Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Why was name of shot solicitor in Devizes not mentioned?

"The family of the victim were at his bedside last night, police said, after he was shot in the head at the office of Morris, Goddard and Ward in St John's Street, Devizes yesterday afternoon."

None of the other reports mention the name of the victim either.

Most odd.

It could only have been James Ward, surely?

Why is his name not being mentioned though?


MLCM said...

Until the family have been fully informed, victims are not named as a matter of course.

Would you prefer to be informed about an attack on a loved one before or after you've read it in the press.

Nothing odd about that in my opinion.

Claire Khaw said...

Thank you for that information. I thought it took the police an inordinate amount of time to inform his family.