Friday, 31 August 2012

You can be an ex-member of Sinn Fein and join UKIP

But you can't join UKIP if you were ever a member of the BNP.

What does it say about UKIP?

That they are so stupid that they think being a racist is worse than being a terrorist, probably.

Can UKIP point to anything that I have said that is evidence that  I am a racist?


What is their problem with me then?

I think they are just a political party that is anxious to avoid controversy AT ALL COSTS.

What the hell do they think they are - a social club?

This would suggest that they are not fit for purpose and will never amount to anything if they carry on like this BORING THE VOTER TO DEATH.

To be in a position to influence the government they have to have as many votes as the LibDems or more, preferably.

At the last election they the BNP and UKIP vote was about 1.5 million votes.   The LibDems had just under 7 million.

If they lift the bar they can take the best of me and my associates who will join UKIP with me.

Looks like complacency has set in very early indeed, and I hope I need not remind UKIP that pride comes before a fall.

Anyone who wants to meet me in Birmingham, feel free to get in touch and make a date.  Even as I cannot attend the conference, you can still meet me for a drink and tell me all your troubles.

There are ways and means of making the leadership give up their moral cowardice, but we must first meet and plot.   Do not let UKIP fuck up the Corby by election by campaigning with their usual infuriating blandness.   There is all to play for, but right now they are showing every sign of their trademark timidity.

Margot Parker is absolutely the wrong candidate in what is classic BNP territory,  and her campaign so far has been alarmingly bland and yawn-inducing.

This woman is so boring and timid she won't even engage with me on Facebook.   But snooty UKIP won't listen to advice.  Her Campaign Manager Lisa Duffy does not appear to enjoy a great deal of confidence from the other members.  Let us hope the women don't fuck it up this time.

I mean, how fucking fucking fucking fucking boring is this write up anyway?

Doesn't this insufferable cowardice just make you want to vote BNP?

It should be




Gentlemen of UKIP, do not let these women fuck it up again.  They have Nature's excuse for being cowards and hypocrites, but YOU do not.   

Claire Khaw's hopes for UKIP at conference

That they will:

  1. Repeal the Equality Act 2010
  2. Repeal the Human Rights Act 1998
  3. Reintroduce fault into divorce by requiring marriage contracts before people can marry
  4. Reintroduce corporal punishment
  5. Reintroduce capital punishment
  6. Repeal s 5 of the Public Order Act 1986  (Even Peter Tatchell wants to do that!
  7. Declare a flat rate income tax of 20%
  8. Abolish inheritance tax
  9. Abolish capital gains tax
  10. Legalise brothel-keeping in every major city
  11. Abolish the civil partnership
  12. Stop plans to introduce gay marriage
  13. Reintroduce the 11+
  14. Reintroduce single sex secondary schools
  15. Introduce the New Model Comprehensive
  16. Pass Peter Bone MP's House of Commons Disqualification Bill
  17. Lift the ban on Claire Khaw and her associates joining UKIP
  18. Make one woman think tank Claire Khaw Director of Communications
  19. Make one woman think tank Claire Khaw  Policy Consultant
  20. Allow her the opportunity of forgiving  the cowards and hypocrites in UKIP who are fearful, uncertain and exercised about her becoming a member by the simple expedient of inviting her to become leader.  She is guaranteed to graciously accept such an offer by the party and will easily step into the shoes of Nigel Farage and do a better job than him.  

Claire Khaw's recommendations for UKIP on taxation

Hong Kong: Some sources claim that Hong Kong has a flat tax, though its salary tax structure has several different rates ranging from 2% to 20% after deductions. Taxes are capped at 16% of gross income, so this rate is applied to upper income returns if taxes would exceed 16% of gross otherwise. Accordingly, Duncan B. Black of Media Matters for America, says "Hong Kong's 'flat tax' is better described as an 'alternative maximum tax.'"  Alan Reynolds of the Cato Institute similarly notes that Hong Kong's "tax on salaries is not flat but steeply progressive." Hong Kong has, nevertheless, a flat profit tax regime.

This system should be followed as it seems to be working OK for the Hongkongese.  This is considerably lighter than what we currently have at

I see no reason why corporation tax should not mirror this proposed regime on income tax.

Taxes that are constitutionally guaranteed not to exceed 20% appear to have the blessing of the Islamic God, it would appear, so we might as well make use of it in the hard times ahead.  UKIP can thus appeal to the Muslim swing voter instead of being accused of Islamophobia yet again.

No taxes levied by the government shall exceed 20%. 20% is a sort of magic number in that it seems to be the most you can make a person willingly pay without resorting to evasion or avoidance.  

Inheritance and capital gains tax shall be abolished.

Come on, UKIP, grow a pair at your conference this September!

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Claire Khaw urges UKIP to promise to end no-fault divorce at conference

No-fault divorce encourages wives to divorce husbands for frivolous and self-serving reasons.  

Men who wise up to what a bad deal marriage is for them will stop marrying.  

When they stop marrying then Britain's problem of widespread illegitimacy will become even more widespread.  

Widespread illegitimacy = degeneracy = criminality = the decline and fall of your race, nation and civilisation

Will UKIP have the balls to arrest national decline and propose this at conference?

Not under Nigel Farage as leader, but certainly under Claire Khaw if she ever became leader.  

How ironic and shaming then that white men no longer know how to be men and are afraid of the worst and most immorally parasitical of their women - the SSMs who cannot be criticised or questioned.  They have to leave it to a female and a foreigner while they cower in dark corners, biting their trembling lower lip, afraid of the displeasure and wrath of their female partners and female bosses.  

Do the men even know why they are so afraid of these women?

Probably not, for they themselves have turned into fearful neurotic demented women in denial.   

UKIP Crodyon Chairman Joan Tyndall was formerly an NF member, I am told

I have been informed by a nationalist source that Joan Tyndall, Chairman of Croydon UKIP was a member of the NF.

Would anyone from UKIP care to tell me what will happen to this woman  if this is found to be true?

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

What I would say about Nick Clegg's wealth tax if I were leader of UKIP

If I were leader of UKIP, I would say:

"Cameron could easily have avoided having a coalition government if he hadn't been so busy kowtowing to the liberal agenda.   If he had promoted and supported unashamedly Conservative policies, he would have won by a landslide, but such is the nature of the milquetoasts who pass for men in the LibLabCon.  

