Sunday, 15 July 2012

What it means to be a "choc ice"

Rio Ferdinand seems to think that you are not being true to being black if you are not forever whingeing about racism, just like Diane Abbot is saying you cannot be properly black if you are a black woman and not a single mother at

If you are black (like Ashley Cole) who is true to your black racial roots, you would never help a white man (like John Terry) whom you feel is being wrongly accused of racism, he seems to be saying.

Is he being racist for saying that a black man should never help a white man?  Surely this is inciting racial hatred?

Is he saying that black men care nothing for truth or justice?  Surely this is also inciting racial hatred?

How is testifying for a white man whom you do not believe is racist a sign that you are a "choc ice"?

What is a choc ice?

Someone who is black on the outside and white on the inside.

What does this mean?

What does "white on the inside" mean?

Does this mean caring about Justice, Truth and Reason even though it means a member of your race who happens to be your brother cannot make his an accusation against a white man stand?

If that is so, what is so good about being black?

If being black means hating the white man and sticking the knife if at every available opportunity, then doesn't the white man have much to fear from the black man?

If being a black woman means, as Diane Abbott seems to be saying, that she should do the black thing and be a slut single mum to bring about widespread illegitimacy and by extension degeneracy through falling standards of morality and education, are they not in fact subversive and dangerous to Western civilisation itself?

Why should you tolerate this sort of shit if you are a white man?  Why do you?  Is it cos you now have shit for brains, piss for guts and your balls have been minced and fed to you as baby food by the feminists?

If so, shame on you.

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