Tuesday, 4 September 2012

No trial date for Emma West for at least another TWO MONTHS

Is this not outrageous, to have this hanging over you for a over a year because you lost your rag and shouted at a few foreigners on a tram?

The CPS tried their damndest to see to it that she spent Xmas in prison for daring to complain about foreigners and immigration. shows you exactly who is charge of London CPS.   Do click on the link to see who they are and what they look like.

They know a jury would acquit Emma West so they are delaying it so they can drop the case later when the witnesses have forgotten or died or left the country, probably.

Do you think the milquetoasts of UKIP will say anything about this at their conference in Birmingham? No, because Emma West is working class and they don't want to be seen to be helping anyone like her.

But come to Birmingham anyway to meet me during the UKIP conference and we can talk about what we can do about the party of milquetoasts.   We have to remember that Nigel Farage was deprived of his father from the age of 5 so that may go some way to explain his consistent policy of moral cowardice about almost everything, including allowing me to become a member.

If I were the leader of UKIP you can be sure that things would be a lot different.

There would be more co-operation between working class Eurosceptics and middle class Eurosceptics and a lot more criticism of the perniciousness of feminism, female promiscuity and the widespread degeneracy that tolerance of widespread illegitimacy has brought about.  

The reason why UKIP won't say anything or do anything much is because they are a bunch of frightened white men.  What are they frightened of?  The female voter.   Can there be hope for a race and nation such as this, who are not even ashamed to admit that what they fear is the most immoral and  most feckless of their women?

Contemptible and disgusting, yet sad and true.   

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Anonymous said...

Please see re Emma West case- also google up words -Francis Lockhart prosecuting.
Suggest calling her up and ask if now regrets opposing bail also you can call up one of the magistrates contact details Ian McNeil suggest phoning him and ask if he now feels deceived by the CPS