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Interview with Eurosceptic lesbian MEP Nikki Sinclaire leader of WDARP

Nikki Sinclaire Mep 28 September 11:56

We Demand a Referendum invites you to its inaugural conference to be held on the 5th October 2012.

Claire Khaw 28 September 14:09
How have UKIP "failed the people"?

Nikki Sinclaire Mep 28 September 14:19
Majority of UKIPs MEPs have done nothing and having nothing to show that has moved the UK further towards the exit from the EU

Claire Khaw 28 September 14:21
What could they have done that they did not do, in your opinion?

Nikki Sinclaire Mep 28 September 14:25
Well, what about a mobile surgery each as I have that goes around their region once ot twice a week collecting signatures for a petition

Nikki Sinclaire Mep 29 September 10:08
Because we are not primarily a party. We will be standing in one election only, the EU election in 2014 with one issue spelt out on the ballot paper 'We Demand A Referendum'. We do not have any other policies therefore we would be attractive to voters from every party to issue their protest at not having a referendum.

Claire Khaw 29 September 10:24
What do you dislike about UKIP and its leader, Nikki?

Claire Khaw 29 September 10:25
"Nigel stabbed Crig mackinley I the ack to head the lst in the South East in 1999"

Could you say again what you were trying to say here, please, Nikki?

Nikki Sinclaire Mep 29 September 10:29
Nigel Farage has fallen out with five of the previous seven UKIp leaders, nine of the eighteen MEPs UKIP have had since 1999. He has fallen out with 73 plus nec members and UKIP have more ex members than members. That says everything I need to say about Nigel

Claire Khaw 29 September 10:35
On what issues did Nigel Farage fall out with UKIP activists?

Nikki Sinclaire Mep 29 September 10:41
He is a control freak. He must have come across Stalins manuel. Culling of rivals, show trials etc. I'm making a point not to visit Mexico! :-)

Nikki Sinclaire Mep 29 September 10:57
You need to know your political history to get that. I have already outlined some of the people he culled. Why is he the only founder member that has been consistently there? The Damien Hockney show trial etc etc etc etc. I wish I had the time time to go into greater detail but the list is huge

Claire Khaw 29 September 11:03

Damien Hockney sounds a bit of a flake to be honest.

Claire Khaw 29 September 11:04
Can you think of other people of talent that you say Nigel Farage has culled?

Claire Khaw 29 September 11:06
I am really trying to find out your motivations and reasons, Nikki. I know you fell out with him and it is possible that you are doing this out of a sense of personal grievance to spoil things for UKIP out of malice than because you think your party is more likely to secure a referendum?

Nikki Sinclaire Mep 29 September 11:08
This is nothing to do with him. I have been working in the euroseptic movement long before I even met him. Btw, the first time I met him he was paralytic drunk!

Nikki Sinclaire Mep 29 September 11:09
I'm doing this because I feel it is the best way forward. If you disagree, fine that's what politics is about. Let The People Decide in the ballot box

Claire Khaw 29 September 11:11
Can you think of anyone Farage has culled that you think would be a better leader than him, Nikki?

Nikki Sinclaire Mep 29 September 11:18
That's not the point nor my argument. My point is justvimaginecall ths talented people still in UKIP. Just think how much stronger UKIP will be. Had Stalin not culled his generals maybe not so many Russians would have died in WW2 and Hiler would have been defeated much earlier

Nikki Sinclaire Mep Not at all, I have a different skill set. UKIP is the past for me as were the Tories in 1992. I'm looking forward to the future

Claire Khaw What are your plans for the future then, Nikki?

Nikki Sinclaire Mep My future is to do everything possible to force a referendum

Claire Khaw Why did you really leave UKIP, Nikki?

Claire Khaw 29 September 12:36
The general view is that she is going to split the Eurosceptic vote and make Eurosceptics look even more stupid, divided and ineffectual.

The fact that she is a lesbian and the general speculation about her gender is not going to help the Eurosceptic cause, is it?

Nikki Sinclaire Mep 29 September 12:49
It is difficult bemuse no one is being allowed to grow

Nikki Sinclaire Mep 29 September 12:55
I think Nigel is excellent at communication but very poor in man management and organisation. If he would only PROPERLY, and I mean PROPERLY delegate

Claire Khaw 29 September 13:05
I think I would be an excellent UKIP leader but the fact that I am ex-BNP prevents me from joining it at all.

If I were UKIP leader lots of BNP people would jump ship and join UKIP because they would know they wouldn't be treated like dirt.

Claire Khaw 29 September 13:06
I am also prepared to take risks and am already a controversial figure. Eurosceptics need someone capable of inspiring love and fear. I am pretty good at that, even if I do say so myself.

Nikki Sinclaire Mep 29 September 13:13
Claire, start your own page promoting your own political aspirations did groups does not support or condone the extremism of the far right. I support the politics of hope not hate

Claire Khaw Which of my views do you regard as an example of the "extremism of the Far Right", Nikki?

And whom do you think I hate?

Claire Khaw What a shame Nikki won't say whom she would rather see leading UKIP.

Claire Khaw If you can't think of anyone better than Nigel Farage then he must be the best leader available, must he not?

Nikki Sinclaire Mep As I have said UKIP Is the past. I don't care who leads a rival. The worst the better.

Claire Khaw UKIP is still the largest Eurosceptic party in the land and therefore cannot be dismissed in the way that you say.

What would you say was the reason why you parted ways with UKIP, Nikki?

Claire Khaw 29 September 13:33
It is interesting that whenever I ask people which of my views represents "extremism" people always go quiet.

Claire Khaw 29 September 13:44
I find the inability or refusal of Nikki to answer my questions not particularly reassuring, I must say.

I want to know why you think UKIP is not doing a good enough job and exactly why you believe you would do better with WDARP.

You say a single issue party would be better because less controversial.

UKIP are seen as a single issue party anyway, even if they claim not to be now.

Claire Khaw 29 September 13:50
Anyway, I will be commenting about WDARP on my blog, and that is why I am asking you all these questions.

I want you to demonstrate that Eurosceptics would be better off voting WDARP than UKIP.

I also want you to reassure us that you are not just doing this cos you hate Farage and UKIP and are doing this only out of personal animosity.

If you are doing it out of personal animosity, I would want want to know the reasons that gave rise to it.

Claire Khaw 29 September 13:53
There is always the possibility that people regard you as sexually suspect as well as mentally unstable and may even prefer Farage and UKIP instead, despite the flaws of his character and the general uselessness of UKIP.

Perhaps you would care to comment.

