Sunday, 29 July 2012

Why do so many nationalists hate Nick Griffin?

Mark Collet (ex-BNP) on Facebook:   "Trip to Scotland: £80, Burger King at the services: £6.50, the look on Griffin's face when he shit himself in the car park as his security struggled to deal with one lone protester: PRICELESS"

Does the Chairman intend to go around protesting at every rapist who is released from prison?

Is he saying that convicted rapists should never be released from prison?

If they are released, should they not live anywhere at all?

I think it would be far more sensible for rapists to financially compensate their victims after a decent flogging.  That is what I would propose if I were leader.

It does seem rather opportunistic of the Chairman to go all the way up to Scotland to march with the Scotties.  He should have known that the Scotties hate the English, and the BNP will be seen as an English party.

Bob Taylor on his Facebook wall on 30 July 2012:  "Doe's this look like someone who was beaten to a pulp by a 24 stone plus tub of lard. The birch tried to scratch my eyes out (see scratch) and the other mark is a graze from his scruffy leather jack with all the badges over it."

Bob Taylor:

"What a load of bollocks. Only one ponce ended up on the deck and it was not me."

"Paul Easton of the National Front turned up at our meeting in Kent and thought I would run from him but he come unstuck big time. He went over like a sack of shit. I'v just got the other half to take a picture of my face and I shall up load it and you tell me if I look like I've been beaten to a pulp lo."


Eric said...

Hard to believe from the photo that Griffin has a Cambridge Boxing Blue.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I don't think the BNP is massively popular in Scotland...

More to the point though, the BNP is to a large extent both a social and political irrelevance - especially these days.

I don't think all Scottish people hate the English. But there is certainly a 'sense of difference'.

There are plenty of English people that seem to dislike Scots as well.

As for the expression on Nick Griffin's face, it's comedy gold.

Anonymous said...

Rumour has it that Bob Taylor was greeted by a welcoming party of ex-members with an axe to grind, due to his revolting online comments about them, when he visited Kent yesterday to give a 'speech'. A fight then broke out, which left him the worse for wear and then the meeting was cancelled by the owner of the venue. Maybe Mr Taylor should think twice about bad mouthing people on the internet, in the future...

Claire Khaw said...

I wonder what Bob had said about whom that was so bad it prompted a physical attack.

Can anyone tell me?

Claire Khaw said...

All eye-witness accounts gratefully received.

Anonymous said...

The SNP is popular in Scotland though.

Claire, you refer to yourself as a 'Nationalist'.

It's worth pointing out though that in Scotland, a 'Nationalist' tends to mean a supporter of the SNP, rather than a right-wing British Nationalist.

And the SNP are a centre-left Scottish Nationalist party, who stand for a multicultural, politically correct Scotland.

Claire Khaw said...

What has nationalism come to, when the Scottish Nationalist Party welcomes gay marriage and is proud to introduce it BEFORE the English do??

Nationalism desperately needs to be redefined, and redefined by me!

shoegal said...

I witnessed this biker gorilla over 6ft 2 and 22 stone start a fight over Facebook comments from 12 months ago.
he thought he would intimidate bob with his size.
the hairy gorilla threw his punches but he was to slow.
bob used some fancy foot work and he was felled like a giant tree , i nearly shouted "timberrrr" bob then jumped on top of him and gave a couple of reminders.
If it wasn't for dave price who saved the overweight hairy biker things would have been even more embarrassing for this little gang of wannabe thugs!
it was like bear baiting and bob was the little terrier thrown into the pit.
dave price was so embarassed that he launched into a tirade of verbal abuse that no southerner could decipher.
This violent crew drove up to assault bob and came well unstuck.
true david and goliath stuff.

Claire Khaw said...

Steve Squire told me to add that the biker who has now joined the NF was saved from being attacked further by Bob Taylor, who was going at him like a terrier, by a man with a broken arm, David Price, after he fell down as a result of some "fancy footwork" by Bob.

Apparently, Bob sustained scratches to his face from contact with the badges that the biker was wearing.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

They are just a bunch of bnp rejects having jumped ship to early now feel very bitter.
Fancy taking on little bob and then having to be saved by a sheep shagger with a broken arm.

Anonymous said...

Bob Taylor is sulking and licking his wounds ha! I bet there is more to come as Taylor has made many enemies. Looks like the meeting (with 10 people in attendance) was a "WIPEOUT".

Anonymous said...

Looking at a picture of the biker I can see a lot of patches on his jacket but no badges. Mr Taylor must have very sensitive skin...

Anonymous said...

I've got a fake identity troll account on 'lard-arse' Eason's wall, and he's telling people that he's happy to have a rematch with Taylor any time. Alleging Taylor tripped him up, but that he got straight back up again and Taylor was backing right off and when challenged to continue, didn't want any more. At this point Squire and Ackland stepped in to break up the fight. Overweight Eason is claiming that Taylor is a 'bullshitting twat' and next time there will be no doubts about who came out on top, because he'll 'bury the c**t' Eason is also claiming that he doesn't have any metal badges on his leather vest. Nor does he 'scratch' or fight like a girl. taylor, however, he claims, punched him the bollocks like the coward that he is. I will keep an eye on Eason's page for any further developments.

Eric said...

Nick Griffin does look seriously scared. A bit of a surprise really. Didn't he get a boxing blue at Cambridge?