Friday, 3 August 2012

Would you be more likely to vote for BNP or UKIP if I were leader?

Me looking benign and mumsy

Do you remember this man?  I like to think my style is reminiscent of his.  For years, I was in an adulterous relationship with him.   But I would do it all over again (and, yes, be lashed 100 times for it too) for he taught me much and I did love him dearly. I hate all this name-dropping but it seems I might as well make political out of this before even his memory, and the memory of men like him, is lost forever.  I apologise in advance to his widow,  Lady Teresa, whose novels I actually enjoyed more than her husband's.

Me looking magisterial

If you like my aphorisms at you may think UKIP would benefit from having me as a prominent member.  I do not deny that I have an interest in philosophy, theology, religion and morality and would like to be acknowledged as a Revolutionary Philosopher.


UKIP's fortunes would be transformed if I became its Director of Communications and its Anti-Feminist Policy Consultant.

If that were done, the goal of rivalling and surpassing the LibDems ie obtain around 7M votes at the next General Election would be a realistic goal.

I do not have a racist bone in my body and dare anyone to cite anything at all racist I have ever said, unless joining the BNP in order to help the marginalised white working classes who are currently being exploited by Nick Griffin is in itself evidence of racism.

Despite UKIP's fear of saying anything racist, it can be seen from the June issue of Searchlight that it is now targeting UKIP and the Traditional Britain Group.

If you were to accept me as a member then you should also accept Eddy Butler  to mop up BNP supporters who have already declared themselves to be civic nationalists.

I have not said anything that I do not feel to be intellectually or morally defensible and cannot help it if the easily-offended British public are so easily offended. There is no future in being seen to submit to the views of the strong but gullible monster that is public opinion, and there are ways of dealing with them.  This I shall do when you make me Director of Communications.

Believe me, the British voter wants to hear some properly radical policies and is tired of mealy-mouthed platitudes.  Boring them to death by pretending to be "serious politicians" some more - as UKIP discovered during the May GLA elections - will do nothing for the reputations and fortunes of the Eurosceptic parties.

If there is anything you wish to clarify I would be very happy to meet your National Executive Committee so that I can more quickly reassure you all.

The best thing for UKIP to do is conduct a YouGov poll of male voters only.

Those of you who think UKIP would do well to have me please let them know that you think UKIP would get more votes if I were to be its Director of Communications.

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Mark Barnes said...

How does UKIP know that they are not missing out on perhaps the greatest political intelligence of the age of modern democracy? Does UKIP's craven policy of barring former BNP members from membership not potentially lose the services of an insightful and uniquely talented political brain?