An absence of moral courage and fear of alienating the female vote is the problem.  If the Republicans knew what was good for them, they would be busily alienating the female vote now, and dare the women who vote Democrat to do their worst in November.  

UKIP shall henceforth adopt a stance that is consistent with masculine authority and moral courage and speak the truth without fear or favour.

UKIP men will no longer cower before UKIP women like the disgraceful milquetoasts they were under the reign of Farage.   

It was after all the female voter who voted in New Labour.   Do we need to say any more about the perniciousness of courting the female vote?  The last 50 years of Western government has been about courting the female vote and this is where it has got us: bankrupt.  The West is now socially, financially and intellectually bankrupt, consumed as it has been by the demands of immoral and parasitical single mothers.  There was a time before I became leader of UKIP when there was absolutely nothing about SSMs (Slut Single Mums) in the UKIP manifesto.  Now, I am glad to say that that omission has finally been rectified since the resignation of Nigel Farage and his handing over of the party to me.  He has very understandably decided that he wants to retire from his lifetime of moral cowardice.  Yes, indeed: you now have your new broom, and things are going to be different now.   
To the good liberal, SSMs are sacred cows who cannot be criticised, but we social conservatives who want fewer laws and lower taxes know better, do we not?

If Cameron had played his cards right, the Tories would not be confronted with the Scylla of Labour and the Charybdis of the Liberal Democrats, who are the parties of the Commie Pinko subversive.   

UKIP will henceforth state its position on domestic and foreign policy every time an error of the government comes to light and explain how we would have done it different and better.

Every day, as each new error of government comes to light, it will be pointed out to the voter how I,  Claire Khaw,  leader of UKIP, would have done instead.  By the time the next general election comes along, I will be seen as the saviour of degenerate Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland and simply step into Cameron's shoes.  Indeed, I plan to stand in Witney as prospective parliamentary candidate.  It will a historic first to oust a sitting Prime Minister."

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

UKIP's *ultra vires* prohibition prevents Claire Khaw from attending conference

24   August  2012

Dear Claire Khaw

On 21/08 you applied online for a two-day ticket for the UKIP Annual Conference in Birmingham due to be held on September 21st.

I must inform you that because of your former membership of the BNP and because we have previously refused you membership of UKIP, we are exercising our right to not provide you with admission tickets.  We have therefore today refunded your £30.

Yours sincerely

David Challice
Administration Manager

cc   Lisa Duffy (Party Director)
       Steve Crowther (Party Chairman) explains why the prohibition is ultra vires, but don't expect Star Etheridge to understand this, though she is a qualified solicitor.    

Paul Oakley, who was their unsuccessful London mayoral candidate, who is also  practising barrister, does not get it either.    

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Peter Turchin: the study of Psychohistory and the Decline and Fall of the West

From New Scientist 18 August 2012 by  Bob Holmes

Peter Turchin is using patterns he has found in the underlying the rise and fall of empires to make predictions of political changes to come.  His forecast is alarming.  If his predictions are correct, the US faces major civil unrest and political violence sometime around the end of this decade.  

Reasoning that the fate of an empire rests ultimately on social cohesion, he has used historical records to track the prevalence of what he calls collective violence - deaths due to political assassinations, riots and civil wars, but not international wars or ordinary crimes - in three major civilisations, the Roman Republic, medieval Europe and Tsarist Russia.  Applying mathematical tools borrowed from population biology, he has found that in each case deaths from collective violence follow two super-imposed cycles, one spanning two or three centuries and one spanning 50 years.

In a prosperous culture, population growth or advancing technology eventually leads to an over-supply of labour.   That is good news for an expanding upper class who can ore easily exploit an increasingly desperate labour force.   Eventually, though, the society becomes so top-heavy that even some members of the elite can no longer afford the good life.   Factionalism sets in as the upper classes fight amongst themselves, social cohesion declines, and the state begins to lose control of its citizens.   Then, and only then, does widespread violence break out.  Anarchy reigns until enough people fall out of the elite classes, at which point growth and prosperity returns.  

Two years ago, Turchin put his reputation on the line by predicting publicly that political instability in the US and Western Europe will shoot up in the coming decade.   (Nature, Vol 463, p 608)  In his new paper he provides more evidence for an impending crisis in the US, where both cycles look to be approaching a peak in 2020.  Allowing for some imprecision in his calculations, Turchin says that if we make it to 2030 without major turmoil he will conclude that his prediction - and hence his underlying theory - is wrong.  He doesn't think that will happen, though, and estimates that he has an 80% chance of being right."

Avoidance action can take the form of increasing tax rates on high earners to help reduce social inequality, reducing the rate of immigration, and, most controversial of all, allowing fewer people a university education. An over-supply of graduates always leads to revolution, it seems.

This may seem superficially plausible, but in my opinion, the problem of civilisational decline seems to originate from a decline in the birth rate.  Women do not have quite as many children as they should, or they do not bring them up properly because they are SSMs, making these children useless for the labour force.  This means immigrant labour has to be imported, undermining social cohesion and upsetting everyone.   The women remain in denial about being shit mothers and loose women, and the men who have also been turned into women remain in denial about being shat and pissed upon by stupid immoral parasitical women and their badly brought up bastards who will turn into human trash and be no good to beast nor man.

When they wise up it will be too late, for Western civilisation as they knew it will have ended.

I suggest that a better guide to tracking the decline of civilisations is to work out how many Koranic commandments they do not conform to.  The more they conform to them the more happy and glorious a nation and empire will be, and the less they conform to them the more miserable the existence of the populace and the more short-lived that empire.

Being told we live in a matriarchy is a analogous to being told we have cancer or that we have gangrene and our leg has to come off.

Whether the patient will consent to invasive and painful surgery will be interesting to see.   I suppose that will largely depend on how good my bedside manner is and see to it that I do not frighten my patient to death.

Farage eyes working class vote

If UKIP want the white working class vote it will have to admit ex-BNP members who have stated that they are now civic nationalists into their party.

Will they bite the bullet?  Probably not, because they are rotten with moral cowardice.

It is doubtful that they even have the courage to propose the repeal of the Equality Act 2010 at conference, because their women they are so frightened of will not let them.   

Feminine conspiracy to keep Claire Khaw away from UKIP conference in Birmingham

Maggie Chapman of UKIP does not want to repeal the Equality Act.  Her daughter who gave her four illegitimate grandchildren is a rabid feminist who who does not believe in marriage and is apparently encouraged and paid by our liberal feminist matriarchal state to tell other women it is OK to be single working mothers with illegitimate offspring.