Nikki Sinclaire Mep 29 September 14:01
Well I'm not. I sincerely beleivevthat UKIP is not fit for purpose. Hoe come I have a surgery and lead a campaign that has delivered more than 220,000 signatures to Downing St and forced a parliamentary debate which led to the Govts largest rebellion. What are UKIP or their MEPs solid achevments? 'We DAR' seeks support from across the political spectrum and believes by not being divided by secondary issues the electorate can express a 'Demand A Referendum' in 2014 and pressure the conservative party to include an In/Out referendum in 2015

I have always been a passionate defender of human rights and individual liberties. Imagine my horror when I realised that for reasons of financial benefit UKIP had formed a political group in the parliament that contained some of the vilest far-right elements in European politics. I was expected to sit alongside convicted racists, homophobes, and holocaust deniers. One of our new allies, an Italian, had a criminal record that included convictions for a racially motivated assault on a child and for setting fire to the belongings of a homeless immigrant who was sleeping under a bridge. He had also been filmed encouraging fascists to infiltrate mainstream political organisations. My protests were ignored. Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader, was co-president of this group and as such he had helped to form it. I was horrified when the editor of a Brussels magazine told me he would not report my work in the parliament because I was a member of a far-right group. I realised that my association with such elements was damaging my political credibility. None of this seemed to concern the party leadership.

Claire Khaw Holocaust denial is not a crime in the UK, only in the EU. Why are you already acknowledging the supremacy of EU laws, Nikki?

Claire Khaw As for the "convicted racists" that you were expected to sit alongside, presumably they have paid their debt to society. Do you mean to shun these people who have already been punished FOREVER?

Claire Khaw 29 September 14:06
The best strategy for UKIP would be to admit ex-members of all the Eurosceptic parties but make them sign a declaration not to publicly or privately support (1) apartheid (2) forced repatriation and/or (3) any proposal to make non-whites second class citizens on pain of expulsion.

Such a party can get round the ideological differences by offering two referenda:

one would be in/out the EU,

the other would be libertarian or statist policies.

Claire Khaw "Some people are gay, get over it."

"Some people are homophobes, get over it."

Why did you feel you had to come out as a lesbian, Nikki?

Then Nikki deleted the entire thread.  

Shall we have more female MPs to turn this country into shit sooner rather than later?

Could the UK's MP's work on a job-share basis? Meg Hillier, Labour MP for Hackney South debates the possibility with David Amess, Conservative MP for Southend West.

There was a letter to The Guardian about getting MPs to job-share to get more women into Parliament.   Would this widen the talent pool?  Could this work in the world of politics?

Justin Webb conducts the interview.


There is no reason why two sensible people can't work out how to job share as an MP and present it to the electorate as an option.


On the practical side of it, two people present themselves as a duo at an election, saying "We know each other, we trust each other.  This is our programme together.  Obviously and we support the same political party.  The people may cast one vote, but it is for those two people.


Exactly.  You see that already in East London Primary Care Trust.  Presumably they both had to go to the interview for the job.  Similarly, there was a senior job in planning in local government where two women applied.  It is more often women than men that job-share of course but not necessarily that.  I don't see why two practical people couldn't work out these issues about how they balance the work.


David Amess?


When I first heard this suggestion, I thought it was April Fool's Day.  Unless I have misunderstood the concept, I think it is absolutely raving bonkers.




This isn't the job that is appropriate for job-sharing, frankly.   Members of Parliament are elected through the democratic process and incidentally, we are trying to reduce the number of MPs not double them.


But you would still be elected democratically as Meg Hillier has just pointed out.


But you'd have double the number of MPs when everyone's complaining that we have too many politicians we want less politicians.  How would you get a couple of potential Members of Parliament to have the same views on everything?  It's crazy!


Meg Hillier, there is an issue of co-operation, isn't there, as there is in job's that are shared.  In politics where there is such a broad area of life you are looking at there will be areas that people even if they are in the same party might disagree and it might confuse people.


Let's be honest, David, both of us vote on the whipped line of the party we represent.  In the 7 years that I have been MP there have been 3 maybe 4 votes.  If you're not telling me that 2 sensible people couldn't work out an approach on how to deal with that as those issues arise ...

[Which is why Peter Bone MP's House of Commons Disqualification Bill  should have been passed, but even my Tory MP was too lazy and thick to grasp its implications ie that this means all votes would be free votes.]


What if one of you wanted to rebel and the other didn't on an important government issue?


Then you would have to negotiate round that.  The idea that MPs can still kid themselves that our job is somehow so special and so different that the rules of the real world do not apply to us I think that is bonkers.     We really need to make sure that the best practice that is out there in other roles and we apply it to us.  In the end being MP is a job, a very privileged job, but in the end a job like any other.


David Amess, it is a way of getting in talent that isn't there at the moment  ... ?


This would really not be the approach and I really disagree with Meg.  I think our job has already been dumbed down - huge damage has been done - and to double the number of elected representatives ...


I don't think every MP in the House of Commons would go for a job-share right now.  We are really talking about a small number of people who might try this.


This is even more crazy.  For some constituencies where you might have MPs who job-share ...?!  This is really not like an ordinary job, Meg!  You say it is, but it isn't, but this is what has gone wrong with democracy at the moment but ...

[Interview ends after Meg Hillier makes some stupid egalitarian pronouncement: "The more we say we are different and special, the more"  I couldn't catch the rest.]

David Amess sounded like one those mad callers from a radio phone-in while Meg Hillier sounded like one of the guests.  He was expostulating with outrage from some phone line somewhere while she was in the studio, her voice was clear, and on first name terms with "Justin" even as she was talking arrant pernicious nonsense.

Still she carried the dumbed down public, judging by the tweets about the exchange at!/search/?q=David+Amess&src=typd

Of course she would be on Twitter while he would be too elderly and technophobic to do anything like that.

If I were advising politician, I would advise no politician to ever go on air if he would go on air calling from a bad phone line while his detractor is speaking calmly and clearly in the studio while being on first name terms with the host of the radio show.

This is of course a transparent attempt to double the number of female MPs so we can all die of feminism more quickly.

Do not forget, dear reader, every day in every way the feminists are putting more ground glass into our food that we gobble down so greedily.  

Perhaps it is better for us that death should come sooner rather than later.   

Irreversible decline happens when your society no longer respects the institution of marriage

‎Daryll Christopher:

"The more a woman pays her bills, the more I will love her. Occidental males are too preoccupied or trained to act as gentlemen. We should see women as our enemies and competitors, this is who they are, we should never love our enemies, nor should we shower them with gifts."

Most black men think like Daryll. This is why blacks in America have an 80% illegitimacy rate.

That is why female promiscuity is so destructive to your society and civilisation in the long term.

Feminism and female promiscuity, having destroyed the attractiveness of women to men and vice versa, your women become rotten, and so do your men, and then your children.  The next generation is noticeably degenerate and worse, rotting rotting rotting away ....

While this process of putrefaction takes place, no one will say anything. The men who know about feminism will complain but that is all they will do.

Even if they said anything, no one would listen to them.  Have you noticed a single political party in the land supporting marriage?   Even the nationalist ones?  Of course not.

To make marriage attractive to men, you will have to make it attractive to selfish cautious suspicious men  like Daryll who don't really like women and don't really want to help others and will only look after Number One.

Daryll will not be marrying any woman because, under the system of no-fault divorce that we have, any wife of his can divorce him for any reason and take half his stuff.

Like any man who wishes to preserve his property, he understandably does not want to find a woman he hates and then give her his house.

