Wednesday, 22 August 2012

UKIP's unbelievably boring Small Business Policy appals Claire Khaw

I have just come across UKIP's Small Business Policy at

Sadly, it appears that it is still their strategy to bore the voter to death.  It is stuffed with detail that will never be implemented, and has a delusional quality to it in its sheer plethora of mind-numbing detail.

No one is going to read it, certainly not the voters of Corby.

If only these milquetoasts would take the bull by the horns, but these are emasculated Englishmen - lily-livered, bloodless and pale.

Perhaps nothing at all can be done about these hopeless cases of effeminate activism.  I know they don't want me, but I just cannot bear to watch them miss opportunity after opportunity, election after election.

It is interesting to note that I have not received a single defence of Farage when I said that this man's moral cowardice is entirely due to his fatherlessness.

If they want to win they must be bold.  What a shame that the courage of the average Englishman is so contemptibly low.   They have no pride and feel no shame.

Listen, UKIP, just be bold for once in your life!

Promise to voters of Corby that you will  repeal the Equality Act 2010.

Or will you deliberately ignore this recommendation just because it came from me?  

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