Saturday, 25 August 2012

Evidence that UKIP are in cahoots with the Reds

My Facebook friend Michael Wood of the British Freedom Party says:

"The evidence is that Mark Croucher [UKIP's Communication Officer] was passing UKIP membership lists to Searchlight (not UAF) for vetting. In other words, there was an agreement that Searchlight would leave UKIP alone in return for cross-referencing their membership list against Searchlight's 'known fascist' database. 

I doubt whether 'High Tories' or 'national conservatives' would be pleased that their details are probably in the hands of the unrepentant communist Gable.

The Croucher story was revealed by themselves, they openly admitted that they do this and they spun it as a way of keeping 'fascists and racists' out of UKIP." demonstrates that, despite all the incessant kowtowing to liberal PC extremism, Searchlight will still be gunning for UKIP.  It has done them no good at all.

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