Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Suggested letter from the BNP to Claire Khaw

"Dear Claire Khaw

It is with great pleasure that I can now tell you that the National Executive has approved your request to annul your expulsion. (This means you will be treated as if your expulsion never took place, on payment of the membership fee that you would have paid to have remained a member of the Party.  This means you will have come out of your probationary period of 24 months and now have full voting rights.  Indeed, in 2015 you will have the right to become a leadership contender, if you so desire.)

That terrible misunderstanding last year was the result of our ignorance of the principles of Free Speech, which we have now remedied.  We should of course have defended  your right to free speech, or at the very least allowed you to defend yourself before our disciplinary tribunal.

We now recognise that any party that calls itself nationalist must be prepared to discuss the eugenics and its antithesis feminism, which is anti-eugenic and therefore destructive to the long-term national interest.

It also been agreed by the National Executive that you are to be Director of Communications and we look forward to seeing you running rings round the liberal media and have them tie themselves up in knots.

We are also grateful to you indeed for attracting former members back into the party and it is hoped that under this new environment of co-operation and unity which you will help create for us, there will be a greater sense of comradeship and social cohesion amongst all who support the Party's policies, which will be racially neutral civic nationalism.


Nick Griffin

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