Denouncing men like Daryll will not change their behaviour, however.

Daryll will tell any male offspring of his son noo get married and he will spread the cancer of SSMs in his own little way.  He thinks having one child is enough and it is in any case all he can afford.

Therefore the demographic time-bomb of the West will mirror the demographic time bomb of China, where they have a one-child policy.

The smarter men with money will behave like Daryll and only the stupid ones with no money will get married because they have nothing to lose. Or they are men who are happy with the idea of marrying an older woman for her money while forfeiting their opportunity to be a father and a husband.

And so racial and national degeneracy entrenches itself further.

Nothing short of a Cultural Revolution will change things. The die is cast and the spiral is downwards.

So now we know the importance of this thing so many people call "just a piece of paper" You won't miss it till it's gone and when it's gone your nation will just die of the slow poison of feminism.

Onwards, to barbarism. Onwards to decline. Onwards to becoming slut and bastard members of a Third World Third Rate nation.

With a bit of luck we can look forward to becoming a nation like Liberia or Sierra Leone or Haiti.

How Michael Coleman could have said what he wanted to say about Darkies and Muslims without causing alarm, harassment and distress

The IC codes are:

IC1 – White person, northern European type
IC2 – Mediterranean European/Hispanic
IC3 – African/Afro-Caribbean person
IC4 – Indian, Pakistani, Nepalese, Maldivian, Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi, or any other (South) Asian person
IC5 – Chinese, Japanese, or South-East Asian person
IC6 – Arab person

"he said the riots were a perfect example of ‘the difference in personality, perceptions and values of people of the darker races and ourselves’."

"The riots were a perfect example of the difference in personality, perceptions and values of the non-IC1 races."

There. That doesn't sound quite so terrible now, does it?

"he accused Stoke-on-Trent City Council of ‘flooding this city with Muslims and blacks, a complete population replacement programme. Darkies in, whites out’."

"The City Council is flooding this city with IC3s and IC4s, a complete population replacement programme. Non-IC1s in, IC1s out."

That sounds really quite innocuous now, doesn't it?

Friday, 28 September 2012

Michael Coleman of the BNP should appeal against his conviction on the ground that there was an error of law

When Labour Councillor Joy Garner reported Michael Coleman's blog to the police for causing her alarm, harassment and distress, prohibited by s 4A of the Public Order Act, was this woman in a public place?

Were any of those people who brought his blog to her attention in a public place when they read his blog?

Can one feel threatened, harassed, alarmed and distressed on the behalves of the people one is hoping to solicit votes form?

If so, is this good law?

If the people who drew his blog to her attention were just sitting in their homes and offices (and therefore not in a public place) in front of their computers while reading his blog, they were not in a public place, were they?

If they were not in a public place, then how could the Public Order Act (which applies only to public places) ever apply to this alleged offence?

David Jones campaigns for election: polling day 25 October 2012

By David Jones, Independent Pennine Nationalist,
Todmorden, East Lancashire

With a great deal of pleasure I announce that I have submitted a valid nomination form for a snap Town Council by-election scheduled (for October 25th), as an Independent.

I shall be fighting the "Central" ward of Todmorden Town Centre on some matters held very dear to me that I did not emphasise so much as a four-time candidate for a small nationalist party, ie the decline of the traditional family, the betrayal of our war veterans, small, limited governance, as well as my better known platform nationalism of fighting corruption.

My vote has been rising fast in Todmorden and I am announcing it here as this blog has tirelessly advocated many principles similar to my own."

Message from Claire Khaw:

I am indeed delighted to support what David Jones supports: the institutions of the marriage and the family, which apparently no political party in the land now dares to support.

Have you seen a single policy in the LibLabCon manifesto that supports marriage?  Or in the UKIP, BNP, English Democrats or the NF for that matter?

UKIP mentioned marriage at their recent Birmingham conference, but, guess what, they only mentioned gay marriage.

Saturday 22 September
YI: Gay Marriage (Birmingham Conservatoire)

So cowed are they by extremist feminism that they no longer dare support marriage.

Is this not a shocking state of affairs?

It would seem that David Jones is the only political activist in the land who is not religious and yet dares to support the institutions of marriage and family.

The family is our only protection from the state.  Perhaps that is why the state is so anxious to dismantle it by desecrating marriage without which the family would break up, children deprived of their fathers and their paternal side of the family.

No wonder so many fatherless children are now behaviourally, socially and educationally challenged.  The longer we allow the state to continue desecrating marriage the worse things will be for you and the next generation.

Protest now against liberal and feminist extremism by voting for and supporting David Jones and protect your family, your liberty and property from the nanny state.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Forget what you think should happen to John Terry, what would you like to happen to Damien Collins?

In defence of Anne Diamond

When much younger girls are being groomed for sex for much older men, as in Rochdale to a collective shrug by social services who consider them to be school girl prostitutes, it does rather become "so whatish?"

I offer my matchmaking services to Cecil Chao

Miss Chao and her civil partner on the left.  Perhaps I shall seduce her myself?

How can I get in touch with Cecil Chao?

I will offer to find his daughter a suitable man. In other words, I shall offer father and daughter my matchmaking services.

Mr Chao would want any potential son-in-law properly vetted, and doubtless Miss Chao herself would like to tell me about what she might consider attractive and desirable in a husband.

I shall just persuade her that she should be a dutiful daughter, marry and give her father grandchildren to make him happy.

It seems Mr Chao has never been married and I could perhaps match myself to his requirements.

Mr Chao has a few ideas to spread a little happiness in a polygamous marriage.

There would have to be a man who is either already Muslim or prepared to convert to Islam prepared to take on both Gigi and her civil partner who will also impregnate Gigi so Mr Chao will have a grandchild.

I must say I do admire Mr Chao's very subtle way of telling his daughter what's what.

The case for a theocracy

The concept of God exists.  What are the next questions that ought to occur to you?

  1. Is believing in God useful to Man?
  2. Does a general belief in God assist in the task of creating social cohesion?
  3. Does a general belief in God assist Man in his politics, morality and spirituality?
  4. If there is a general belief in God through whom morality is generally instilled into the populace, is this not useful and good even to the atheist?
  5. Do societies that believe in God do better and last longer than societies that do not believe in God?
  6. Does a general belief in God protect a society from the depredations of feminism, free love and widespread illegitimacy leading to racial and national degeneracy?
  7. Is a general belief in God the only way of protecting a society from the depredations of feminism, free love and widespread illegitimacy leading to racial and national degeneracy?
  8. "We must with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion."  Was George Washington right in saying this?
  9. If God is necessary to Man, then it must be necessary for Man to believe in God, or at any rate  behave as if He exists by obeying His commandments  Do you agree?

It is quite clear that Western philosophers have been asking themselves the wrong question for centuries, the fools.   

Is Western philosophy fit for purpose?

Do Western philosophers even know what purpose they are supposed to serve, or are they too up their own arses talking their own language in their ivory towers to give a shit what the rest of us think?

