Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Why are Tory men afraid to criticise Andrea Leadsom's spectacular act of disloyalty?

Andrea Leadsom, a Tory, pronounced that the Tory Chancellor should apologise to the Labour Shadow Chancellor for saying he "had questions to answer".

" For 25 years before becoming an MP, I worked in finance, including 10 years from 1987 with Barclays, first in the dealing room and then as a Financial Institutions Director running the Banks team. This latest banking scandal takes me back to my experiences of the 'culture' that started post-Big Bang...

What the Chancellor said was hardly controversial, you would have thought.  Labour was in government during the time when the LIBOR was being manipulated, and certainly have questions to answer.

Yet no Tory has criticised this woman who by any standards would be considered guilty of the most breathtaking disloyalty.  If she was not being incredibly disloyal then it was the worst case of foot in the mouth-ism ever suffered by a politician.

Mrs Leadsom used to work for Barclays.  Does getting Ed Balls off the hook get Labour off the hook?  Does getting Labour off the hook get Barclays off the hook?  What would be it in for Mrs Leadsom if she got Ed Balls,  Labour and Barclays off the hook?

Is it impossible that Barclays could be offering Mrs Leadsom a nice little backhander to get Ed Balls, Labour and Barclays off the hook by humiliating the Tory Chancellor?

I do hope there are investigative journalists worth their salt in this country left.

Or perhaps the matriarchy has destroyed their careers.  

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