Sunday, 26 August 2012

Feminine conspiracy to keep Claire Khaw away from UKIP conference in Birmingham

Maggie Chapman of UKIP does not want to repeal the Equality Act.  Her daughter who gave her four illegitimate grandchildren is a rabid feminist who who does not believe in marriage and is apparently encouraged and paid by our liberal feminist matriarchal state to tell other women it is OK to be single working mothers with illegitimate offspring.

Maggie has been calling me a slut for admitting that I have not always been perfectly chaste in the Land of Compulsory Fornication that is Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland.

I have told her again and again that you disrespect marriage more when you say it is OK to have illegitimate offspring and grandchildren than for "merely" having an affair with a married man.   I only mentioned the married man with whom I had a long-standing affair because it is a writer that the more mature UKIP supporter might have heard about.  I did not however any illegitimate offspring by him.   His book is out in paperback now, and is available at

As far as I am concerned, the difference between being a slut and an SSM (Slut Single Mum with illegitimate offspring) is the difference between a suspected criminal and a convicted criminal.

The difference between what I have done and what her daughter has done is the difference between getting a speeding ticket and causing death by dangerous driving, I would venture to say.

Any daughter or son of mine who presented me with illegitimate grandchildren would be swiftly and unhesitatingly disowned and disinherited.

Maggie's attitude is the typical one of fudge and mudge.  The fact is that most British non-Asian and non-Muslim mothers are like her  - morally compromised by their low standards of sexual morality.  Therefore, on the one hand they say they support marriage, on the other hand they say it is only a piece of paper and hiss and rage at anyone daring to criticise their atheist feminist SSM daughters who wish to desecrate the institution of marriage to show their arrogant contempt for religion, marriage and men.

Maggie has no concept of social responsibility nor does she take on board that she is allowing her daughter to set a bad example.  It is irrelevant that her four illegitimate grandchildren have parents in a stable relationship.  The fact is that Maggie's daughter and the father of her children have set a bad example.  They encourage other women to think things will work out as well for them if they get themselves knocked up by men who are not their husbands, but most women will find themselves left in the lurch left to bring up their bastards badly in deprived circumstances.  They will not be as fortunate as Maggie's daughter who disdains to marry the father of her children.   However, Maggie does not care about any of this as long as she does not find herself in the position of having to criticise her daughter.

This is what Maggie and so many other British women condone.  Effeminate and emasculated British men, however, are too frightened to say boo to these feminist harridans who cause widespread illegitimacy and degeneracy.

I do not actually know the views of Star, Bill Etheridge's wife about the Equality Act, but I suspect she does not approve of my recommendation that UKIP repeal it.  Indeed, I suspect that most of the objections to this proposal will come from women rather than men, apart from a few rare honourable exceptions.

I know from Bill's Facebook walls that he would like the repeal of the Equality and Human Rights Acts.   Will Star henpeck him into submission though, if her views are different?

It is high time libertarian men noticed who are the naysayers whenever they want to do something that rolls back the petticoats of the nanny state: their own women.

Star Etheridge
@raymondfinch hi honey hope all is good for you. Claire Khaw (mentalist of her parish) says she has UKIP conference tickets she's ex BNP!
6:40 PM - 23 Aug 12

Ray Finch
@star_pumpkin Hi Star! Will get on to it. Thank you.
7:04 PM - 23 Aug 12

Star Etheridge
@raymondfinch no worries ツ x
 7:05 PM - 23 Aug 12

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