Saturday, 18 August 2012

How politics can take a leaf out of the book of boxing

It should at least become a spectator sport rather than the boreathon it always is these days.

It is all about COURAGE.

You could in theory ponce about to win on points and not get too hurt but you bore the spectators and your fans.

If you thrill the spectators, you will find even the supporters of the other side cheering you, if their man is fighting badly.

But every time you punch your opponent you have lowered your defences and will leave yourself vulnerable to a counter-punch.

It is all about accuracy too and the combination of punches that will floor your opponent.

It is about flexibility and adaptability - if you can switch to southpaw and back again without even thinking, you have the edge over your opponent.

And it is also about controlling your emotions and not getting angry, because that will cloud your judgement and make you take unnecessary risks.

If you have studied his form you may even wait for him to make his usual mistake and then seize the opportunity.

Having a high pain threshold helps, and the ability to switch into automatic defensive stances instinctively helps.  However, this does not mean always cowering before the PC brigade and assuming a servile demeanour.

I already know Nigel Farage is a moral and physical coward.  Reasons for this are given at

The reason why UKIP as a whole are so cowardly is that the values and preferences of the leader permeate downwards to the membership. Can you imagine what UKIP would be like if my values and my preferences permeated downwards and infused the membership?

I wonder if the ladyboys at UKIP will ever grasp this.

If you want me in UKIP then email

and tell them how much more likely you would be to vote UKIP if I became their Director of Communications and Policy Consultant.   

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