Thursday, 16 August 2012

My email to the Islamic Bank of Britain offering to them my marketing services

Marketing Islamic Finance in the wake of the collapse of Western banking

I am a political blogger and, although I am atheist, am very mindful of the warnings and reminders contained in the Koran. was what I have written about your bank today.

Although I have an A level in economics and have been legally-trained, I cannot pretend to be all that knowledgeable in the principles of Islamic banking. I like to think I am keen and quick to learn to better help spread the message against the evils of usury and fractional reserve banking as well as the evils of irresponsible lending and borrowing by both governments and individuals.

While you may think my BNP associations would make me unsuitable for your purposes, I feel sure that I can get at least two references from Muslim scholars as to my good character and knowledge of the Koran.

I also believe that my associations and unique background would make me the best person to market the services of your bank and the wisdom of the principles Islamic finance generally.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Claire Khaw

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