Maggie has been calling me a slut for admitting that I have not always been perfectly chaste in the Land of Compulsory Fornication that is Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland.

I have told her again and again that you disrespect marriage more when you say it is OK to have illegitimate offspring and grandchildren than for "merely" having an affair with a married man.   I only mentioned the married man with whom I had a long-standing affair because it is a writer that the more mature UKIP supporter might have heard about.  I did not however any illegitimate offspring by him.   His book is out in paperback now, and is available at

As far as I am concerned, the difference between being a slut and an SSM (Slut Single Mum with illegitimate offspring) is the difference between a suspected criminal and a convicted criminal.

The difference between what I have done and what her daughter has done is the difference between getting a speeding ticket and causing death by dangerous driving, I would venture to say.

Any daughter or son of mine who presented me with illegitimate grandchildren would be swiftly and unhesitatingly disowned and disinherited.

Maggie's attitude is the typical one of fudge and mudge.  The fact is that most British non-Asian and non-Muslim mothers are like her  - morally compromised by their low standards of sexual morality.  Therefore, on the one hand they say they support marriage, on the other hand they say it is only a piece of paper and hiss and rage at anyone daring to criticise their atheist feminist SSM daughters who wish to desecrate the institution of marriage to show their arrogant contempt for religion, marriage and men.

Maggie has no concept of social responsibility nor does she take on board that she is allowing her daughter to set a bad example.  It is irrelevant that her four illegitimate grandchildren have parents in a stable relationship.  The fact is that Maggie's daughter and the father of her children have set a bad example.  They encourage other women to think things will work out as well for them if they get themselves knocked up by men who are not their husbands, but most women will find themselves left in the lurch left to bring up their bastards badly in deprived circumstances.  They will not be as fortunate as Maggie's daughter who disdains to marry the father of her children.   However, Maggie does not care about any of this as long as she does not find herself in the position of having to criticise her daughter.

This is what Maggie and so many other British women condone.  Effeminate and emasculated British men, however, are too frightened to say boo to these feminist harridans who cause widespread illegitimacy and degeneracy.

I do not actually know the views of Star, Bill Etheridge's wife about the Equality Act, but I suspect she does not approve of my recommendation that UKIP repeal it.  Indeed, I suspect that most of the objections to this proposal will come from women rather than men, apart from a few rare honourable exceptions.

I know from Bill's Facebook walls that he would like the repeal of the Equality and Human Rights Acts.   Will Star henpeck him into submission though, if her views are different?

It is high time libertarian men noticed who are the naysayers whenever they want to do something that rolls back the petticoats of the nanny state: their own women.

Star Etheridge
@raymondfinch hi honey hope all is good for you. Claire Khaw (mentalist of her parish) says she has UKIP conference tickets she's ex BNP!
6:40 PM - 23 Aug 12

Ray Finch
@star_pumpkin Hi Star! Will get on to it. Thank you.
7:04 PM - 23 Aug 12

Star Etheridge
@raymondfinch no worries ツ x
 7:05 PM - 23 Aug 12

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Another little idea for UKIP to consider at conference

Repeal the Human Rights Act 1998.

Evidence that UKIP are in cahoots with the Reds

My Facebook friend Michael Wood of the British Freedom Party says:

"The evidence is that Mark Croucher [UKIP's Communication Officer] was passing UKIP membership lists to Searchlight (not UAF) for vetting. In other words, there was an agreement that Searchlight would leave UKIP alone in return for cross-referencing their membership list against Searchlight's 'known fascist' database. 

I doubt whether 'High Tories' or 'national conservatives' would be pleased that their details are probably in the hands of the unrepentant communist Gable.

The Croucher story was revealed by themselves, they openly admitted that they do this and they spun it as a way of keeping 'fascists and racists' out of UKIP." demonstrates that, despite all the incessant kowtowing to liberal PC extremism, Searchlight will still be gunning for UKIP.  It has done them no good at all.

Friday, 24 August 2012

UKIP declines to admit Claire Khaw to their September Conference in Birmingham

This was all too predictable.

However, any UKIP member is free to get in touch with me to discuss what it is to be done about the incorrigible cowardice of the UKIP leadership.

If enough of them want to meet me in Birmingham, I am still prepared to make the trip. The important thing is that they push for the repeal of the Equality Act 2010 at conference, and promote this to the voters of Corby in November, whether I am there or not.

If you are tired of UKIP's tried and failed policy of BORING THE VOTER TO DEATH  and want some new ideas that will thrill and delight them, then I'm your man, not the cowardly Nigel Farage whose cowardice is probably explained by his fatherlessness as well as the degenerate morals of the effeminate and emasculated White Man living in a matriarchy.   

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Claire Khaw offers to help the BNP in Corby

This seems to have been received with some alacrity by Geoff Dickens the East Midlands Organiser, who says he will be putting me in touch with the Campaign Manager of Gordon Riddell.

It was Gordon who beat the Lib Dems and obtained just under 10% of the vote in the June elections.

I had offered to help UKIP but they were so snooty about it I thought I would help the BNP instead.  After all, they are both Eurosceptic parties and only class and the nasty snobbery of self-consciously middle class UKIP divides them.

Corby is BNP territory anyway, and it will be more fun to be shown the town by the BNP boys than the lily-livered nancyboys of UKIP.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

UKIP's unbelievably boring Small Business Policy appals Claire Khaw

I have just come across UKIP's Small Business Policy at

Sadly, it appears that it is still their strategy to bore the voter to death.  It is stuffed with detail that will never be implemented, and has a delusional quality to it in its sheer plethora of mind-numbing detail.

No one is going to read it, certainly not the voters of Corby.

If only these milquetoasts would take the bull by the horns, but these are emasculated Englishmen - lily-livered, bloodless and pale.

Perhaps nothing at all can be done about these hopeless cases of effeminate activism.  I know they don't want me, but I just cannot bear to watch them miss opportunity after opportunity, election after election.

It is interesting to note that I have not received a single defence of Farage when I said that this man's moral cowardice is entirely due to his fatherlessness.

If they want to win they must be bold.  What a shame that the courage of the average Englishman is so contemptibly low.   They have no pride and feel no shame.

Listen, UKIP, just be bold for once in your life!

Promise to voters of Corby that you will  repeal the Equality Act 2010.

