Friday, 6 July 2012


(By David Jones, Independent Nationalist,
Todmorden, East Lancashire)

On July 5th, I gave up my birthday to attend a local regular PACT (Police & Community Together) meeting in Todmorden Town Hall. As a "Town Hall Nationalist" that is not unusual, I am a regular there attending Town Council, Police and Ward meetings to hear and speak on behalf of local residents, a basic activity that anybody contending for local elected office ought to be doing.

Such meetings usually consist of Upper Calder Valley NPT Sgt. Mick Bowden hearing a litany of complaints about dog fouling and speeding preceded by an account of the arrests made by the local "Neighourhood Policing Team".

I went there however to raise a serious issue, that of the Muslim grooming gangs in Rochdale. We all know what has been taking place here, paedophiles and perverts of Pakistani extraction groom, drug, rape and eventually turn young, mainly white girls into prostitutes.

Whilst Greater Manchester Police have been investigating and bringing before the courts these lowlife scumbags who even the majority of our local Liberal Democrat Town Councillors agree should, at the very least, be castrated (albeit too little too late) the record of West Yorkshire Police is a little less gallant.

My fear, and many other locals fears, are that these sex gangs and child rapists will simply move up into West Yorkshire through Todmorden and into the Calder Valley.

They did launch an "Operation Parsonage" to investigate this crisis in Keighley years ago, but failed to put any of these people on trial, let alone behind bars. Meanwhile West Yorkshires Chief Constable, Sir Norman Bettison (who has a reputation for being a bit of a time sitter) goes on Regional TV and denies that the problem has any racial aspect to it at all - even the local Muslim community leaders admit otherwise!


In fact when a friend of mine, DN Party boss Dr Jim Lewthwaite (while sitting as a Bradford BNP Borough Councillor) began investigating the matter and campaigning for justice, he was told to "get out of town" by first plain clothes CID and then by a senior-ranking Policeman Officer when he visited the went to the local police station to complain. Even Keighley Town Council barred him, an elected Borough Councillor, from setting foot in Keighley Town Hall.

All this I said to Sgt. Bowden and also to local residents at the local PACT meeting, in the presence of the sweating and squirming leader of the Liberal Democrat group on Calderdale Council, the odious Cllr Janet Battye, who was there to talk about another issue.

Doesn't all this construct a case to say that Todmorden and the Calder Valley will be the next areas where grooming will spread to?

Todmorden is, after all, on the border with Lancashire and Greater Manchester, and only nine miles away from Rochdale itself. Rochdale is acknowledged to be the cesspit of the universe, infested the with worst kind of white-cider drinking chavs and heroin addicts, criminals and crackheads alike -believe me I'm not joking, Rochdale is a truly evil place!

I raised the following:

1. Why does Sir Norman Bettison say  there is no race factor in the grooming issue when there clearly is?

2. What kind of parents allow their children to go anywhere near these perverts?

3. With so many (107 by the last records I saw) sex offenders already living in the Calder Valley already, isn't it time for a crackdown?

4. Why was "Operation Parsonage" wound up, surely we need to be on red alert?

5. What kind of moron could not see the danger of these gangs coming across the border?

By this time Cllr Janet Battye was shrieking, and a timely intervention by Sgt Bowden probably saved the poor old woman from a heart attack.

The rest of the public in attendance wasn't shrieking though, that public including an ex-NF retired copper, a B&B owner, an ex biker and a Licensee were clearly behind me on this vital issue, and a few approached me afterwards to say so. This kind of activity is why I managed to buck the trend and improve my vote from 5.5% to 8.5% where so many BNP candidates failed to do so.

To give Sgt Bowden his due, there was not a lot he could say but I made my point on the matter, he is I believe, an honest local copper whose hands are tied, it would be more than his job is worth to be seen, by Cllr Janet Battye, agreeing with me.

Other leading local nationalists across the Pennines appear to be preparing to tackle the grooming issue in constructive ways also.

The Infidels of Britain and the National Front may mean well but this issue needs to be dealt with in a intelligent, voter friendly and constructive way.


Anonymous said...

Pretty section of content.

Claire Khaw said...

"Pretty section of content." I have no idea what that means.

Adam said...

Excellent work, David. Only hope your local community & police appreciate you sticking your neck out for them!

Adam said...

Excellent work, David. Only hope your local community & police appreciate you sticking your neck out for them!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought about writing an e-book or guest authoring on other blogs?