental condition that causes them to act asocial to the point where they can't find their own way in life, hold down a job, have normal conversations etc... is retarded, that's my personal viewpoint. A perceptive person can detect it at a glance, even in the body motions.

Claire Khaw:
Austism is a word I hate because it doesn't mean anything. It has been deliberately extended to people who are successful to make it OK. The test of normality should be this then: if you had a daughter and you loved her, would you let her marry such a man?

"Dave, I don't really think for one moment you believe and feel the same way as CK when it comes to killing disabled babies. Your a Yorkshire ffs, English to the bone."

Just to clarify again, because Bob Taylor persists in misrepresenting my position either from malice or the inability to understand a simple point: if I had my way, no one will come to kill your disabled baby, though you have the option of doing so yourself. Bob, do you understand what I mean by "having an option"? It means you can keep it if you want, or dispose of it if you want. Bob obviously does not know about British babies dumped in British canals, especially during the war. Poor man, to not even know his own history and to have no one telling him about these things. At least I have British friends of a certain age who remember these things.


When I was out “dry stone walling” today a neighbouring farmer from the area stopped by with his Land Rover (up near the top of Blackshaw Head above Todmorden) and as frequently happens, we ended up talking politics this subject came up, responded by saying;

"Some people are genetically sound, some are just trash, you can tell within the first six months usually. Absolutely I agree with your friend - she's dead right, in older times the midwife would not only smother it but have a quiet word and say 'best not to have anymore'."

“It seems you get more sense out of a land-rover window than you do out of the BNP these days”, I replied.

“Ha, yeah! I agree, can these”, he said.

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