Would you give a job to someone whom you suspect of being a philosophy graduate or would you shoot him on sight no questions asked?

Is an academic philosopher a waste of skin and space?

Is this question capable of being asked by Western philosophers, much less answered honestly and honourably?

''God is the only Being who does not have to exist to rule'' 
Charles Baudeliare

God is the most powerful idea known to man and it is for this reason that it would be a terrible waste not to use such an idea to make life better for all of us.

The delicious paradox of this statement is that it frankly acknowledges that it was Man who created God. Therefore ideas can become more powerful than the conceiver of it, and take on an independent life of their own.

"Allahu Akbar" literally translates as "God is greater."

I wondered to myself why they do not say "God is great" in Arabic, or "God is the greatest."

But fill in the blanks and you will see the hidden meaning:

"God is greater than His Creation [ie Man, who created Him]."

All healthy societies have a healthy loathing of the promiscuous female. Western society is sick and dying.

Any healthy society has this VISCERAL loathing of sluts. Stored in the memory of every race and society is the memory of how things turned to SHIT when they let sluts take power like they have now.

All societies made the same mistake at some time in their history.

Socialism, feminism, communism and atheism are just ideologies that says it is OK to be an SSM  and are just Man's periodic attempts to rid himself of this memory that Free Love kills your civilisation.

Those who forget the lessons of history are condemned to re-learn them again - the hard way.

The only good matriarchy is a dead matriarchy.

Magna Carta died in vain

Clearly, David Cameron knows no Latin and has no knowledge of the Classics.  This means he has no connection with and no knowledge of the Greeks and Romans, who are the peoples who began Western civilisation.

This explains rather a lot about the man, and what passes for education in Eton.

I would say that I, female and foreign though I am, have more knowledge about Greek and Roman concepts of honour than that ignorant piece of Etonian shit.  

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Suzanne Moore makes libellous and threatening comments about me

Suzanne Moore is tweeting about me at

Clare Khaw thrown out of BNP for being too extreme,thinks disabled children should die and single mothers be convicted. Not a happy bunny
1:20 AM-26 Sep 12

I was expelled for saying what I said even though I never represented myself as a member of the party.

At no point did I say that "disabled children should die".

What I meant to say, but never was given the chance to say it, was that parents of disabled unviable unwanted babies should be given the option of disposing of them without getting into trouble with the law.

Turns up events photographing and documenting her enemies. She needs to be careful as she incites violence. Thats all for now.
1:22 AM - 26 Sep 12

I had every right to turn up at the Orwell Prize Award since I had entered my blogs for the prize.  Evidence of this is at

Actually, I have whinged loud and often about the injustice of that Prize and the bias of the liberal establishment ad nauseam at

I have not to my knowledge incited violence, though it is possible that she Suzanne wishes to be violent towards me.

@NickCohen4 she poses occasionally in some Nazi hardware. But no match for you . Take her out.
1:24 AM - 26 Sep 12 has all the gun and flag photos as well as photos of me.  I posed in solidarity with David Jones who was being given a hard time by The Star at when he was running his last election campaign and to draw the attention of nationalists to myself.  It worked a treat and they all know who I am now.  

Exactly why I did so is explained in full at
It is unlikely that Suzanne meant for Nick Cohen to take me out on a date.

It is more likely that she wants me to be "whacked".   So, dear Reader, if anything should happen to me, the police will have a good idea who dunnit and who put Nick Cohen up to it.

For an enemy of the people I am doing just fine. But just letting you know you dont need to tell me about it. Been years of it X
1:26 AM - 26 Sep 12 

This shameless woman is proud that she is an enemy of the people!

Don't forget to visit to denounce SSMs, the scourge of Western civilisation!

Like it and share it with your friends!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Suzanne Moore - feminist, socialist and SSM - an Enemy of the People?

Suzanne Moore the feminist, socialist and SSM

This woman has three daughters by three fathers and never married any of them.  

There are Reds under the bed, and there are Reds on your bed ...  

The enemy within is invisible and unacknowledged.


"All truths that are kept silent become poisonous."

If you cannot subvert a society through open revolution, you use their women as agents of subversion.  If this works, you will have their society run for the benefit of the most feckless, most stupid and most immoral of their  women - the SSM - as well as their variously-fathered feral bastards. explains my categories of unmarried mothers of whom the SSM is the most morally culpable.

Did you know that most babies born in Britain are now bastards?

Women like her - feminists - spread illegitimacy like a muck spreader spreads muck.

A muck spreader spreading muck the way feminism spreads widespread illegitimacy

Is there a reason why we should tolerate widespread illegitimacy just because women like her tell us we must tolerate sluts and bastards in the name of liberalism, Free Love and indiscriminate tolerance and compassion of all that is harmful to society?

What have women like her done to for the morals of this nation except to make it acceptable for sluts and bastards to be tolerated?

What is fornicatress but a slut?

The difference between a slut and an SSM is the difference between a suspected criminal and a convicted criminal.   Suzanne Moore has been convicted three times.  

If this country were Muslim she would incur a total of 300 lashes: 100 for each illegitimate offspring.  

You may think this sounds unduly harsh, but it is probably the only language the stupid and the sluttish understand.

Sadly, however, in Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland, the Land of Compulsory Fornication, this is what passes for normal and acceptable.

Where do you think all our social problems and crime come from?

Is it now finally time to tell feminism to fuck off?   

The French have fallen to the matriarchy represented by their Justice Minister Christiane Taubira

Christiane Taubira, the French Justice Minister, a divorced single mother wants to shove gay marriage down the throats of white heterosexual Frenchmen and Frenchwomen.   

Wow. Check out the degradation of white heterosexual people taking this SHIT lying down from a black DSM. explains what a DSM is, and other kinds of unmarried mothers.

"The head of the French Catholic Church Cardinal Philippe Barbarin warned followers last week that gay marriage could lead to legalised incest and polygamy in society."

The Pope won't help you now, mate.  He counts it a good day if he gets through his day without being called the Pope of Paedo Priests.

Only Islam can save the West from this filthy shit of the demented matriarchy whose tentacles have reached all parts of the Western world.

Remember, the Reds are not under your bed, they are on your bed, and most of you sleep with the enemy.

Who is the enemy?  The SSM and their running dogs.   Who are the running dogs of the SSMs?  Anyone who says it is OK for women to be SSMs.

There is a Facebook page dedicated to denouncing SSMs at

Like it and begin the fightback against the foul feminist matriarchy!

[Can someone translate the above into decent French for me?  I want French people to hear about me too.  I fight on behalf of Western civilisation against the foul demented matriarchy that worships SSMs and Free Love and is bent on destroying all that is good and decent about Western civilisation.]

Monday, 24 September 2012

Claire Khaw says something nice about coppers

My sources inform me that the cops are reading my blog avidly instead of catching criminals and investigating crime.

It is that UKIP bitch with four illegitimate grandchildren causing trouble for me again:

Maggie Chapman Stuart it wasn't Kim but the,admin of a,group.There were credible threats

Maggie Chapman Free speakers has been looked at by the police and there's talk of charges of racial abuse and incitement to assault

Maggie Chapman Jacqui I don't know but I know the police are looking at claires blog and homepage too

To be honest, I think she is a bit of a pleb too.

