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Hebden Bridge a Foul Microcosm of Britain says David Jones


Response to Any Questions, broadcast from the most degenerate town in Northern England.

By David Jones: Independent Pennine Nationalist; Todmorden, East Lancashire

This Friday gone, I listened to the BBC Radio 4 'Any Questions' chaired by Jonathan Dimbleby. Now I don't normally listen to such left-elitist tripe, in fact I haven't listened to Radio 4 over a year, since the cacophony of feminist whining and pseudo-scholarly chattering is usually sufficient to make me bring up my breakfast.

However, when I heard that "Any Questions" was being broadcast from Hebden Bridge Town Hall, I felt it merited swallowing my tongue tuning in.

Now neighbouring Hebden Bridge, situated eight miles within West Yorkshire (my hometown of Todmorden being on the border with Lancashire), was once a working class mill town, no different from any other.

However over the last 40 years it has become a decadent, Bohemian, affluent shit-hole infested with militant lesbians, SWP students, crusty old Marxists and degenerate, elitist yuppies fleeing the consequences of their own policies of 'sexual liberalism' and multi-cultural 'enrichment' in their former home cities of London and Manchester.

Dimbleby opened the show with a description of Hebden Bridge as the Brighton of the North (in reference to its larger than life 'gay' sub- culture) and "the trendiest town in West Yorkshire" (in reference to its art galleries, acupuncture workshops and organic cafes).

The panel consisted of Edwina Currie and Ben Summerskill of militant gay-advocacy group "Stonewall" alongside two other panel-members whose names I forget.

I braced myself with a stiff drink, and listened to the inevitable pouring of bleeding hearts, wailing and gnashing of teeth. Straight away, they began praising the "gay rights" struggle which was aided and abetted by our treacherous Church of England. Then they began praising disabled people (in respect of a question concerning the paralympics) and also praising the 'anti discrimination-laws' that are crushing British Small businesses and violating property rights.

Then what we heard was, in respect of the government withdrawing a few dodgy student visas of non-EU nationals, was the outpouring of sympathy again from the panel - again totally out of touch with the wishes of British, who want real and radical immigration reform, which took up the rest of the programme.

In front of the left wing audience that the panellists grovelled and genuflected to, we heard the true nature of the political elites of the United Kingdom in their element.

Here's the really important question: Now what drove Hebden Bridge to be the degenerate dung-hole that it is?

Answer: "Slut Single Mothers"!

1. In Victorian Days Hebden Bridge and the surrounding hills were a refuge of thieves, vagrants, coiners, robbers rejecting the poorhouses. Marriage and family was displaced, sexual-morality declined and incest skyrocketed.

2. When this degenerate culture, suppressed by the 'nationalism' of the two World Wars, was revived, and went viral in the Swinging 60's, it fast became "the hippy town".

3. In the 80's the laid back, sexually degenerate working class hippies were joined by wealthier yuppie types who, already liberal, took on the politics of the far left and now constitute a political elite of the left throughout the Eastern Pennines.

You see, it all started with illegitimate mothers, breeding illegitimate children and that has been the common thread throughout.

Hebden Bridge has become a microcosm of what politics in the United Kingdom will look like as things get progressively worse.

Therefore what is needed is a healthy, progressive nationalism that is both sensible and electable, yet uncompromising and radical in the defence of the family. By this I do not mean wishy washy talk of motherhood and apple pie - it's too late for that!

If you think motherhood and apple pie will save the working and middle classes (the producing class, or whats left of it) then think again.

Do you know where your daughters are right now? Haven't you read the stories of the Rochdale Grooming gangs? How do you know the person she's texting isn't one of them? Wake up!

I believe, like the editor of this blog that the rump of this message should be concentrated now on UKIP and this blog is keenly interested to see that message and policies (to be found elsewhere on this blog) gets put on the agenda at the upcoming UKIP Conference in Birmingham, despite UKIP barring ex BNP (and NF) members from joining.

I am also going to be standing as an Independent in a Town Council by-election, and intend to gain support for this fight against degeneracy, incest and illegitimacy.

If you live in the north or wish to help me with my election campaign then email, if you want to take up the Birmingham issue, speak to Claire Khaw

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