Thursday, 6 September 2012

Jewish Defence League should know that I am NOT a member of UKIP states that I am a member of UKIP, but that would only make the people of UKIP very annoyed after the trouble they have taken to keep me out.

Get it right, guys!

I have just read your vile idiotic website and Facebook page busily stirring up religious hatred and only today discovered that you are the Jewish equivalent of the EDL.  I don't want anything to do with either of you.

As for the photos of me posing with gun and flag, I did it to bring myself to the notice of nationalists (both civic and ethno) and to show solidarity with David Jones who has himself been expelled from the BPP.   It worked a treat.

I reject all racial theories and the idea of racial superiority is clearly flawed, since the white race is very clearly losing their grip on power after the degeneracy that comes with tolerating SSMs has set in.

I have always believed it is not what you look like and which race you belong to that brings you superiority.  It is what you believe, your ideals and how you behave as a result of your beliefs.

I would not accept racial superiority even if you conferred it on me.

The Jews I know are civilised, learned and courteous and I do not recognise any of them in the JDL.

Just remember that I am not a member of UKIP ... yet.

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