If the cops read my blogs at all they should be reading me only when they are off duty.

In case they are trawling through my blogs for evidence against me, I suppose I should say something nicely supportive about coppers.

I too would love to have the job of sitting in front of my computer and catching criminals for all kinds of offences against PC liberalism.

Kim Gandy may be in trouble for calling me Ting Tong, but I honestly don't mind.  I hear she has blocked me on the advice of the police, but please tell Kim that her little Ting Tong misses her, and wishes she would come out to play again.

It has been claimed I have been threatening her with violence, but I really haven't been doing anything like that as it is not my style.  There have been known to be many fake accounts of people pretending to me, however.

You have an enviable job, especially if you are a disabled policeman or are too fat and unfit to chase and catch criminals.

Anyway, nice work if you can get it, and well done for getting such a cushy job.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Why does the Traditional Britain Group dislike me?

Why has TBG disabled me from commenting on their Facebook page?

Apart from going to a few of their dinners some years back, I have had very little to do with them since the suicide of Mike Smith and after I joined the BNP.

How well I remember my surprise when I heard Gregory Lauder Frost speaking at a dinner I attended saying that forced repatriation must be implemented.

Is he in the NF then, I remember asking someone rather naively.  I was told he was far too posh to be in the NF.

I stopped attending once I accepted the invitation to join the BNP, though I accepted that it was through this dining club (which is what it really is) that put me in touch with other nationalists that eventually led to my invitation to join the BNP.

Since then I have had very little to do with them.  I have no particular interest in attending dinners in which diners preached to the converted without taking political action, in any case.   They were just a toothless dining club, I had concluded, and far too posh to do anything that smacked of genuine and effective political activism.  Imagine my surprise when I found that I had been blocked from following them on Twitter.  I really had no idea that a bunch of crusty old codgers could or would tweet or had discovered me on Twitter to take offence at my tweets.

Why had I taken an interest in TBG after all this time?  Someone had mentioned to me that many of them were into SSPX and that made me prick up my ears.

I checked out their Facebook page and discovered that they are having an all-day conference on 20 October as stated at

I thought I might attend and  posted on their Facebook page I was thinking of doing so but understood they  have some sort of a problem with me as I have been blocked from following them on Twitter.  The next thing I  knew I found myself disabled from commenting altogether.

Tom Price my Facebook friend kindly asked them on my behalf why they were blocking me, and this was the response he received:

Not really sure. All the members of the TBG committee are co-administrators of the page and at least three are very active promoting and moderating it. It may be that someone found her comments beyond the pale. Our Wall is in the public domain and we have to be careful of our public image as our enemies are watching all the time. From time to time numerous comments are removed and if people persist then they are blocked.

I certainly posted nothing at all that could be considered "beyond the pale" and merely asked why they seemed to be having a problem with me when I have had so little to do with them in recent years.

Oh, well.  I have saved myself £30 since they do not want to sell me a ticket, though I would have liked to have met Theodore Dalrymple.

Saturday, 22 September 2012


David Jones

Though Autumn by-elections are nothing particularly special, Having been born in Burnley, and this key nationalist battleground being only seven-and-a-half miles from where I live, I was bound to take an interest in this one. The candidate, an old friend of mine (and fellow dry-stone waller) Steve Smith was coveted by both the North-West National Front (who have recruited several Burnley BNP veterans) and the Bradford-based Democratic Nationalists. in the end Steve elected to stand for the National Front because they were higher profile.

The literature took the form of cheap and nasty, badly designed, risograph printed leaflets proclaiming the NF policy of kicking the non-whites out of England, presented in newsletter format called "Burnley Nationalist", The NF put a lot of hours in, and no less five editions out,

As I see it the volume of leaflets, shoved through letterboxes by volunteers from as far as 50 miles away, should have overcome the quality - so we can only presume that it was the the "Stop Immigration - Start Repatriation" message that the voters were rejecting.

The NF must decide if the want to simply ram an unwanted "repatriation" message down the throats of the voters or employ some of the other tools of getting your people elected (better quality literature, demonstrating to voters you are competent at addressing issues that affect them, finding alternative nationalist policies that have a wider appeal etc...) Most voters who want repatriation also want their candidates to be a little more tactful about it, and most nationalist voters are agnostic on repatriation anyway. Showing the voters you have no tact will not work, even if they get twenty leaflets through the letterbox a day from you.

Having spoken to NF members, they are justifying this by saying "the voters are thick", "we were never going to win" etc. Others say, "we've made our stand". Of course it is all deluded nonsense. This year the NF' Deputy Chairman Kevin Bryan obtained respectable votes in nearby-Irwell ward, Rossendale, under the exact same electoral conditions that exist in Burnley, and the BNP have successfully taken the Trinity seat not so long ago.

Maybe the NF were just making a point, but it gives me no pleasure to see Steve Smith join Mark Leat (who got 2 votes in Stoke) and David Child (an Autistic BNP candidate from South London who also who got 26) as the poorest performing nationalists this year, nationalism cannot stand any more damage done and the damage done by this kind of a vote is very real. I'm sure the NF will do better next time but I say again the damage is done.

The fault is not Steve Smiths, while he was interim Chairman of the England First Party, he fought a much better campaign and united practically all the white voters in Burnley's majority Pakistani Ward of Daneshouse with Stoneyholme, we know that Steven is capable of better than this.

At this point I should point out that the BNP campaign for Trinity was not much better, they went from one extreme to the other, while I confess I haven't read their literature I am told it was just the type of shameless, locally-relevant, brand-promotion we are used to in the modern, "caring and compassionate" BNP. Sorry that won't get you your lost votes back either. .

Warm, fuzzy leaflets BNP leaflets promoting the BNP leadership containing nothing at all relevant to Burnley people still pulled in over three times the vote that the NF's much more intensive campaign did though. In my town, which has no history of successful nationalism I obtained a good 8.5% of the vote (253 votes) and believe me I have a lot of lesbians, yuppies and Muslim vote to overcome, plus a tarnished name. I find that is achievable because I;

1. I design quality, aesthetically-appealing literature.

2. Propagate a message that is both hard-hitting and dealing with relevant issues.

3. Have high profile in the town, regularly attend Town Council meetings and locals know who I am.

4. A reputation for sticking with my goals and giving local senior-establishment apparatchiks a headache.24 / 7.

I am fighting a Town Council by-election on October 25th, and it is my intention, as an Independent, to show my former and current friends throughout East Lancashire and the Calder Valley that there is a better way to do things. And if I get 26 votes I will be ready to stand corrected and take it all back.

