Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Rap lyrics expounding Khavian ideology

Yo this is the CK
Word up BNP, suck on my nine, bitches
Word up UKIP, holla atcha boi
NF get y'all hoes out of the dirt n listen right here
Y'all niqqas ain't seen policy like this
I'm talkin' CK 2012 niqqa foh LIFE

Now, homie, I ain't playin wit u
We got work to do
Britain's filled with chavs, they ain't goin to school
Single mothers fuckin' brothas then collectin the dole
British SWAG gone and died, now we circlin' the hole

Whitey always end up hatin' cause they culture a mess
Bitch, I AM a fuckin' Asian but I come Allah-blessed
Nick Griffin, sit down, you look haggard my dear
Even ethnic fuckin' Britons want you right outta here

Do as I say, but not as I do,
Fight for British Kor'an, never naming the Jew
You got disabled babies? THROW EM ON THE GROUND
I'm talking quality of life don't conflate this with the pound

Kim Gandy tryin'a tell me that she got game?
Hoe, tell it to your titty sag and baglady frame

Smoke weed erryday if you so inclined
Legalize everythang, I don't really mind
Barebacking sluts take a whip to dat ass
Use your fucking head, you're white and middle class

A chink gotta tell you this, Muhammad at her side?
The problem with you whites is you ain't got no pride
Clean up yo act, you motherfuckas gonna pay
Ethnostates ain't got shit on my Khaw'an UK





This is the work of a young and talented mixed-race Australian nationalist whom I hope will one day become Prime Minister of Oz.

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Anonymous said...

Haha. Amusing.