Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Controversial new group for nationalists and anyone concerned over immigration and Anders Breivik's terrorism deleted by Facebook

It is called the "What Else Was Anders Breivik Supposed To Have Done Instead?" Group.

Liberals!  Please tell us exactly what Breivik was supposed to have done instead!

I think I am doing what he could have done instead and hope that, in time, I will be show that the pen (or they keyboard!) is mightier than the sword or bomb.

What I am doing:

  1. Explicitly questioning and challenging feminism
  2. Urging all the Eurosceptic parties to question and challenge feminism.
  3. Discovering that they are all too scared so now I have to do everything for these pathetic, infantilised, cowardly and hypocritical white men
  4. Urging you to picket UKIP at their Birmingham Conference on 20-21 September. Suggested slogans for you to chant outside Birmingham Town Hall: "Claire Khaw, Claire Khaw, Claire Khaw!  For Marriage, For Race,  For Nation!"  We can do the Breivik salute too.  That will really really really piss them off.   

Kevin Forts describes Breivik's act as "heroic" because it demonstrates "nationalism and a moral conscience.  He is fighting Cultural Marxism and the Islamisisation of Norway.  He found the most rational way to accomplish that was through terrorist actions in Oslo and Uttoya."

He was asked how someone living in Massachusetts, USA, could support the killing of little children.   


"Because I believe he used it as an unprecedented attack and I don't believe it will occur again.  I believe that it was atrocious but necessary in that there is now a raised awareness of this as a result of the executions in Uttoya and Oslo."

The journalist asked him if he thought that the sacrifice of little children [But they were adolescents in a political party, not "little children"!] was necessary.   


"It was a sacrifice that is not necessary again.   Militant activity is not necessary as a result of this unprecedented act.   He said that he achieved and operation of extraordinary and unprecedented accomplishment so it is not necessary again, so now we can just look at his political platform rather than his atrocious actions. 

I believe that he is a nationalist and a patriot and not the terrorist Neo-Nazi that the media portray him to be.  

I believe that Breivik is a rational man who committed atrocious but necessary actions.   

Now, all you see is the shock, and all you see is the gore in Uttoya and Oslo, but you do not see the  political ramifications that it will come to in the future.  At that point it will become impossible to hate Breivik, and you will see that he was acting in a matter of a pre-emptive war."

A courageous and articulate young man.

Predictably, the Facebook group has been closed down just for daring to ask this unanswerable question.   But don't forget to keep asking it, folks, and remember, nationalists, that it is only I who can competently and courageously argue the case properly for you.

Are any of your nationalist parties touching the subject with a bargepole?  No, of course not.   I have to do it all while the white man cowers in the corner, and dares not ask the question the liberals cannot answer.  Their only answer they have to your question is "Shut up".

For some reason, however, neither UKIP nor the BNP will have me in their party, and I don't think it is because of race reasons.

If you want me to do all I can for you, then you have to pester the leadership to let me back in.

Either the BNP or UKIP will do, nationalists.   I'm not really fussy.  Once I am in, it will be my intention to merge both parties so it has a fighting chance of defeating the LibDems by the next election.

So email your party  now to demand why I am not a member of it. if you are UKIP  demanding to know why I am not a member.

If you are BNP email all the addresses below for maximum impact.

They already know who I am anyway.

You should come to Birmingham to meet me and lobby UKIP for more pro-family policies on 20-21 September.

See you outside Birmingham Town Hall!

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Anonymous said...

Claire Khaw for prime minister. Heil Claire Khaw.