Or will you deliberately ignore this recommendation just because it came from me?  

Another bright idea for UKIP to discuss at conference

Would the Institute of Directors and small businesses like the following?

  1. to repeal The Equality Act 2010
  2. to repeal The Equal Pay Act 1970
  3. to abolish National Insurance contributions
  4. the right to sack unproductive workers without explanation

Would UKIP like to promise them what they want at the Corby By-Election that Margot Parker is fighting?

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

A rich selection of character-ruining compliments I have received from my discerning Facebook friends

"Claire is an aristocrat of the mind and soul. Class is a question of character, not position."

"Claire is a Socratic type; prone to maieutics: 'Worse is better, better is worse'."

"You will miss her when she is thrown in a gulag for trying to save us all, Omar."
Omar:  "I will not be crying a river."
"The river will not run on that sad day; The sun will weep; the stars will collapse into black-holes and consume us all."

"You all mock Claire, pretending she is 'Khaw the Bore'; Really you look forward to the day she is your nationalist dominatrix: Our Savitri Devi."

"claire khaw is a modern day joan of ark chosen by God to lead her people in a rebellion against the forces of tyranny and oppression"

"i dont know if shes taking the piss or being serious.......she is totally, totally mental"

"You are one of the toughest people i know Claire."

"Claire must be doing something right if half of Portcullis knows her name. That's more than I can say for many MPs!"

"Claire: offering hope in a hopeless age."

"Claire holding a gun is showing an extreme beauty in her. That extreme beauty is the love of freedom and liberty"

"Claire is the best person that UKIP could recruit if they wanted to get ahead, if they dared."

"I don't always agree with Claire's views but I am impressed by her attempts on here to promote and defend marriage. Thank you, Claire for your persistence and dedication in this fight! Your courage and determination are an inspiration to me!"

"If UKIP want to be important in the future you could do much worse than take counsel from Ms Khaw; though perfection is still distant, there is a certain Byronic 'cultural thug' at play. Not being white gives her a great advantage; she can see outside the confines ..."

"The Left tell you [UKIP] - implicitly - whom you may associate with and the right stand to attention: If you are too afraid to recruit the best then why bother? We are facing a convergence of catastrophes which have never been so aligned; the limp-wristed milquetoasts will not stand with you. You will fail. Claire has offered you her energy and time."

"Claire may be your Shiva, destroyer of worlds ..."

"She has something of the Cardinal Richelieu about her."

"Claire is like Ho Chih Minh, more of a synthesizer and populariser of the ideas put forward by others."

"I hate living in Paedo Bastard Slutland, fortunately we have Claire Khaw as a beacon of hope..the guiding light of righteousness"

"I do like Claire for her intelligence, her knowledge and her steadfastness."

"I think she will be gloriously shameless and confound her critics."

"Nonentities generally feel threatened by genius."

"How does UKIP know that they are not missing out on perhaps the greatest political intelligence of the age of modern democracy? Does UKIP's craven policy of barring former BNP members from membership not potentially lose the services of an insightful and uniquely talented political brain?"

"PMSL, I must admit you are funny, Claire. No one can take that away from you."

"What Claire has done is identify the things that appeal to White Britons emotionally and tapped into them. She has then cultivated a very precise and controlled internet version of herself to propagate her views."

"I think Claire would do well if she engaged real people and spoke to them. Her voice would win many men over."

Has the UKIP leader himself received compliments as sincere, extravagant and witty? 

Claire Khaw purchases ticket to UKIP conference for 21-22 September 2012

I purchased it without having to prove that I am a member so I assume it is open to anyone who wishes to attend.

If that is not the case then I expect to have my money refunded.

I think it will be a wonderful opportunity for everyone in UKIP to meet me and see what a nice person I really am.

Maggie Chapman, who is not even attending the conference and who dislikes me because I keep pointing out that she is morally compromised because of her four illegitimate grandchildren as regards supporting the institution of marriage has told me that "Lisa Duffy is on to it", which I take to mean "Lisa Duffy will do everything within her power to prevent your attendance and will have instructions to have you shot on sight."

Lisa Duffy is on the NEC and also Mayoress of Ramsey Town Council.

It is possible that Lisa will not approve of my views on feminism and may seek to unilaterally seek to prevent my attendance. I therefore hope that the men who wish to see me there and who are alarmed at the way so many women wield their power irresponsibly will see to it that she does not get her way, if it is indeed the case that most of the NEC and the members would prefer to have me there than not.

My real purpose of attending is to see to it that Margot Parker's campaign in Khawby in November has the crucial promise by UKIP to repeal the Equality Act 2010.

This is me.  Looking forward to meeting UKIP  in Brum!

What UKIP should promise the voters of Corby to attract national attention

The Equality Act 2010 is THE THOUGHTCRIME ACT

UKIP should promise to repeal the disgusting and pernicious Equality Act 2010 AKA THE THOUGHTCRIME ACT 2010.

Corby described in the Blue Guide as "an ugly town created in the 1930s that survived the death of the steel industry" is BNP territory.  The BNP themselves would abolish the Equality Act if they could.  Get the BNP votes by promising this, Margot Parker!  There are no ideological reasons why UKIP cannot do this because UKIP claim to be a libertarian party.  What could be more offensive to a libertarian than the existence of thoughtcrime laws in your land?

To be in a position to influence national affairs, UKIP has to obtain as many or more votes than the LibDems in the next General Election

By declaring my support for UKIP, I trust I have done enough to signal to the BNP that on this occasion they should leave the field open to UKIP and keep their powder dry.

If they do not stand, there is a better chance of future co-operation amongst the Eurosceptic parties, which is absolutely necessary in this country if Euroscepticism and social conservatism is not to be seen as a dead duck.

If the NEC cannot agree to get this done, then they are not worth their salt.   If the leader cannot get them to agree to this, then he is not worth his salt.

If UKIP completely ignore this recommendation and refuse to discuss it openly then it is not worth its salt as a political party.

Will Margot Parker promise the repeal of the Equality Act AKA The Thoughtcrime Act when she campaigns in Corby? 

