Friday, 28 September 2012

David Jones campaigns for election: polling day 25 October 2012

By David Jones, Independent Pennine Nationalist,
Todmorden, East Lancashire

With a great deal of pleasure I announce that I have submitted a valid nomination form for a snap Town Council by-election scheduled (for October 25th), as an Independent.

I shall be fighting the "Central" ward of Todmorden Town Centre on some matters held very dear to me that I did not emphasise so much as a four-time candidate for a small nationalist party, ie the decline of the traditional family, the betrayal of our war veterans, small, limited governance, as well as my better known platform nationalism of fighting corruption.

My vote has been rising fast in Todmorden and I am announcing it here as this blog has tirelessly advocated many principles similar to my own."

Message from Claire Khaw:

I am indeed delighted to support what David Jones supports: the institutions of the marriage and the family, which apparently no political party in the land now dares to support.

Have you seen a single policy in the LibLabCon manifesto that supports marriage?  Or in the UKIP, BNP, English Democrats or the NF for that matter?

UKIP mentioned marriage at their recent Birmingham conference, but, guess what, they only mentioned gay marriage.

Saturday 22 September
YI: Gay Marriage (Birmingham Conservatoire)

So cowed are they by extremist feminism that they no longer dare support marriage.

Is this not a shocking state of affairs?

It would seem that David Jones is the only political activist in the land who is not religious and yet dares to support the institutions of marriage and family.

The family is our only protection from the state.  Perhaps that is why the state is so anxious to dismantle it by desecrating marriage without which the family would break up, children deprived of their fathers and their paternal side of the family.

No wonder so many fatherless children are now behaviourally, socially and educationally challenged.  The longer we allow the state to continue desecrating marriage the worse things will be for you and the next generation.

Protest now against liberal and feminist extremism by voting for and supporting David Jones and protect your family, your liberty and property from the nanny state.


mark taha said...

Is he the Anthony David Jones I remember from the early 1980s?

David Jones said...

I was a toddler in the 80's.