Friday, 31 August 2012

You can be an ex-member of Sinn Fein and join UKIP

But you can't join UKIP if you were ever a member of the BNP.

What does it say about UKIP?

That they are so stupid that they think being a racist is worse than being a terrorist, probably.

Can UKIP point to anything that I have said that is evidence that  I am a racist?


What is their problem with me then?

I think they are just a political party that is anxious to avoid controversy AT ALL COSTS.

What the hell do they think they are - a social club?

This would suggest that they are not fit for purpose and will never amount to anything if they carry on like this BORING THE VOTER TO DEATH.

To be in a position to influence the government they have to have as many votes as the LibDems or more, preferably.

At the last election they the BNP and UKIP vote was about 1.5 million votes.   The LibDems had just under 7 million.

If they lift the bar they can take the best of me and my associates who will join UKIP with me.

Looks like complacency has set in very early indeed, and I hope I need not remind UKIP that pride comes before a fall.

Anyone who wants to meet me in Birmingham, feel free to get in touch and make a date.  Even as I cannot attend the conference, you can still meet me for a drink and tell me all your troubles.

There are ways and means of making the leadership give up their moral cowardice, but we must first meet and plot.   Do not let UKIP fuck up the Corby by election by campaigning with their usual infuriating blandness.   There is all to play for, but right now they are showing every sign of their trademark timidity.

Margot Parker is absolutely the wrong candidate in what is classic BNP territory,  and her campaign so far has been alarmingly bland and yawn-inducing.

This woman is so boring and timid she won't even engage with me on Facebook.   But snooty UKIP won't listen to advice.  Her Campaign Manager Lisa Duffy does not appear to enjoy a great deal of confidence from the other members.  Let us hope the women don't fuck it up this time.

I mean, how fucking fucking fucking fucking boring is this write up anyway?

Doesn't this insufferable cowardice just make you want to vote BNP?

It should be




Gentlemen of UKIP, do not let these women fuck it up again.  They have Nature's excuse for being cowards and hypocrites, but YOU do not.   

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