Saturday, 8 September 2012

Message to UKIP: politics is about courting controversy, not running away from it

Kim Gandy:

"now they feel they are zooming up the political charts they are worried about how they will be perceived."

UKIP should make the best of this by courting controversy, rather than running away from it.

I am a skilled polemicist as well as legally trained.  I therefore have the potential to unite the major Eurosceptic parties in UKIP ie BNP, English Democrats and possibly even the NF.  All they have to do is hear me out, instead of behaving like frightened chickens.

The voter will not vote for frightened chickens, but for radical change they think can work and makes sense. Let me communicate this to the voter when UKIP make me their Director of Communications.

I have already studied the Dark Arts of Peter Mandelson and believe I can replicate it for the benefit of UKIP.  

Me and Mandy together

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