Sunday, 19 August 2012

"The character of Nigel Farage is infused by cowardice." Discuss.

Was being deprived of his father from the age of 5 the reason for  his incorrigible  moral cowardice?

It does sound as if he is himself a victim of fatherlessness. It is my theory that sons without fathers are even more prone to moral cowardice than sons with fathers, and the level of moral cowardice amongst British politicians is already appallingly high.

It must be utterly shaming for them that I, a female and a foreigner, should presume to tell them what it is to be a man, but I know they no longer have any pride and no longer feel any shame. contains an anecdote of Nigel Farage's physical cowardice.   

Any more stories of this man's cowardice would be very welcome.  If you think that UKIP is as a party crippled by the moral cowardice and snobbery of its leader and its NEC, then please contribute.

In what ways do I find UKIP cowardly?

  1. They will not admit me as a member, which may be nothing to do with my former membership of the BNP.
  2. They will not admit ex-BNP people such as myself as a member.
  3. They are afraid of calling themselves civic nationalists because they are afraid of the N word.  
  4. They are a libertarian party that has said nothing about repealing the Equality Act 2010 which is full of THOUGHTCRIME legislation.
  5. They are too afraid of discussing feminism (which is anti-eugenic) or family values.  
  6. They are too afraid of discussing anything controversial.
  7. They do not appear to know that politics is about conflict and controversy.
  8. They appear to think that boring the voter to death is a viable vote-winning strategy.
  9. They are AFRAID of little old me, a mere female and foreigner!   

I think, to clear up any misunderstanding about my ideas and my proposals, I should be allowed to address the NEC at their next meeting.


  1. They will never slough off their reputation of elderly crustiness, Islamophobia and racism until they let me join.  
  2. They will never narrow the gap between themselves and the LibDems unless they let me join to change the image of the party together with any of my political associates who wish to do so.   
  3. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.   

Would someone like to tell me the time, date and venue, please?

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