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How Muslims can blaspheme against the religion and deity of the atheist liberal

Yvonne Ridley:

Taji Mustafa was on BBC Radio 4 Today show talking about the chaos caused across the world because of the vile film insulting the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) made in the USA. The thrust of his argument was Holocaust Denial in Germany is a crime, calling for the death of British soldiers on Facebook is a crime in Britain - people have been prosecuted for this. He said every country has a red line and if it is crossed there will be a reaction - in the Muslim world there are red lines too and it is insulting Islam. He also said the non Muslim world should understand that Muslims have a different set of values. Can we continue the discussion please.


They are saying that Muslims should regard the practice of their religion and the mocking of their prophet with the same casual indifference that Christians regard theirs.

If I insult anyone and everyone, I should not be surprised if people wish me and do me harm as a result.

To get their own back, Muslims should blaspheme against feminism and denounce SSMs.

There is a page specially dedicated to them at

Insult Islamophobes by blaspheming against their sacred cows.

What are their sacred cows?

Slut Single Mothers

Muslims worship God while Islamophobes worship the SSM and are afraid of them. Even the British Prime Minister is afraid of them.

SSMs are the cause of widespread illegitimacy which means they are the cause of racial and national degeneracy. BASTARD remains a term of abuse.

Men who say it is OK to be an SSM are saying it is OK to have their country run for the benefit of the most immoral and stupid of their women at the expense of what is left that is still good about this country.

Why do Western men put up with this? Because they have been fucked by feminism. Both anally and vaginally.

Their brains have turned to shit, their guts to piss and their balls to mince.

All because they want their cheap sex with their cheap sluts who give them bastard children who are no good for the British labour force.

That is why successive governments keep importing foreign labour to replace them.

SSMs are ultimately responsible for immigration because their badly brought up bastard children are not fit to be a member of the British labour force.

If you want to continue living in Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland, then you know what to do: do nothing and say nothing and watch your country go down the toilet.

SSM - Slut Single Mum ie mothers of illegitimate offspring
She is clearly culpable for intentionally getting pregnant, recklessly getting pregnant, or negligently getting pregnant.

MOBFOB - Mother of Bastard still living with Father of Bastard

FOBMOB - Father of Bastard still living with Mother of Bastard

DSM - Divorced Single Mum
She may not be entirely to blame for her divorce if she was married to a brute who beat her and abused her children. However, at the very least she is guilty of marrying in haste and must repent at leisure.

WSM - Widowed Single Mum
You *must* be married before you can become a widow. If you got knocked up by some loser and he died leaving you and your bastard unprovided for, you are an SSM

SPOSSM - Sex Partner of SSM
They are commonly supposed to be potential or suspected paedophiles.

You will notice that not a single UK political party supports marriage or the family or social conservatism.

Next time you bump into anyone from the EDL, you know what to say: SSM, SSM, SSM.

Get them where it hurts - in the balls.

"SSM - a hundred lashes for your SSMs ... "

You have to talk to them in language sluts and bastards understand.

"SSM - a hundred lashes for your SSMs ... "

"SSM - a hundred lashes for your SSMs ... "

It wouldn't work in a noisy street, but if Muslims were to wait for those who go to church to go to church they could gather outside churches and say and chant that every Sunday as the congregation arrive ....

"SSM - a hundred lashes for your SSMs ... "
about an hour ago · Like

"No marriage, no culture, no family.
No morals, no money, no future."

You are supposed to fight for Allah with your life and your property, and these people are well, a bit Anti-Allah, as far as I can see.

Is there a Muslim version of the Anti-Christ? Is there such a thing as Anti-Allahism?

Instead of saying "Behead those who insult Islam" they could be saying "Lash a hundred times your slutty mums!"

That would be far better.

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