How Muslims can blaspheme against the religion and deity of the atheist liberal

Yvonne Ridley:

Taji Mustafa was on BBC Radio 4 Today show talking about the chaos caused across the world because of the vile film insulting the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) made in the USA. The thrust of his argument was Holocaust Denial in Germany is a crime, calling for the death of British soldiers on Facebook is a crime in Britain - people have been prosecuted for this. He said every country has a red line and if it is crossed there will be a reaction - in the Muslim world there are red lines too and it is insulting Islam. He also said the non Muslim world should understand that Muslims have a different set of values. Can we continue the discussion please.


They are saying that Muslims should regard the practice of their religion and the mocking of their prophet with the same casual indifference that Christians regard theirs.

If I insult anyone and everyone, I should not be surprised if people wish me and do me harm as a result.

To get their own back, Muslims should blaspheme against feminism and denounce SSMs.

There is a page specially dedicated to them at

Insult Islamophobes by blaspheming against their sacred cows.

What are their sacred cows?

Slut Single Mothers

Muslims worship God while Islamophobes worship the SSM and are afraid of them. Even the British Prime Minister is afraid of them.

SSMs are the cause of widespread illegitimacy which means they are the cause of racial and national degeneracy. BASTARD remains a term of abuse.

Men who say it is OK to be an SSM are saying it is OK to have their country run for the benefit of the most immoral and stupid of their women at the expense of what is left that is still good about this country.

Why do Western men put up with this? Because they have been fucked by feminism. Both anally and vaginally.

Their brains have turned to shit, their guts to piss and their balls to mince.

All because they want their cheap sex with their cheap sluts who give them bastard children who are no good for the British labour force.

That is why successive governments keep importing foreign labour to replace them.

SSMs are ultimately responsible for immigration because their badly brought up bastard children are not fit to be a member of the British labour force.

If you want to continue living in Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland, then you know what to do: do nothing and say nothing and watch your country go down the toilet.

SSM - Slut Single Mum ie mothers of illegitimate offspring
She is clearly culpable for intentionally getting pregnant, recklessly getting pregnant, or negligently getting pregnant.

MOBFOB - Mother of Bastard still living with Father of Bastard

FOBMOB - Father of Bastard still living with Mother of Bastard

DSM - Divorced Single Mum
She may not be entirely to blame for her divorce if she was married to a brute who beat her and abused her children. However, at the very least she is guilty of marrying in haste and must repent at leisure.

WSM - Widowed Single Mum
You *must* be married before you can become a widow. If you got knocked up by some loser and he died leaving you and your bastard unprovided for, you are an SSM

SPOSSM - Sex Partner of SSM
They are commonly supposed to be potential or suspected paedophiles.

You will notice that not a single UK political party supports marriage or the family or social conservatism.

Next time you bump into anyone from the EDL, you know what to say: SSM, SSM, SSM.

Get them where it hurts - in the balls.

"SSM - a hundred lashes for your SSMs ... "

You have to talk to them in language sluts and bastards understand.

"SSM - a hundred lashes for your SSMs ... "

"SSM - a hundred lashes for your SSMs ... "

It wouldn't work in a noisy street, but if Muslims were to wait for those who go to church to go to church they could gather outside churches and say and chant that every Sunday as the congregation arrive ....

"SSM - a hundred lashes for your SSMs ... "
about an hour ago · Like

"No marriage, no culture, no family.
No morals, no money, no future."

You are supposed to fight for Allah with your life and your property, and these people are well, a bit Anti-Allah, as far as I can see.

Is there a Muslim version of the Anti-Christ? Is there such a thing as Anti-Allahism?

Instead of saying "Behead those who insult Islam" they could be saying "Lash a hundred times your slutty mums!"

That would be far better.

Friday, 21 September 2012

UKIP use degenerate music without degenerate musicians' permission

If I were leader of UKIP I would have used something out of Gilbert & Sullivan. For He Is An Englishman could easily be adapted into a witty version of For He Is a UKIP Man.

If I were feeling particularly transgressive, I would make the entire conference sing Tomorrow Belongs To Me and make them do the obligatory Roman salute at the end.   The headlines the next day would be thrilling and chilling.

Yes, I would be a thrilling leader of UKIP and eventually, a loved and feared benign dictator of Britain ....

Nigel Farage offers to do a deal with THE WRONG PARTY

He shouldn't be offering to do deal with the Tories, who cannot be trusted.  He should be doing a deal with the BNP not to stand in working class areas, but he is too stupid or scared.

Doing a deal like this would make it easier for the BNP to displace Europhile Labour MPs and make it easier for UKIP themselves free to displace Europhile Tory MPs.

That would be really formidable and fearful for the LibLabCon.

But this is too obvious and effective, so they want something more complicated and uncertain, like the effeminates they are.

What a waste of time, space, energy and time.

I just feel sorry for the UKIP activists.  I nearly went to Birmingham, but I now know I shouldn't bother.   The way they are carrying on, I might as well rejoin the Conservative Party.

Such a pity I am not leader of UKIP, eh?   

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Pope Benedict has blocked me from following his tweets on Twitter

The Pope and his Tablet.  Will he be excommunicating the morally corrupting Tina  Beattie,  Director  of  The Tablet

I suppose this means he will be predictably feeble about punishing the morally corrupting Tina Beattie who is Director of The Tablet.  Tina Beattie is a Catholic cool about about gay marriage and she has said so publicly.

I feel sorry for those Anglicans like *Mark Barnes of Wakefield who have turned to Rome in the hope of moral and national salvation.   They have no hope if the Pope is cool about gay marriage too.  

They may as well convert to Islam.

*Mark Barnes is the UKIP member from Wakefield who has expressed a desire to see non-Europeans in Europe turned into second class citizens and the wish to sterilise promiscuous women who want abortions.

The Tablet, hijacked by the left and feminists, now promotes gay marriage and recreational extramarital sex
Tina Beattie: 'Yes, society will benefit from same sex-marriage' 

Tina Beattie: Should this feminist who calls herself a Catholic and director of the leftist and feminist infested  Tablet be excommunicated?  Or perhaps beheaded or burnt at the stake?  This may be necessary for the protection of the morals of Catholics, which are now in a sorry state.

Caroline Farrow ‏@blondpidge
@ProtectthePope *jaw hits floor*
 10:27 PM - 19 Sep 12

Deacon Nick Donnelly ‏@ProtectthePope
@blondpidge Rome must act
 10:29 PM - 19 Sep 12

Caroline Farrow ‏@blondpidge
@ProtectthePope she has just spat on faithful practicing Catholic couples. This is NOT what is being taught in seminaries fortunately.
10:34 PM - 19 Sep 12

Deacon Nick Donnelly ‏@ProtectthePope
@blondpidge Just as she spits on the unborn, and popes, and the apostolic faith.
10:37 PM - 19 Sep 12

Caroline Farrow ‏@blondpidge
This is outrageous from Tina Beattie  h/t @ProtectthePope
10:39 PM - 19 Sep 12

Caroline Farrow ‏@blondpidge
@ProtectthePope that has to be the final straw, surely? Why does she pretend to be Catholic?
10:41 PM - 19 Sep 12

Claire Khaw ‏@1party4all
@blondpidge @ProtectthePope Can't she be excommunicated, beheaded or burnt at the stake?
 10:43 PM - 19 Sep 12

