Thursday, 6 September 2012

Andrew Copson gay spokesman for BHA hates all the Abrahamic faiths because he sees them as "homophobic"

He was also singly-parented and has blocked me from following him on Twitter.   I would say that he is morally compromised, wouldn't you?  

Why the hell are we letting the likes of him persecute heterosexual people?  

Because Cunt Cameron is a coward and a hypocrite and most certainly not a Conservative.  

In fact, the Conservative Party ceased promoting Conservative principles in 2002 when Theresa May said the Tories should no longer be seen as the nasty party.

Politicians ought to be the sewage engineers of stupid and destructive ideas, even if this means being a bit of wet blanket about things and anticipating problems, rather than going along with every damn fool stupid liberal idea like someone in arrested adolescence.  

Sadly, the only remnants of Conservatism are only fitfully breathing in UKIP who only behave like a frightened old woman in the early stages of dementia, fleeing from controversy and me ...

I will just have to reassure them and smooth their ruffled feathers when I meet them in Birmingham at their conference.

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