Friday, 7 September 2012

Hedda Gabler, Maggie Chapman, Henrik Ibsen and the fall of Western civilisation

I like to think I am unshockable but I was shocked and appalled that Maggie Chapman of UKIPwas made to read Henrik Ibsen's Hedda Gabler at the tender age of 13, I discovered today.

Heda Gabler is about a bored woman wreaking destruction through her wish to exercise power over men.   The implication is that if she had more worthwhile things to do (like a career) and wasn't bored out of her mind she would haven't done what she did.

Her English teacher in her comprehensive school must have been a Red then.  After all, who else would make a 13 year old Scottish schoolgirl read Ibsen for her English when Ibsen was a Norwegian playwright?

If you want to trace the fall of Western civilisation, it can be trace it all the way back to Henrik Ibsen.

The Norwegian illegitimacy rate is quite horrific and it should be noted that Anders Breivik is himself Norwegian.

Maggie now has four illegitimate grandchildren, says marriage is only a piece of paper and is optional, even when you want to have children.

This teacher of Maggie's certainly corrupted the morals of a minor.

I wonder if he is still alive.  If he is, should be hunted down like a Nazi war criminal and put on trial?

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Anonymous said...

If the police are reading this,please contact me as most of this is a pack of lies :-)