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Interview with Eurosceptic lesbian MEP Nikki Sinclaire leader of WDARP

Nikki Sinclaire Mep 28 September 11:56

We Demand a Referendum invites you to its inaugural conference to be held on the 5th October 2012.

Claire Khaw 28 September 14:09
How have UKIP "failed the people"?

Nikki Sinclaire Mep 28 September 14:19
Majority of UKIPs MEPs have done nothing and having nothing to show that has moved the UK further towards the exit from the EU

Claire Khaw 28 September 14:21
What could they have done that they did not do, in your opinion?

Nikki Sinclaire Mep 28 September 14:25
Well, what about a mobile surgery each as I have that goes around their region once ot twice a week collecting signatures for a petition

Nikki Sinclaire Mep 29 September 10:08
Because we are not primarily a party. We will be standing in one election only, the EU election in 2014 with one issue spelt out on the ballot paper 'We Demand A Referendum'. We do not have any other policies therefore we would be attractive to voters from every party to issue their protest at not having a referendum.

Claire Khaw 29 September 10:24
What do you dislike about UKIP and its leader, Nikki?

Claire Khaw 29 September 10:25
"Nigel stabbed Crig mackinley I the ack to head the lst in the South East in 1999"

Could you say again what you were trying to say here, please, Nikki?

Nikki Sinclaire Mep 29 September 10:29
Nigel Farage has fallen out with five of the previous seven UKIp leaders, nine of the eighteen MEPs UKIP have had since 1999. He has fallen out with 73 plus nec members and UKIP have more ex members than members. That says everything I need to say about Nigel

Claire Khaw 29 September 10:35
On what issues did Nigel Farage fall out with UKIP activists?

Nikki Sinclaire Mep 29 September 10:41
He is a control freak. He must have come across Stalins manuel. Culling of rivals, show trials etc. I'm making a point not to visit Mexico! :-)

Nikki Sinclaire Mep 29 September 10:57
You need to know your political history to get that. I have already outlined some of the people he culled. Why is he the only founder member that has been consistently there? The Damien Hockney show trial etc etc etc etc. I wish I had the time time to go into greater detail but the list is huge

Claire Khaw 29 September 11:03

Damien Hockney sounds a bit of a flake to be honest.

Claire Khaw 29 September 11:04
Can you think of other people of talent that you say Nigel Farage has culled?

Claire Khaw 29 September 11:06
I am really trying to find out your motivations and reasons, Nikki. I know you fell out with him and it is possible that you are doing this out of a sense of personal grievance to spoil things for UKIP out of malice than because you think your party is more likely to secure a referendum?

Nikki Sinclaire Mep 29 September 11:08
This is nothing to do with him. I have been working in the euroseptic movement long before I even met him. Btw, the first time I met him he was paralytic drunk!

Nikki Sinclaire Mep 29 September 11:09
I'm doing this because I feel it is the best way forward. If you disagree, fine that's what politics is about. Let The People Decide in the ballot box

Claire Khaw 29 September 11:11
Can you think of anyone Farage has culled that you think would be a better leader than him, Nikki?

Nikki Sinclaire Mep 29 September 11:18
That's not the point nor my argument. My point is justvimaginecall ths talented people still in UKIP. Just think how much stronger UKIP will be. Had Stalin not culled his generals maybe not so many Russians would have died in WW2 and Hiler would have been defeated much earlier

Nikki Sinclaire Mep Not at all, I have a different skill set. UKIP is the past for me as were the Tories in 1992. I'm looking forward to the future

Claire Khaw What are your plans for the future then, Nikki?

Nikki Sinclaire Mep My future is to do everything possible to force a referendum

Claire Khaw Why did you really leave UKIP, Nikki?

Claire Khaw 29 September 12:36
The general view is that she is going to split the Eurosceptic vote and make Eurosceptics look even more stupid, divided and ineffectual.

The fact that she is a lesbian and the general speculation about her gender is not going to help the Eurosceptic cause, is it?

Nikki Sinclaire Mep 29 September 12:49
It is difficult bemuse no one is being allowed to grow

Nikki Sinclaire Mep 29 September 12:55
I think Nigel is excellent at communication but very poor in man management and organisation. If he would only PROPERLY, and I mean PROPERLY delegate

Claire Khaw 29 September 13:05
I think I would be an excellent UKIP leader but the fact that I am ex-BNP prevents me from joining it at all.

