Thursday, 23 August 2012

Claire Khaw offers to help the BNP in Corby

This seems to have been received with some alacrity by Geoff Dickens the East Midlands Organiser, who says he will be putting me in touch with the Campaign Manager of Gordon Riddell.

It was Gordon who beat the Lib Dems and obtained just under 10% of the vote in the June elections.

I had offered to help UKIP but they were so snooty about it I thought I would help the BNP instead.  After all, they are both Eurosceptic parties and only class and the nasty snobbery of self-consciously middle class UKIP divides them.

Corby is BNP territory anyway, and it will be more fun to be shown the town by the BNP boys than the lily-livered nancyboys of UKIP.

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