Thursday, 6 September 2012

A list of UKIP people who dislike Claire Khaw and will not be meeting her in Birmingham

  1. Annabelle Fuller  and
  2. Some coward called Captain UKIP who blogs and tweets anonymous at  and   
  3. Star Etheridge, wife of the UKIP Crime and Police Commissioner candidate Bill Etheridge  (She will probably forbid him from meeting me in Brum.)  
  4. Maggie Chapman who boasts about her FOUR illegitimate grandchildren and is the wife of a hereditary peer
  5. Kay Rowham, Secretary in Houghton & Sunderland North, in the EU North East Region of the UK
  6. Colin Guyton, Membership Secretary, Forest of Dean and West Gloucestershire, in the EU South West Region of the UK
  7. Ngaire Wadman, Secretary, Guildford, in the EU South East Region of the UK
  8. Andrew McDonald, Secretary, County Durham, in the EU North East Region of the UK
  9. Alexandra Swann, Brussels-based UKIP Totty  and Annabelle Fuller's replacement, in more than one sense, I am given to understand.
  10. Ben Walker
  11. Nigel Carter, Chairman of Brighton and Hove, in the EU South East Region of the UK
  12. Carl Humphries, Chairman of Worcester City, in the EU West Midlands Region of the UK
  13. Stuart Aldridge, Chairman of Horsham, in the EU South East Region of the UK
  14. David Challice - Administration Manager

Doubtless  more will declare themselves.

Have you noticed how they are mostly female or men with rather effeminate characteristics?

Perhaps I am a little biased, but those who have shown an interest in my ideas seem sensible, honourable and genuine concerned men and women.

It is certainly an event that should be covered the national media.  The most important speech will be mine, of course, about the perniciousness of feminism and how it has emasculated Nigel Farage and all the other male politicians in the land.   Only I am fit to lead Britain away from the path of perdition because I do not have a wife I fear will divorce me for my political views , nor am I desperate to have sex with women who will reject me for my anti-feminist views.

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