Tuesday, 21 August 2012

What UKIP should promise the voters of Corby to attract national attention

The Equality Act 2010 is THE THOUGHTCRIME ACT

UKIP should promise to repeal the disgusting and pernicious Equality Act 2010 AKA THE THOUGHTCRIME ACT 2010.

Corby described in the Blue Guide as "an ugly town created in the 1930s that survived the death of the steel industry" is BNP territory.  The BNP themselves would abolish the Equality Act if they could.  Get the BNP votes by promising this, Margot Parker!  There are no ideological reasons why UKIP cannot do this because UKIP claim to be a libertarian party.  What could be more offensive to a libertarian than the existence of thoughtcrime laws in your land?

To be in a position to influence national affairs, UKIP has to obtain as many or more votes than the LibDems in the next General Election

By declaring my support for UKIP, I trust I have done enough to signal to the BNP that on this occasion they should leave the field open to UKIP and keep their powder dry.

If they do not stand, there is a better chance of future co-operation amongst the Eurosceptic parties, which is absolutely necessary in this country if Euroscepticism and social conservatism is not to be seen as a dead duck.

If the NEC cannot agree to get this done, then they are not worth their salt.   If the leader cannot get them to agree to this, then he is not worth his salt.

If UKIP completely ignore this recommendation and refuse to discuss it openly then it is not worth its salt as a political party.

Will Margot Parker promise the repeal of the Equality Act AKA The Thoughtcrime Act when she campaigns in Corby? 

If you have had enough of the Nanny State then email UKIP at

to tell them

  1. you want the Equality Act 2010 repealed
  2. you want them to admit me as a member
  3. you want me to be their Director of Communications
  4. you want me to be their Policy Consultant
  5. you want me to help Margot Parker in her Corby campaign in November
  6. to offer me hospitality in Corby and pay my travel expenses  (I will be content if I receive an offer of accommodation in her spare room together with a return train ticket to Corby.  It needn't be first class either.)
  7. an invitation to address UKIP at their 20-12 September conference in Birmigham (and that you will join only UKIP if I am by then a member)
If you wish you can call them on

FREEPHONE 0800 587 6 587

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Exactly right- the act should be called the INequality act because..
- it encourages so called "positive discrimination"

- it gives too much power to killjoys in the office to complain and ban free speech simply because they don't like what someone says , even if the conversation is nothing to do with them.

Send around a questionnaire asking if people think they're having to guard their speech more- you'll probably be overwhelmed with angry sensible people