Sunday, 15 July 2012

What is British culture and the British national characteristic?

I got a lot of silly answers from BNP supporters, members and activists, eg

"Ten pints and a kebab."

"A mishmash of other cultures these days."

'who are the "british"? is there in truth a country called "britain"?'

"i think that the answer is to go into deep local culture and explore the old common values that lie between" is food for thought.

National Culturalist said:

"British culture includes a hell of a lot - you're practically asking me to rattle off the Bible to you."

and then disabled me from commenting or asking more questions.


Watching sport on TV is "culture"?  Yeah, right.

"our history, our language, our inventions, our music"

Yeah, but what do you do to practise your culture and pass on your traditions, apart from attending BNP meetings from time to time?

The answer came there none.

"speaking English, attending a church service, a village fete, reading Shakespeare, listening to Elgar, etc"

I did get a better answer from Claudia Bryan and Eddy Butler, however, who chorused in unison:

"Bob Taylor [known as the "Attack Dog" of Nick Griffin] epitomises British culture."

Claudia went on to say:

"British culture is no longer a culture, merely a cesspit of SSMs (slut single mums), dole merchants, beer-drinking dog-walking skinheads [This may be a veiled reference to the Bob Taylor.]  - not much culture to aspire to."

Eddy went on to say:

"It has been expropriated by the liberal state - more localised forms are more vital eg English, Scottish, Welsh, which are less accessible to the dreaded foreigner."

It seems Eddy is suggesting that the English should  have a language of their own, like the Welsh who speak Welsh and the Scots and the Irish who speak Gaelic.

But the English are infamously monoglot and bad at learning languages.  They degenerate English are also proud to be bad at maths and counting with their fingers with a puzzled expression, it would appear.  

While I have an authoritarian streak in me, I wonder how useful it would be to impose Esperanto on the English.

Esperanto-speakers and teachers may wish to sponsor the British Revolution, if I promise to use Esperanto as the new special language of the English.

Klingon is another possibility.   We could have a referendum on what the new language special to the English ought to be.

But perhaps it is not so much culture that we should define, but national characteristics we should cultivate.

Instead of being in a state of sexual "liberation" (ie enslaved by the most promiscuous and immoral of their women) men could learn instead to abhor the slut, slag and slapper.

After all, if men cannot say no to any slut, slag and slapper and the slut, slag and slapper allows any Tom, Dick and Harry to impregnate her, then surely the offspring of such unions is bound to be degenerate?

What are the British now that they ought not to be?

They are "Dipso fatso bingo asbo Tesco" and let us not forget "paedo".

What should they be that they are not?

Rational, robust and resourceful, like me, rather than easily-offended, effeminate, hypocritical, cowardly, illegitimate, innumerate, mentally-ill and learning- as well as physically-disabled. -or a benign version of this - is what I hope the British will take to one day.

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Eric said...

The reason no one knows or can state what being British means in terms of culture and national characteristics is simple. There’s no such thing, any more than there’s a British language or a unicorn.

‘British’ is just a geographical term or indicates a vague, artificial civil, administrative and political identity, just like ‘Yugoslav’ or ‘Soviet’ used to do. And where are they now, we ask ourselves?