If you have had enough of the Nanny State then email UKIP at

to tell them

  1. you want the Equality Act 2010 repealed
  2. you want them to admit me as a member
  3. you want me to be their Director of Communications
  4. you want me to be their Policy Consultant
  5. you want me to help Margot Parker in her Corby campaign in November
  6. to offer me hospitality in Corby and pay my travel expenses  (I will be content if I receive an offer of accommodation in her spare room together with a return train ticket to Corby.  It needn't be first class either.)
  7. an invitation to address UKIP at their 20-12 September conference in Birmigham (and that you will join only UKIP if I am by then a member)
If you wish you can call them on

FREEPHONE 0800 587 6 587

Monday, 20 August 2012

Claire Khaw declares support for Margot Parker of UKIP and plans to visit Corby

Margot Parker is standing in the Corby and East Northants by election in November.

I do hope the BNP will be sensible enough to stay right out of it because I have every intention of campaigning on behalf of this woman, and I don't want them to waste their time and money.

The intention is to close the gap between UKIP and the LibDems.,_2012

They will receive my help, whether or not they want it.

Any offers of hospitality and discounted accommodation gratefully received.


I trust @BNP will be sensible enough not to stand in the Corby by election for I have every intention of helping @UKIP and @MargotLJParker

@MargotLJParker Fear not, Margot, I shall l be your Campaign Adviser! @Nigel_Farage @GawainTowler @UKIPStevenage @alexandralswann @UKIP

@MargotLJParker Don't let yourself be referred to in the third person, address your voter DIRECTLY! … @gawaintowler

@MargotLJParker Say exactly what u want to say in your leaflet and be as forthright as you like. Don't mince your words and don't be boring

@MargotLJParker You should draft something and show me what you have done. I will then sex it up. @gawaintowler @Nigel_Farage

@MargotLJParker From today onwards say forthright controversial things and don't hold back. Pretend to be me! Read

I fear that @MargotLJParker may only appeal to the middle class voters. @LouiseMensch was just posh totty to her male voters. @gawaintowler

I hope @MargotLJParker will bear in mind that I have the common touch. I am very much at ease in male company in pubs. @gawaintowler @UKIP

What a shame @MargotLJParker and I cannot go on a Hogarthian pub crawl in the rougher parts of Corby. @GawainTowler … No decent pubs in Corby. We should still visit the working class areas though. @MargotLJParker

@MargotLJParker may wish to consider visiting the Ex-Servicemen's Club. I can write her speech for her. @GawainTowler @Nigel_Farage @UKIP

I think @MargotLJParker may secretly wish to avail herself of my services but it will be controversial. I am prepared to meet her.

@MargotLJParker should bear in mind my ability to attract the votes of working class men and how I would turbo charge her campaign.

I do hope @MargotLJParker is not going to be timorous about exploring possibilities with having me as her Campaign Manager.

If you were a *male* @UKIP candidate would you be afraid of accepting my help? @MargotLJParker @Nigel_Farage @GawainTowler @UKIPStevenage

I wonder if there is a way of gently suggesting to @MargotLJParker that she might like to say a few words about #Slut #Singleums #SSMs

If Ed Milband wants to be put through his paces he would agree to be interviewed by me and Lord Glasman


  1. Do you see widespread illegitimacy as a problem?
  2. To what extent is feminism responsible for widespread illegitimacy?
  3. What are the social problems problems caused by widespread illegitimacy?
  4. To what extend is the degeneracy of the British caused by widespread illegitimacy?
  5. What are your views on Claire Khaw's solutions to the problem of widespread illegitimacy?
  6. What will you do with the feminist matriarchs of the Labour Party who so vociferously and successfully destroyed the career of Maurice Glasman?
  7. Why are you afraid of these evil feminist harridans?
  8. Is your wife, the barrister Justine Thornton, an evil feminist harridan?
  9. Are you afraid of your wife?
  10. What do you fear she might do to you if you offend her?
  11. Do you think she might divorce you, take half your stuff and proceed to deprive you of your sons?
  12. How likely is she to divorce you, take half your stuff and deprive you of your sons if you offend her?

Sunday, 19 August 2012

"The character of Nigel Farage is infused by cowardice." Discuss.

Was being deprived of his father from the age of 5 the reason for  his incorrigible  moral cowardice?

It does sound as if he is himself a victim of fatherlessness. It is my theory that sons without fathers are even more prone to moral cowardice than sons with fathers, and the level of moral cowardice amongst British politicians is already appallingly high.

It must be utterly shaming for them that I, a female and a foreigner, should presume to tell them what it is to be a man, but I know they no longer have any pride and no longer feel any shame. contains an anecdote of Nigel Farage's physical cowardice.   

Any more stories of this man's cowardice would be very welcome.  If you think that UKIP is as a party crippled by the moral cowardice and snobbery of its leader and its NEC, then please contribute.

In what ways do I find UKIP cowardly?

  1. They will not admit me as a member, which may be nothing to do with my former membership of the BNP.
  2. They will not admit ex-BNP people such as myself as a member.
  3. They are afraid of calling themselves civic nationalists because they are afraid of the N word.  
  4. They are a libertarian party that has said nothing about repealing the Equality Act 2010 which is full of THOUGHTCRIME legislation.
  5. They are too afraid of discussing feminism (which is anti-eugenic) or family values.  
  6. They are too afraid of discussing anything controversial.
  7. They do not appear to know that politics is about conflict and controversy.
  8. They appear to think that boring the voter to death is a viable vote-winning strategy.
  9. They are AFRAID of little old me, a mere female and foreigner!   

I think, to clear up any misunderstanding about my ideas and my proposals, I should be allowed to address the NEC at their next meeting.


  1. They will never slough off their reputation of elderly crustiness, Islamophobia and racism until they let me join.  
  2. They will never narrow the gap between themselves and the LibDems unless they let me join to change the image of the party together with any of my political associates who wish to do so.   
  3. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.   

Would someone like to tell me the time, date and venue, please?

Saturday, 18 August 2012

How to measure a nation's morality through the morality of its women

Basically, all you have to do is ask every parent in the land if their children are illegitimate.

  • 1 point per illegitimate child
  • 1 point per illegitimate grandchild
  • average the score out for every citizen who is a parent you asked
  • compare it to other nations who have undergone the same methods of accounting
  • whichever nation with the fewest points wins the prize of being deemed most happy and glorious of all the nations in the world

I know you are all going to say it is Saudi or Afghanistan, but I suggest all the nations of the world do it and see what happens.  

We could start doing this in the UK to see if Welsh women really are sluttier than the English or the Scotties.  

Claire Khaw gets ready to storm UKIP's Citadel of Inadequate Reasons for Not Admitting Her

Claire Khaw getting ready to storm the UKIP citadel?  Let us hope for everyone's sake that the pen and the keyboard is mightier than the sword.  I do want to resolve this peacefully, after all.

