Thursday, 20 September 2012

Pope Benedict has blocked me from following his tweets on Twitter

The Pope and his Tablet.  Will he be excommunicating the morally corrupting Tina  Beattie,  Director  of  The Tablet

I suppose this means he will be predictably feeble about punishing the morally corrupting Tina Beattie who is Director of The Tablet.  Tina Beattie is a Catholic cool about about gay marriage and she has said so publicly.

I feel sorry for those Anglicans like *Mark Barnes of Wakefield who have turned to Rome in the hope of moral and national salvation.   They have no hope if the Pope is cool about gay marriage too.  

They may as well convert to Islam.

*Mark Barnes is the UKIP member from Wakefield who has expressed a desire to see non-Europeans in Europe turned into second class citizens and the wish to sterilise promiscuous women who want abortions.

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