Deacon Nick Donnelly ‏@ProtectthePope
@blondpidge I hope for her sake that her dissent isn't a sin against the Holy Spirit.
10:44 PM - 19 Sep 12

Deacon Nick Donnelly ‏@ProtectthePope
@1party4all @blondpidge I don't think we should joke about such things, they're too serious. Ultimately, this is about eternal destiny.
10:46 PM - 19 Sep 12

 Caroline Farrow @blondpidge
@ProtectthePope She is in grave danger of leading people astray, condoning and encouraging sin and dissent. Especially young people. Awful.
10:47 PM - 19 Sep 12

Caroline Farrow ‏@blondpidge
@ProtectthePope agreed. Perhaps we ought to have a fast day or do some extra penance?
 10:49 PM - 19 Sep 12

Claire Khaw ‏@1party4all
@blondpidge @ProtectthePope Then you could call for this woman to be excommunicated. Come on, just a leetle excommunication?
11:02 PM - 19 Sep 12

Claire Khaw ‏@1party4all
@blondpidge @ProtectthePope I know! You guys can threaten to convert to Islam if she is not excommunicated.
11:03 PM - 19 Sep 12

Claire Khaw ‏@1party4all
@blondpidge @ProtectthePope Remember, God helps those who help themselves by asking for things they won't get unless they ask.
 11:04 PM - 19 Sep 12

Caroline Farrow ‏@blondpidge
So cross, I had a chocolate eclair. Woe.
 11:16 PM - 19 Sep 12

I believe that to demand the excommunication of this woman you have to contact the Apostolic Nunciature of Great Britain.

Call 020 8944 7189 to have Tina Beattie excommunicated.  You never know, it might be upgraded to a something even more interesting.  An appropriate punishment could be to put her in stocks at St Peter's Square visible to the Pope when he peeks out from behind the curtain at his balcony. Tourists can be invited to throw used condoms at her, perhaps.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Why a one-party state is the long term national interest

BNP finally picks up my anti-feminist message

Fighting Feminism
This Sunday we learn that God's purposes in redemption are to restore, and not corrupt or undermine, the created order. This applies to the closest of all relationships: that between a man and a women. Yet again the institutional Churches are failing both God and man in this matter, as they addle up to Satan and his wiles in the corruption - through feminism and political correctness - of both manhood and womanhood. The apostle Paul lays down guidelines however, backed-up by Christ Himself whose apostle he was, as to how we as faithful Christians can withstand the wiles of the world, the flesh and the devil in this matter, as in every other.

The Reverend Robert West's sermon transcribed and paraphrased

Feminism and the Need to Fight Feminism

I am very concerned that the churches are not doing enough to fight feminism both within their midst in the church and beyond their midst within society generally.  

The early church had female converts of high status who expected to retain their high status within their new religion.   

But they were soon put right by Paul.   

The woman is made for the man and not vice versa. 

The man is the head of the woman.

The man is for the glory of God, the woman is for the glory of man.   

The woman is not to compete with the man in a "feministical" way.

By fulfilling her man she also fulfils herself.   

I have met a lot of modern women, but I have never met a feminist who looks fulfilled.  I have never come across a feminist who looks at ease with herself and her world and I have never looked at a feminist who is contented.

I have come across a lot of feminists but not one of them looked peaceful, at ease or normal.  They looked somewhat icy and cold however their careers, houses or beau boyfriends they have accumulated, they just don't look right on the inside - perhaps they don't feel right on the inside either.   

Satan's whole object is to destroy or to corrupt the divine pattern.  He has devilishly inspired heathen religions especially and in the ancient world we not only had female priests but we have female goddesses.

In some of our modern churches we have female elders so-called - or should I call them "eldresses"? 

A female eldress in church is akin to a heathen priestess to be shunned.  Why?

The purpose of the New Testament is to get us back to Genesis.  The purpose of redemption is to restore the divine pattern not to destroy it.  Hence the Apostle Paul a minister of the gospel of redemption continually refers back to the creation and the design as the Church's guide for the role of redeemed women.  That is the Christian woman's guide.  

When men allow women in the Church to behave like that - in a way that usurps the authority of men - they are setting a bad example and they are confederate in their sin.  For the woman was made for the man and that is still her instinct.  That is why, I am sure, so many feminists just look so odd and ill at ease with themselves.

When feminists decry Paul or Peter for that matter, that is because feminists speak of heathenism and not of the things of God.

No one can heed the things written by or spoken by Paul unless the Holy Spirit first opens their hearts, but feminists - both male and female - reject Paul and attack him?  Why?  Because their hearts have not been opened by the Holy Ghost to heed the things of God spoken through Paul.  

Jesus said of the apostles that "Those who hear you hear me and those that hear me hear Him who sent me."

If we do not receive the Apostles' teaching then are we part of the one Apostolic and Catholic Church? 

Feminists, in rejecting Paul, and setting yourselves up as independent teachers, and even as priests, are you part of the one Apostolic and true Church known to God, however many churches you intrude into?

What a dreadful thing to do - to intrude into the true church and the true ministry when by your very deeds and stance you are not even a part of the truth church.  

I fear that there is a lot more involved than we normally think of in purporting to ordain women and in not submitting ourselves to the divine design in our Creator.

If we give way to this it will greatly damage the Church in the generations to come. We must be faithful to God, not to heathens or to feminism. 

Let us be faithful to the Apostles, lest we find ourselves no longer part of the Catholic and Apostolic Church.

The Lord that ordained that women should be the helper of men, grant unto them and us the grace to fulfil their role in Creation as restored to us in redemption ... "

Will the BNP be promising to repeal the Equality Act 2010 in the Corby By Election then?

If they do, will UKIP promise the same?

Once that is done, the snowball will become an avalanche, and feminism will be crushed.

When feminism is dead, the entire West can return to rationally small government.

But only when feminism is dead.

The only good matriarchy is a dead one.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Nick Cohen asks: Should Britain submit to a de facto blasphemy law?

He says NO, conveniently forgetting that we already have the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006 as well as section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986.

What Emma West said was blasphemy if you are a godless liberal.

To a liberal, hate-speech is blasphemy.

How typical dishonourable and disingenuous to say that gratuitously insulting people and ideas non-liberals find sacred is OK, but not the other way round.

Holocaust Denial, anyone?

Why I am supporting the Bill Etheridge and not Simon Darby in the Police & Crime Commissioner Elections by David Jones

By David Jones, Independent Pennine Nationalist
Todmorden, East Lancashire.

Whilst I am sympathetic in general to UK Independence Party, I have always rooted for the British National Party in elections but the decline of the BNP and their failure to capitalise on the law and order issues and field a list of candidates anywhere bar the West Midlands was indeed a great let down. Had I lived in the West Midlands Simon Darby would have probably got my vote but they have a better candidate—the UKIP Candidate Mr Etheridge.

You heard me right, the UKIP candidate is better than the BNP Candidate.

