Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Claire Khaw purchases ticket to UKIP conference for 21-22 September 2012

I purchased it without having to prove that I am a member so I assume it is open to anyone who wishes to attend.

If that is not the case then I expect to have my money refunded.

I think it will be a wonderful opportunity for everyone in UKIP to meet me and see what a nice person I really am.

Maggie Chapman, who is not even attending the conference and who dislikes me because I keep pointing out that she is morally compromised because of her four illegitimate grandchildren as regards supporting the institution of marriage has told me that "Lisa Duffy is on to it", which I take to mean "Lisa Duffy will do everything within her power to prevent your attendance and will have instructions to have you shot on sight."

Lisa Duffy is on the NEC and also Mayoress of Ramsey Town Council.

It is possible that Lisa will not approve of my views on feminism and may seek to unilaterally seek to prevent my attendance. I therefore hope that the men who wish to see me there and who are alarmed at the way so many women wield their power irresponsibly will see to it that she does not get her way, if it is indeed the case that most of the NEC and the members would prefer to have me there than not.

My real purpose of attending is to see to it that Margot Parker's campaign in Khawby in November has the crucial promise by UKIP to repeal the Equality Act 2010.

This is me.  Looking forward to meeting UKIP  in Brum!


mark taha said...

Corby,not Khawby!and I fully agree re the Act.

mark taha said...

Corby,not Khawby!and I fully agree re the Act.

Eric said...

Khawby is much better. As is Khawnwall.