4 August 2012,  01:42
Claire Khaw to UKIP

May I know the reason for the prohibition against ex-BNP members joining UKIP?

14 August 2012, 13:37
UKIP to Claire Khaw

Thank you for your query regarding ex-BNP members, which has come through to UKIP Head Office.  The democratically elected NEC has decided after much debate that membership of BNP (or those who have since left that party) is incompatible with membership of UKIP.

UKIP is a libertarian, tolerant political party, that does not concern itself with matters of "race".  The BNP has shown itself to be very different, which is one of the reasons why the BNP is among the proscribed organisations listed on the UKIP website.

15 August 2012, 00:02
Claire Khaw to UKIP

Thank you very much for your prompt response.

I have always been a civic nationalist and certainly do not concern myself with matters of race, or I would not be living in a country in which the majority of the people are a different race from me.

I do hope that it is not being suggested that I am racist!

15 August 2012, 10:15
UKIP to Claire Khaw

Certainly not.  You asked why UKIP had proscribed the BNP and I explained why.  I hope that clarifies the situation.

15 August 2012, 12:16
Claire Khaw to UKIP

So, if you do not believe I am racist, then I can join UKIP after all?  I am perfectly happy to sign a declaration that I have never nor will I ever

1.  promote a policy of the forcible repatriation of non-white British citizens

2.  promote apartheid

3.  promote any policy that discriminates either for or against any British citizen on racial grounds

on pain of expulsion.

Perhaps that is all you require to let all those who have been in the prohibited list of parties and organisastion with something useful to do that would help UKIP, instead of wasting their time and energy with the English Democrats, BFP, EDL etc working against UKIP.

What do you say to that?

16 August 2012, 14:27
UKIP to Claire Khaw

Thank you for your application to this problem and ingenious search for a solution, which I'm sure would help immensely if only people were always honest enough never to sign declarations they did not believe in, unless there were a legal penalty for doing so; but how could such a penalty be applied in this case?

How could we be sure that unrepentant BNP-activists would not infiltrate UKIP, having signed such a declaration with their fingers crossed behind their backs?  And, even if we could, how would we convince the public, of this, or silence the howling of the jackals of political correctness (please see attachment) on the subject?

MORAL MUTATION  by Nigel Farage

With the onset of European dictatorships - notably in post-revolutionary France, the Third Reich and the USSR - the 19th and 20th centuries saw the guardianship of public morals pass from religious authorities to atheistic political ones.  In this way, public conduct came to be ruled by political correctness, as strictly defined by secular bodies, rather than by moral virtue, as determined by tradition and that sense of a universal purpose, which is greater than human understanding, and is therefore open to popular, and democratic, interpretation.

The contemporary, and as yet rather restrained, heir of those bloody dictatorships is the European Union (EU) which is a complex system, consisting of the incumbent political parties of 27 former democracies, the governments they create and a burgeoning, central bureaucracy.  Money from taxpayers and consumers is channelled, by this system, into those parts of the civil infrastructure, which support the incumbent parties and, for the last few decades, have ensured that these parties remain collectively in power and that they resolutely continue with the work of removing from society all concept of moral value, other than that defined by themselves.

It is natural that men should strive for power and that, having achieved it, they should seek to perpetuate it, by perverting or weakening the democratic processes, which endanger that perpetuation.  It is therefore highly necessary that those-not-in-power should succeed in restraining the powerful by retaining the ability to remove them from office, at regular intervals. When all the incumbent parties are part of the same political complex, however - as is the case in the EU - it is not possible to change the regime merely by rotating the parties.

Not content with this, the political élites are proceeding to force society into such a condition that (they hope) it will become incapable of removing them.  Hunting down and eliminating moral virtue, which they cannot themselves define or control, and replacing it with a legalistic political correctness, which they can fine-tune and direct at will, has thus become their preferred method for establishing their power in perpetuity.

The basis of this method, the fine sounding Droits de L'Homme (now translated as "human rights") appeared during the French revolutionary period and has since become a world-wide cult, spawning first the United Nations Organisation (UNO) then the Council of Europe, then the European Economic Community, a plethora of international bodies and courts, and finally the EU.

In each case, economics - or, quite simply, money - was used initially, or at an early stage, as a Trojan Horse to insinuate the artificial human-rights agenda into formerly democratic legislatures.  By this means, negative rights (everything allowed unless forbidden) have been gradually replaced by positive ones (everything forbidden unless allowed) and the traditional, or God-given, right of individuals to stand equal before the law, and be judged on their merits, has been subverted so that the law increasingly sorts individuals into arbitrary and unequal classes and treats them accordingly.

Curiously, or infuriatingly, this unequal treatment, or "positive discrimination", is rationalised as tending to create social equality, where this is perceived, by the élite, to seem to be lacking.  Justice thus becomes the victim of social engineering, and society becomes fragmented, as ever more minorities, disadvantaged groups and ethnic communities are identified, vaguely defined and given special privileges.

These privileged classes then become the flying columns of the élite's attack upon the majority. They are ever ready to provide "victims", in legal cases designed to test and advance new human-rights laws, and they become tribally captive to the incumbent parties, and their allied international, and supranational, organisations, all of which spew forth laws of this kind, at a most astonishing rate.

These developments go hand-in-hand with the churning of global populations, which produces cultural heterogeneity incompatible with democracy and thus confirms the powerful in power, by reducing the electorate to factions, which squabble ineffectually among themselves and are incapable of exerting a popular will.

That, at any rate, is the plan.  Some might call it a purely spontaneous process; but this distinction is academic.  It is happening, and rapidly; and we must stop it, while enough remains of our formerly exemplary judicial processes and of our formerly renowned system of democratic representation.  Moreover, arresting this moral mutation can only be achieved through the displacement of the incumbent pro-EU parties, which means electing a patriotic party, in the United Kingdom, ready for the challenges of independence in a changing world and yet respectful of the traditions, which have provided us with genuine moral guidance, and with the instinct and the institutions to follow it.

16 August 2012 16:34
Claire Khaw to UKIP

Despite UKIP's attempts to be whiter than white on the racism issue, this has not stopped Searchlight from still continuing to gun for you despite all your attempts to kowtow to PC censorship.

If you say you do not hate me, I will keep asking you if you really really really do not hate me, until you go mad, or start hating me.

