Monday, 3 September 2012

A message of gratitude to whoever is trying to get me back into the BNP

I was given to understand yesterday that there was "a campaign to get [me] back in the BNP".

How my heart leapt with joy and gratitutde at that news, even as I knew it was probably not true but even if true will  most probably not succeed.

I mentioned it to an ill-wisher of mine, Maggie Chapman of UKIP, she with the four illegitimate grandchildren who says marriage is only a piece of paper  and is optional as far as she is concerned. She hates me because I dared to criticise the morals of her daughter.  This is what the woman said in her dour Scottish way that conveyed grim satisfaction:

"I have it from the hierarchy that hell would freeze over first ....."   

While Maggie says she wants the bar against ex-BNP members joining lifted, she has said repeatedly that even if it were, she would see to it that I will not be admitted even as the others would be.

Of course, I would love to have my expulsion annulled so I can assist the BNP in the Corby By Election.   I know however that the hierarchy is more interested in keeping me out of the party at all costs rather than in winning elections or improving its vote.

But I would like to thank whoever who did start the campaign from the bottom of my heart.  I don't know who you are but the knowledge that you at least tried has gladdened my heart and I thank you from the bottom of it.

Perhaps you and others have noticed that I have not given up saying what I was saying even though I am now out of the party. It wouldn't matter what party I did join later if I do join another party.  The message would be the same:

  1. SSMs are bad for Britain.
  2. Feminism was what started this foul tsunami of sluttery and bastardy that is now now engulfing this country with moral cowardice, illegitimacy, degeneracy as well as ever lower standards of education and behaviour.
  3. Fear of feminism - that is, the fear of sluts and bastards - keeps the white man cowed and frightened of the wrath of the most irrational, irresponsible and immoral of their women.
  4. Whenever a cheap and effective solution to a problem is being proposed, the naysayers will invariably be women or men who fear to alienate them.  

If UKIP want to get anywhere by the next general election it will have to take this message and run with it, even as it knows it will alienate Maggie Chapman and women like her.   

There is nothing to fear except fear itself, for these women cannot possibly hope to win the argument after all the harm they have caused, when the rest of the world already knows this:  the lower the morals of women, the lower the morals of men.  

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