Saturday, 7 July 2012

UKIP leader a physical coward. Physical cowards are usually also moral cowards.

I am neither a moral nor a physical coward.

Question asked by Facebook friend of Jeffrey Marshall:

"Claire Khaw said that you [Jeffrey Marshall] had a meeting with Nigel Farage once that showed him up to be a coward. Could you explain what exactly this was all about?"

Jeffrey Marshall
On 6th October 2007, the BNP leafleted the UKIP conference at the Troxy Conference centre. Chris Forster, Chris Hurst, Steve Tyler & I distributed our leaflets to UKIP delegates as they arrived.

Most were friendly, but a few of the younger ones were aggressive, insisting we clear off - which, naturally, we refused to do.

Roger Knapman defused the situation and the thuggier members were encouraged inside.

We continued leafleting (our leaflets pointing out that UKIP was a shrinking party and, at that time, the BNP still a growing one). Nigel Farage remained outside speaking on his mobile. We didn't trouble him; nor did he speak to us.

About 3 months later, Farage was speaking at a Swinton Circle meeting at a pub in the City. I was extremely late for the meeting and had missed the speech, so I remained in the bar, drinking a pint near the entrance. Farage, obviously on his way out, began to head in my direction. But then he caught sight of me and suddenly halted. He seemed startled, veering back in recognition, like a rabbit in car headlights.

It was quite bizarre - as though he really believed all his own UKIP tales about 'BNP thugs'. I stood elaborately aside to allow him to pass, which he proceeded to do. Obviously he was caught unawares, but I was surprised by the appearance of physical cowardice.

Claire Khaw
Maybe you should have suddenly stepped forward after allowing him to pass. Nigel Farage cowering would have been quite picturesque.
3 July at 21:38

Jeffrey Marshall
I was too surprised myself and let the opportunity go, I fear.
3 July at 22:26 ·

Claire Khaw
This is what the French call l'esprit de l'escallier, I believe.
3 July at 22:28 ·

The most morally courageous thing Nigel Farage can do is to invite me to become Policy Adviser as well as Directrix of Communications and to stop preventing ex-BNP members from joining UKIP.  But I ain't holding my breath.

(If UKIP are afraid of being accused of having racist members, simply ask all members to sign a form undertaking not to promote apartheid and forced repatriation either in public or private on pain of expulsion.  That is all Ethno-nationalism means anyway.)

You see how practical and sensible my solutions are?   I have already said I should be leader of the BNP.  I should be leader of UKIP too.  And then we can really start motoring.   

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