Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Avowedly libertarian UKIP could be bankrolled by tobacco companies instead of the being in the pocket of the EU


Australia's highest court has upheld a new government law on mandatory packaging for cigarettes that removes brand colours and logos from packaging.

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids Honors Australia Attorney-General Nicola Roxon for Leadership in Fighting Tobacco and Saving Lives

Australia's first female attorney-general - an unconscionable and blatant display of judicial bias in a kangaroo court?

UKIP claims to be a libertarian party.  I rang Gawain Towler today burbling eagerly and breathlessly about my wonderful idea for UKIP to get funding from the tobacco companies by staunchly supporting their right to sell their goods with their design and packaging free of the disgusting propaganda and photographs matriarchy warning us of death and disease.

Predictably disappointing as they always are, I was told that UKIP will be afraid of being seen to be helping the Big Bad Tobacco Companies, and that the Big Bag Tobacco Companies will be afraid of being seen to have anything to do with a party that is stuffed with anti-immigration but middle class people who just about manage to get away with denying that they are racists and Islamophobes, who are said to be cranks and gadflies.   

But, as Maggie Thatcher would have said, THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE!

The fraidy UKIP and the fraidy baccy companies need to get together in order to fight Big Sister.   

It will be all right, boys, I shall come to your rescue!

To make sure that the baccy companies have their interests properly defended by at least one political party in one country, I need to myself be in UKIP myself to oversee things as Policy Consultant and Directrix of Communications.  

Unfortunately, I am not a member of UKIP and there is a bar against ex-BNP members joining so that they are not contaminated by working class racists. UKIP are renowned for their cowardice however and, although they already know that I can be no other than a civic nationalist, they will doubtless continue to pretend I am a racist and exclude me on that ground because they will find the radicalism of my ideas too high risk for their easily offended and easily frightened voters.   Their strategy appears to be that of boring the voter to death. It does not make sense, but there we are.  

UKIP might just admit me if they can be assured of that my admission will increase their vote.   

There is a scientific way of demonstrating this through a YouGov poll but the cost of this would start from around £15,000 + VAT,  I was told by Joe Twyman of YouGov.  

If Philip Morris, BAT and Imperial were to go thirds on this, then we can then get on with the business of breaking out of the suffocating embrace of the nanny state.   

I am aware that I may be in need of a bit of reputation management, and the Public Relations Consultants Association has recommended to me Phil Hall Associates at   I actually approached Max Clifford a while back and he gave me the impression that he would not touch me with a bargepole, doubtless because of my transgressive anti-feminist views, rather than my alleged racism.  I get along perfectly well with Muslims too.    

If it is felt necessary for me to have my reputation managed, then the three baccy companies could go thirds on their fees too.   I think I can manage it perfectly well myself, however, but don't mind giving people business where this is warranted.  

Once I am firmly ensconced in UKIP and made Directrix of Communications and Policy Consultant, we will see some improvement in the political fortunes of those who want smaller more rational government.   

I really do not want to be leader at all, as long as I have control of policy and propaganda.   

It really has to be pointed out that UKIP's policy of contemptible cowardice on every major issue has not worked.   We need to light a fire under their tail and I am the only person to do it.   

Apart from this issue, I will be advising the Republican Party to propose a policy which has the objective of disenfranchising as many women as possible, especially if they are never married single mothers (or SSMs as I call them, which is short for Slut Single Mums).  This is done by requiring all voters to pay a minimum of tax.

Anyone who has examined the totalitarian and suffocating nature of Big Sister government in any detail will know that it is always fear of alienating the female vote that prevents any recognisably libertarian measure for ever being implemented in the Western world.  It is now time to tell feminism to fuck off, once and for all, before they do more and worse than stop baccy companies from selling their wares using their own unique packaging.   

What is the purpose of stopping us from smoking anyway?

Our governments say it is because smokers cost the NHS.   Very well then, abolish the NHS, and let nature take  its course.   

If the government lets us all indulge our vices and allowed nature to take its course, then there would be fewer demented, old and ill people around being bed-blockers and a drain on the NHS.  The next generation would be better off too rather than being compelled into thinking of ways to euthanasing us when we start really getting in the way.     

So, even if you took the government's reasoning at face value to save us from being a burden on the NHS with our smoking-related diseases, it would only cause us to hang around and get in the way of the next generation.  That does not make any medical, moral or social sense. 

The reason Western governments are now so fundamentally irrational is because of the matriarchy.

If a patriarchy is a society that condones male promiscuity, then a matriarchy is a society that condones and often positively awards female promiscuity, and the only good matriarchy is a dead matriarchy.   

Let us put down the matriarchy by telling feminism to fuck off, again and again and again and again until she cries and goes home.   

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