And then I can point out that I was right all along and that you hate me and are therefore evil and must be destroyed.

It is practically impossible to implement forcible repatriation now anyway, with so many Pakistani cities already in existence in England.  You can only forcibly expel people who were not born here and we are into the third generation now.

It really is high time that UKIP abandoned its unofficial policy of cultivated cowardice which it tries to pass off as pragmatism.

I feel absolutely sure that the British voter would thrill to hear someone in a party they have heard of and could vote for make statements carefully calculated to defy the PC totalitarian.  I was called to the Bar and have a pretty good idea of what I can get away with.

You are probably aware that I have already met ethno-nationalists up and down the country.   I really do not find them as frightening as you all seem to.  The worse they can be is rather rude about your race on Facebook and exclude you from their meetings.

If some people still want to say they want this country to return to its racial composition before the British Nationality Act 1948, I do not see that this will do more than cause hurt feelings.

If anyone is caught expressing the prohibited views I have listed in my previous email by a reliable witness, then the penalty of expulsion seem fair enough and also effective.

If this risk is not taken then the Eurosceptic movement will continue to be regarded as as toothless pussycat, bringing discredit on its leaders and supporters, who are also associated with social conservatism.

In my view the risk is very small.   Only the more sensible and experienced members of the BNP who have already declared themselves to be civic nationalists would want to join UKIP anyway.

It would be a gesture of kindness to save them from wasting their lives in the English Democrats too.

It is quite clear that neither the BNP nor UKIP by themselves can beat the LibLabCon. My worst fear is that the LibLabCon will be the ones to take the UK out of the EU and claim that they could always be trusted to look after the national interest.

Cameron has already said there will be no referendum until the next election.  To be in a position of influence UKIP must have more or at least as many votes as what the LibDems obtained in the last election which was just under 7 million.   That gap is not going to be closed unless a more effective strategy is pursued.

The fact that all the combined votes of Eurosceptic parties in the London Mayoral elections could not even begin to match the vote of an unknown Yummy Mummy called Siobhan Benita should give Eurosceptics cause for concern!

17 August 2012, 7:23
UKIP to Claire Khaw

Thank you for your forthright comments.  UKIP's position of political correctness is stated clearly in the attached

17 August 2012, 12:16
Claire Khaw to UKIP

While I am happy to admit to admit that I had not read MORAL MUTATION before sending you my previous response, I have to say that I fail to see how Nigel Farage's acknowledgement that the liberal establishment's policy of limiting debate is in itself an argument for UKIP's policy of continuing cowardice.

There are now many THOUGHTCRIME laws in our so-called liberal society.  How can any party claiming to be libertarian even tolerate their existence?

But perhaps you do not recognise it for what it really is.  Perhaps I do really have to point out that any prohibition against you from discriminating on grounds of sex, race etc is undeniably a form of thoughtcrime because it presumes to limit your ability to think.

At least the BNP have said they wanted to repeal the anti-discrimination legislation now contained in the Equality Act.

Has UKIP said anything about this at all?   I can find no reference to this at

To fight for free speech we must defy the political establishment.

The only way to defy the political establishment for a political party is through its policies, not essays by its leader about how the political establishment conspires to limit our free speech.  We already know that, and what we want is a way to stop them from taking away even more of our liberties after the next election.

To do so, UKIP should take courage and promise to repeal the Equality Act.

Is UKIP prepared to do so on libertarian grounds using libertarian arguments?  Is it even prepared to make this argument?  I am very happy to help, but it seems to me that it is the intention of UKIP not to admit me because I would attract controversy.

This is precisely what any political party worth its salt would want, I would have thought, but not UKIP it seems.

What we are discussing is semantic and philosophical and over the heads of most people, even if they hold senior positions in UKIP, but I know I can put it to the voter in simple and attractive terms.

I believe I can do it better than anyone else, and I think I can do this best through being a member of UKIP.

Of course my joining UKIP would attract controversy but that is precisely what we want! UKIP needs to build up a full head of steam in terms of publicity if it is to seize the initiative on this.


I know there is a fear that I will take over the party because I am so ruthless, clever, thrilling and daring.  But would that really be such a bad thing?  I have no desire to be party leader however, as long as I can discreetly pull strings from behind the scenes ....  I only seek to do for Euroscepticism and Social Conservatism what Peter Mandelson did for the Labour Party.   I look forward to his paying court to me without further delay.  There is much to be done, Peter!  
Time's winged chariot and all that.  We are going to unite the Left and Right of Britain in one glorious wedding!  Knowing of his romantic background, I already know he is a little reticent in these matters with the ladies, but I want to assure him that  I have every intention of accepting his hand in marriage and to become his Lady Mandelson.  Ah, the soirees we would have, and the salon I would run!   

For some reason I fancy a proper Jewish wedding.  It is probably because I just love the idea of the Lord Chief Rabbi doing the Mitzvah Tantz before Peter and me.

‎"If anything comes in, i will let you know," said Maggie Chapman concerning people who actually email UKIP saying they would be more likely to vote UKIP if I were admitted.

Their email is

If you do write in support of my admission into UKIP, please copy me in so I can assure myself that Maggie has kept her promise.

How to sell to the British the idea of lashing SSMs 100 times


The [unmarried] woman or [unmarried] man found guilty of sexual intercourse - lash each one of them with a hundred lashes, and do not be taken by pity for them in the religion of Allah , if you should believe in Allah and the Last Day. And let a group of the believers witness their punishment.

The people in UKIP who will have to yield to me before I can be admitted into UKIP

Steve Crowther
Executive Chairman
Lisa Duffy
Party Director
Ex officio
Stuart Wheeler
Party Treasurer
Ex officio


Party Secretary
Ex officio
Jonathan Arnott
General Secretary
Ex officio
Gerard Batten
London MEP
Steven  Woolfe
London Region
Louise Bours
NW Region
Alan Bown
SE Region
Doug Denny
SE Region

Andrew Moncreiff
SE Region
Neil Hamilton
SW Region
George Curtis
Eastern Region
Hugh Williams
Deputy Treasurer
SW Region
Mick McGough
Eastern Region

David Coburn
London Region
Toby Micklethwait
SE Region

Yorkshire & Nth Lincolnshire

If you have their contact details or get the opportunity, you could always ask them why I should not be admitted into UKIP.