If I were UKIP leader lots of BNP people would jump ship and join UKIP because they would know they wouldn't be treated like dirt.

Claire Khaw 29 September 13:06
I am also prepared to take risks and am already a controversial figure. Eurosceptics need someone capable of inspiring love and fear. I am pretty good at that, even if I do say so myself.

Nikki Sinclaire Mep 29 September 13:13
Claire, start your own page promoting your own political aspirations did groups does not support or condone the extremism of the far right. I support the politics of hope not hate

Claire Khaw Which of my views do you regard as an example of the "extremism of the Far Right", Nikki?

And whom do you think I hate?

Claire Khaw What a shame Nikki won't say whom she would rather see leading UKIP.

Claire Khaw If you can't think of anyone better than Nigel Farage then he must be the best leader available, must he not?

Nikki Sinclaire Mep As I have said UKIP Is the past. I don't care who leads a rival. The worst the better.

Claire Khaw UKIP is still the largest Eurosceptic party in the land and therefore cannot be dismissed in the way that you say.

What would you say was the reason why you parted ways with UKIP, Nikki?

Claire Khaw 29 September 13:33
It is interesting that whenever I ask people which of my views represents "extremism" people always go quiet.

Claire Khaw 29 September 13:44
I find the inability or refusal of Nikki to answer my questions not particularly reassuring, I must say.

I want to know why you think UKIP is not doing a good enough job and exactly why you believe you would do better with WDARP.

You say a single issue party would be better because less controversial.

UKIP are seen as a single issue party anyway, even if they claim not to be now.

Claire Khaw 29 September 13:50
Anyway, I will be commenting about WDARP on my blog, and that is why I am asking you all these questions.

I want you to demonstrate that Eurosceptics would be better off voting WDARP than UKIP.

I also want you to reassure us that you are not just doing this cos you hate Farage and UKIP and are doing this only out of personal animosity.

If you are doing it out of personal animosity, I would want want to know the reasons that gave rise to it.

Claire Khaw 29 September 13:53
There is always the possibility that people regard you as sexually suspect as well as mentally unstable and may even prefer Farage and UKIP instead, despite the flaws of his character and the general uselessness of UKIP.

Perhaps you would care to comment.

Nikki Sinclaire Mep 29 September 14:01
Well I'm not. I sincerely beleivevthat UKIP is not fit for purpose. Hoe come I have a surgery and lead a campaign that has delivered more than 220,000 signatures to Downing St and forced a parliamentary debate which led to the Govts largest rebellion. What are UKIP or their MEPs solid achevments? 'We DAR' seeks support from across the political spectrum and believes by not being divided by secondary issues the electorate can express a 'Demand A Referendum' in 2014 and pressure the conservative party to include an In/Out referendum in 2015

I have always been a passionate defender of human rights and individual liberties. Imagine my horror when I realised that for reasons of financial benefit UKIP had formed a political group in the parliament that contained some of the vilest far-right elements in European politics. I was expected to sit alongside convicted racists, homophobes, and holocaust deniers. One of our new allies, an Italian, had a criminal record that included convictions for a racially motivated assault on a child and for setting fire to the belongings of a homeless immigrant who was sleeping under a bridge. He had also been filmed encouraging fascists to infiltrate mainstream political organisations. My protests were ignored. Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader, was co-president of this group and as such he had helped to form it. I was horrified when the editor of a Brussels magazine told me he would not report my work in the parliament because I was a member of a far-right group. I realised that my association with such elements was damaging my political credibility. None of this seemed to concern the party leadership.

Claire Khaw Holocaust denial is not a crime in the UK, only in the EU. Why are you already acknowledging the supremacy of EU laws, Nikki?

Claire Khaw As for the "convicted racists" that you were expected to sit alongside, presumably they have paid their debt to society. Do you mean to shun these people who have already been punished FOREVER?

Claire Khaw 29 September 14:06
The best strategy for UKIP would be to admit ex-members of all the Eurosceptic parties but make them sign a declaration not to publicly or privately support (1) apartheid (2) forced repatriation and/or (3) any proposal to make non-whites second class citizens on pain of expulsion.

Such a party can get round the ideological differences by offering two referenda:

one would be in/out the EU,

the other would be libertarian or statist policies.

Claire Khaw "Some people are gay, get over it."

"Some people are homophobes, get over it."

Why did you feel you had to come out as a lesbian, Nikki?

Then Nikki deleted the entire thread.  

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