Tuesday, 14 August 2012

David Jones says he will fight on

Dave Jones - Guest Blogger

[By David Jones, Independent Pennine Nationalist, Todmorden, East Lancashire]

Sometimes in politics it appears as though nothing is happening at all, and one finds it all very frustrating. Lately I was told that one of the three founding members of the British People's Party (to which I used to belong ), Eddy Morrison (the other two being its current leader Kevin Watmough and the deceased John G Wood), has broken away from his new home in the Yorkshire National Front to refound the White Nationalist Party.

The White Nationalist Party (which I also joined, after leaving the NF in 2004), the BPP's predecessor, was founded in May 2002, and was refused permission to fight elections on account of its name and deregistered in 2005. The BPP was founded that year as a carbon copy of the White Nationalist Party, except with a name that they could lawfully fight elections with. I attempted to broaden the scope of that party and make it a more libertarian, broad church for white patriots, and contested seats four times for the party before I was expelled for allowing Claire Khaw to cover my election campaign for her web blog.

Confused yet? You will be!

So the WNP will return? What the hell is the point of that? They will be refused permission to register with the Electoral Commission again, and this they bloody well know!

So what is the point then? Is it, as I suspect, going to be a social club for reunited WNP members?

Well, Kevin Watmough's BPP with all of its membership (no more than 70, based on membership receipts) is going to be confronted with the ghost of the party he discarded, because it can't fight elections. What happy days! We can expect huge seismic shifts in British Nationalism across the Pennines, I am certain, as these two titans slug it out - maybe in a drinking contest!

What do you think?

These people are going to slag off the admittedly crap vote of Dr Jim Lewthwaite’s DN Party (Democratic Nationalists) who polled two votes, and participate in that well-established nationalist pastime of laughing at other nationalists’ misfortunes. Well, two votes may be terrible, and it is, but at least Dr Lewthwaite had the guts to face up to that and fight the seat. I guarantee you you won't see either a BPP candidate or a WNP candidate run for public office any time soon.

Drinking, yes!

Shouting at peace, anti-war and Moslem demonstrators who are opposed to the same NATO wars as they are? Most definitely!

Posting on Stormfront at two in the morning? I don't doubt that!

Be silent on the TRUE cause of degeneracy of the white race caused by a culture of inbred, post-industrial white mutant women raising fatherless children with the morals of an alley cat? Oh that is a must!

Defend Socialism & Welfarism, the free NHS, free welfare cheques, even though Adolf Hitler himself gave the unemployed a choice between work and starvation, and didn't tolerate citizens leeching off the taxpayers? Oh that's a staple isn't it!

If that's your plan then keep it! And stay out of the way of those of us who are serious about earning a victory for nationalism.

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