In the meantime please email UKIP at

to reassure these cowardly custards that you would be more likely to vote UKIP if I became a member.
How politics can take a leaf out of the book of boxing

How politics can take a leaf out of the book of boxing

It should at least become a spectator sport rather than the boreathon it always is these days.

It is all about COURAGE.

You could in theory ponce about to win on points and not get too hurt but you bore the spectators and your fans.

If you thrill the spectators, you will find even the supporters of the other side cheering you, if their man is fighting badly.

But every time you punch your opponent you have lowered your defences and will leave yourself vulnerable to a counter-punch.

It is all about accuracy too and the combination of punches that will floor your opponent.

It is about flexibility and adaptability - if you can switch to southpaw and back again without even thinking, you have the edge over your opponent.

And it is also about controlling your emotions and not getting angry, because that will cloud your judgement and make you take unnecessary risks.

If you have studied his form you may even wait for him to make his usual mistake and then seize the opportunity.

Having a high pain threshold helps, and the ability to switch into automatic defensive stances instinctively helps.  However, this does not mean always cowering before the PC brigade and assuming a servile demeanour.

I already know Nigel Farage is a moral and physical coward.  Reasons for this are given at

The reason why UKIP as a whole are so cowardly is that the values and preferences of the leader permeate downwards to the membership. Can you imagine what UKIP would be like if my values and my preferences permeated downwards and infused the membership?

I wonder if the ladyboys at UKIP will ever grasp this.

If you want me in UKIP then email

and tell them how much more likely you would be to vote UKIP if I became their Director of Communications and Policy Consultant.   

Friday, 17 August 2012


(By David Jones, Independent Pennine Nationalist,
Todmorden, East Lancashire)

Recently I added myself to a Facebook group of Nationalists in the North of England. I didn't last long knowing I'd been blackballed because I observed a number of nationalists known to be hostile to me there (Infidels Types, of associated with the BPP Leader to who I was once a close ally).

In the course of that conversation I came across a young 14 year old lad a hardcore National Socialist, who was very keen to talk of forming a 'skinhead gang' and who, in my opinion was talking his way into a Police Cell and a life on the dole.

What amazed me was the fact that nobody else in this group was telling this lad not to act that way, you see I think nationalism is best served if these people can get on in life and do well, to phrase Dr William Pierce, we need to have winners not losers in our struggle.

If the lad was a good fighter I suggested that he join his local Boxing Club and get sponsored so he could raise money and 'beat the crap' out of people legally, and help fund local candidates. Other than that he ought to work hard, study hard and so on so that he can become a successful nationalist, representing the cause better.

I was expelled from the group shortly after. I am once again asking again why did it fall to me to tell this lad not to front himself off and talk illegal talk on the highly monitored social media?

The answer is simple. They have no plans to make nationalism successful, if this guy covers himself in Hitler tattoos, buys badges and pays membership fees to, say, the NF, that is considered a result.

This is simply evidence that the existing leadership of nationalism is determined to fail?

(By David Jones, Independent Pennine Nationalist,
Todmorden, East Lancashire)

Recently I added myself to a Facebook group of Nationalists in the North of England. I didn't last long knowing I'd been blackballed because I observed a number of nationalists known to be hostile to me there (Infidels Types, of associated with the BPP Leader to who I was once a close ally).

In the course of that conversation I came across a young 14 year old lad a hardcore National Socialist, who was very keen to talk of forming a 'skinhead gang' and who, in my opinion was talking his way into a Police Cell and a life on the dole.

What amazed me was the fact that nobody else in this group was telling this lad not to act that way, you see I think nationalism is best served if these people can get on in life and do well, to phrase Dr William Pierce, we need to have winners not losers in our struggle.

If the lad was a good fighter I suggested that he join his local Boxing Club and get sponsored so he could raise money and 'beat the crap' out of people legally, and help fund local candidates. Other than that he ought to work hard, study hard and so on so that he can become a successful nationalist, representing the cause better.

I was expelled from the group shortly after. I am once again asking again why did it fall to me to tell this lad not to front himself off and talk illegal talk on the highly monitored social media?

The answer is simple. They have no plans to make nationalism successful, if this guy covers himself in Hitler tattoos, buys badges and pays membership fees to, say, the NF, that is considered a result.

This is simply evidence that the existing leadership of nationalism is determined to fail?

Thursday, 16 August 2012

What Lord Mandelson and I have in common

The flowers I delivered to Lord Mandelson when he was in hospital for his operation. I even received t  a thank you letter written in his fountain pen.  "Thank you for thinking of me," he wrote graciously.

Photo taken by a retired London Labour MP whose name I cannot now remember on the day of  the funeral of the widow of Tony Crosland

"She has something of the Cardinal Richelieu about her," said a Facebook friend on 14 August 2012 at 13:20.

I know it is not quite the same as having laudatory pieces written about one by the liberal press, but it does suggest that Lord Mandelson and I may have something in common.  Lord Mandelson was the power behind the throne.  I could be the power behind the power behind the throne.

I wish Lord Mandelson to know that I would be delighted and gratified to receive a marriage proposal from him and to be his Lady Mandelson.  I understand his weakness for the stronger sex and hope he will also  understand my weakness for Facebook, and occasionally, particularly attractive, intelligent and charming members of the fairer sex.

Our marriage would make him interesting and to the media again and we could even have our own political chat show which would be so much better than what Andrew Neill is doing now.

You and me, baby, we could really go places!    

If I had been his wife I would have told him not to resign his seat, not to be so eager to be kicked upstairs and not be content with exile to Brussels.  And if he had followed my advice PM would be PM by now. has silly, loving and admiring things I have said of him.   

My email to the Islamic Bank of Britain offering to them my marketing services

Marketing Islamic Finance in the wake of the collapse of Western banking

I am a political blogger and, although I am atheist, am very mindful of the warnings and reminders contained in the Koran. was what I have written about your bank today.

Although I have an A level in economics and have been legally-trained, I cannot pretend to be all that knowledgeable in the principles of Islamic banking. I like to think I am keen and quick to learn to better help spread the message against the evils of usury and fractional reserve banking as well as the evils of irresponsible lending and borrowing by both governments and individuals.

While you may think my BNP associations would make me unsuitable for your purposes, I feel sure that I can get at least two references from Muslim scholars as to my good character and knowledge of the Koran.

I also believe that my associations and unique background would make me the best person to market the services of your bank and the wisdom of the principles Islamic finance generally.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Claire Khaw