Sunday, 12 August 2012

How to score a woman's morals from a Perfect Zero. (The higher the score the more immoral you are.)

A woman's morality should be judged by whether she is an SSM and whether her female offspring subsequently become SSM and whether her male offspring impregnate a woman who subsequently becomes an SSM.

So you start with a Perfect Zero, whether or not you are legitimate.

Say you get knocked up and have illegitimate offspring, add 1 point per illegitimate offspring.

Say your illegitimate offspring have illegitimate offspring themselves, add 1 point per illegitimate grandchild.

If you, a married woman, have a daughter or son who has illegitimate offspring, add 1 point per legitimate child who has given you illegitimate grandchildren.

Therefore, Maggie Chapman of UKIP has 4 points (she has one legitimate daughter who has given her 4 illegitimate grandchildren) while I am still a Perfect Zero, even as I admit to have committed fornication and caused a man to commit adultery.

However, if Maggie's daughter marries, Maggie will become a Perfect Zero, like me.   There is hope for her yet.

If her other daughter, who is married, subsequently divorces, it will not affect her score since this scoring system is solely focused about SSMs.  (It is therefore does not register acts of extramarital sex that have produced no illegitimate offspring.)

Maggie's daughter's score is 4 by the way.

This method of accounting may seem rather self-serving to you, but, if you accept my argument that the purpose of the Biblical and Koranic prohibition against fornication is to prevent widespread illegitimacy and therefore widespread degeneracy in your society, the evil this prohibition was designed to prevent now becomes clear.

While I acknowledge that all fornicatresses are sluts, the difference between a slut (a woman who has extramarital sex with a man not her husband) and an SSM is the difference between a suspected criminal and a convicted criminal.

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