Both candidates are “civic nationalists” but Bill is a man after my own heart, and while I’m sure he wouldn’t endorse everything I believe in, he is a hard working, skilled political operator who genuinely cares about his community and is, generally, a nice guy. The BNP Campaign, however, seems to be a shameless promotion of the BNP by a typical Nick Griffin attack-dog.

The difference between UKIP and the BNP is as follows.

UKIP: - Civic Nationalists, neo-conservatives & Whigs.
BNP: - Civic Nationalists, Socialists & Ethno-Nationalists.

The voting public is not interested in the ideological differences between these two parties in the slightest, only in who will fight for:

A referendum over Britain’s EU membership.
Lower Taxes & Fewer Laws
An end to Party Whips.
An end to mass Immigration.
The abolition of equality, human rights & race laws.
The return of Capital Punishment.
An end to Gay Privilege and the undermining of marriage.

It has come to something when a nationalist like me can no longer support the BNP, but voters want candidates who will represent them competently, not slick, self-promoting party bosses followed by deluded, stubborn buffoons who believe their party is always right.

TV’s Apprentice contestant Katie Hopkins who proposes to fight all 73 EU seats UK “We Demand A Referendum Party” is on the right track, but single-issue doesn’t go far enough. We need an all-nationalist manifesto, not a single issue party.

I myself am running for a Town Council by-election on an independent ticket on pretty much all of these issues, and I think the results will be an education if I win, it will make it much harder for anybody, whether they are in UKIP, the BNP, Ms. Hopkins Campaign to ignore the power of such a message.

First, David Jones (Independent) to Todmorden Town Council.
Secondly Bill Etheridge (UKIP) for West Midlands Police Commissioner.

And Then Ms Hopkins, let's see where we can go from there.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

The real reason why the EDL hate Muslims: feminism

Muslims in their land reminds Westerners of the decline and fall of their civilisation and how their government does not care about them, because it keeps letting Muslims whom they hate and fear into their country. As long as the West continues to decline and fall, the non-Muslim Westerner will continue to hate Muslims. The only time the West will cease to hate Muslims is when it becomes Muslim.

If Muslims want to be less hated by non-Muslims in the West, they have to be seen to be giving them something good that they cannot otherwise enjoy, but for Islam.

This means giving them things that come out of Islam, which they already hate and fear.

It will take a very persuasive person to sell Islam to non-Muslims in the West.

Sadly, however, the white working classes are not interested in abstract ideas such as good government or arguments.  They can only understand things they can see, and they can see Muslims, whom they hate and fear.

We cannot expect the white working classes to grasp the principles of good government or esoteric matters such as electoral reform.  They can only remember that life was better before the Muslims arrived, and therefore the Muslims must be the problem.

But why did the Muslims arrive?

Because their government let them in.

Why does the government keep letting Muslims in whom they know the locals hate and fear?

Because the white working classes are not fit for purpose.

Why aren't the white working classes fit for purpose?

Because they are badly brought up by their single mums and badly taught by their sink school comps.

Why doesn't the government tell off these single mums?

Because too many of them have the vote.

To fix this problem, we would have to

1. narrow the franchise

2. make white women have more children

3. make schools teach white working class children properly

But no government will ever tackle the problem because 5 years is not long enough to fix the problem of education and training, nor is it long enough to be able to fix the problem of white working class women not having enough children that are fit for the British labour force.

The white man is basically too afraid to tell his women off. He is actually deeply ashamed of this and hates himself.

Indeed, there is even a word for this. It is called being pussywhipped.

However, instead of criticising his own women - the feminists in positions of power, the Slut Single Mums who keep having their bastards at taxpayers' expense that only turn into NEETs, or the mother of his children - he sees brown people who are Muslims whose presence in his land he already resents.

After all, if he criticised his women they would divorce him (as well as take half his stuff and deprive him of his children) or leave him or be rude to him or refuse to have sex with him.

Such is the abject state of the White Man.

That is why he needs to convince himself that there is someone lower than him, and these people who are lower than him are Muslims.

If he did not have Muslims to hate, he would only be left with the option of hating himself for being in this degraded state or having to tackle his women, which he is afraid of doing.

That is why he would rather hate Muslims.

Therefore, if Muslims want to stop the white man from hating him, they will have to help the white man.

What is the white man most afraid of?

His women.

How can Muslims help the white man against his own women?

By questioning and defeating feminism on his behalf or by persuading and equipping him so that he can do so himself.

All the countries that have embraced feminism, have a low birth rate together with indiscriminate universal suffrage and a multi-party system are basically fucked.

China can just about save itself with its one-party state but I fear it is now probably too far gone as well, for it has let out the genie which has granted them the heady pleasures of Consumerism, Sexual Liberation and Fractional Reserve Banking.   There are no more wishes left.

Sir Salman Rushdie tells Muslims off for getting angry

Author Sir Salman Rushdie tells James Naughtie about what the protests across the Islamic world mean for freedom of speech elsewhere.

If you gratuitously insult people in the name of free speech, don't be too surprised to get a bloody nose.

If your government thinks it is OK to gratuitously insult people in the name of free speech after your government had invaded their countries, then it shouldn't be too surprised to get a bloody nose.

The Western media has the prerogative of a whore - power without responsibility.  The media will broadcast with glee all the outbreaks of violence against Western embassies in Muslim lands even as they know they will put the lives of Westerners living abroad in danger.  

What can you expect to happen to a civilisation that is in thrall to the worst and most immoral of its women?

Friday, 14 September 2012

The end of crude ethno-nationalism?

The result of the Trinity Ward by-election for Burnley Borough Council on 13 September 2012

Labour - Tony Martin - 493 (49.25)
Liberal Democrat - Stephanie Forrest - 256 (25.57)
Conservative - Tom Watson - 96 (9.6)
BNP - Derek Dawson - 95 (9.6)
UKIP - Craig James Ramplee - 35 (3.5)
NF - Steven Smith - 26 (2.6)

Majority 237
Turnout 1,001

The BNP claim to be both a civic and an ethno-nationalist party.  Actually, if they were really clever, they should drop race from their entire discourse.  But we know they are not really that clever and are being led by a man who has too much to lose.  Nick Griffin will not be sticking his neck out for you, BNP member or BNP supporter.   It is much more important to him to stay well within this comfort zone.  He knows which side of his bread is buttered - the EU side, for it is the EU who pays his and Nigel Farage's wages.

That is why these parties never get anywhere.  They are too busy wasting their time and energy in Brussels when they should be going up and down this country talking to the British voter, winning hearts and minds about leaving the EU.

But Brussels has created just the kind of culture and environment that these easily-impressed MEPs like, rubbing shoulders with bureaucrats and people whom they think are bigwigs.  That is why the Eurosceptic movement is precisely nowhere and neither Nigel nor Nick want Claire and Dave in their parties, however brilliant and bold they are, indeed, especially if they are brilliant and bold.

David Jones will not be mentioning race at all in his campaign (Polling Day 25 October 2012).   He will be talking only about issues that affect and will be of interest to all British citizens who live in this country.

David Jones - campaigning for family values and smaller government