Friday, 21 September 2012

Nigel Farage offers to do a deal with THE WRONG PARTY

He shouldn't be offering to do deal with the Tories, who cannot be trusted.  He should be doing a deal with the BNP not to stand in working class areas, but he is too stupid or scared.

Doing a deal like this would make it easier for the BNP to displace Europhile Labour MPs and make it easier for UKIP themselves free to displace Europhile Tory MPs.

That would be really formidable and fearful for the LibLabCon.

But this is too obvious and effective, so they want something more complicated and uncertain, like the effeminates they are.

What a waste of time, space, energy and time.

I just feel sorry for the UKIP activists.  I nearly went to Birmingham, but I now know I shouldn't bother.   The way they are carrying on, I might as well rejoin the Conservative Party.

Such a pity I am not leader of UKIP, eh?   

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