Monday, 30 July 2012

Red got into trouble with the police for annoying the BNP

28 July 2012 1:03PM
I have a similar thing, with a ludicrious 'threat' online being taken seriously by the police. Several years back I had some BNP leaflet dropped through my door, which basically blamed Muslims (/asylum seekers/immigrants/refugees - they weren't sure the difference and used the terms interchangeably) for ALL the problems in the UK. It had an email address for their local division on there, so I happily obliged (cos obviously the only thing they were after was hatemail, right?).

I told them if they dropped anymore leaflets through my door I would sieg heil them in the eyes. Hilarious right? (i was 18 gimme a chance) They responded with an email saying that for "threatening to blind" them, they were reporting me to the police. And wouldn't you know it, the police came banging on my door (and my neighbours' door, as no one was in) at 11 at night. They didn't charge me with anything, but they did take my dna and fingerprints (to check against other keyboards, i suppose). They told me it was an unofficial caution that wouldn't come up in any CRB checks or anything, but whatdoyaknow - every job interview I've had since I've had to explain exactly what my 'threatening or malicious communication' is.

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