Thursday, 6 September 2012

Rumours of Philip Glover and me having an improper relationship are completely false

Philip Glover

Philip Glover

Maggie Chapman Why don't you ask your married "friend" Mr P Glover ?

Claire Khaw Who?

Maggie Chapman So those pics of you with him in London ate fake?Ok,I'm sure ukip will sort it out tomorrow.They got info about the two of you.And him a married man too tut tut

Claire Khaw What are you talking about? Who is P Glover??

Maggie Chapman He [Mark Barnes] is also a member of ukip whilst you have to settle for second best by seeing a married man from ukip

Claire Khaw Who is this P Glover you keep going on about?

Claire Khaw Is he on Facebook?

Claire Khaw I should check him out, I suppose.

Claire Khaw Is it Paul or Peter or Pedro?

Maggie Chapman Claire ukip have picture and screenshots of pages you and he have been conversing on,also other bits and pieces that the hierarchy really aren't happy about him with

Claire Khaw Maggie says I am supposed to be having a torrid affair with someone called P Lover, apparently.

Maggie Chapman But please,continue to deny it,Philips Missus is well thought of,he deserves all he gets

Claire Khaw It's Phillip Glover, is it? OK, I'll check him out.

Claire Khaw This guy?

Claire Khaw He is not even my FB friend!

Maggie Chapman So Claire,you are denying knowing Philip glover of ukip?

Claire Khaw He is not my lover, you stupid woman! Where on earth do you get your stories?

Claire Khaw I have never met the man in my life.

Maggie Chapman Ok well it'll be up to ukip as to whether he is bringing the party into disrepute with the photos they have and the screenshots of your conversations

Claire Khaw What photos?

Claire Khaw What were Philip and I saying to each other? Were we talking *very* dirty?

Claire Khaw My word, the rumour mill has been working overtime. I now have lovers I have never met.

Maggie Chapman Who said it was me that had the photos ?I certainly didn't

Maggie Chapman This one came from on high......theyre not happy bunnies with Philip

Claire Khaw What is he supposed to have done, Maggie?

Claire Khaw Phillip, my lover ....

Maggie Chapman If he is having an affair with someone who is persona non grata to ukip, then yes, the powers that be take a dim view of that.YOU may think having an affair is ok, many other people with morals dont.If he brings the party into disrepute, then he will be like everyone else and have to answer to the NEC

Maggie Chapman But s claire has denied knowing him, then the screenshots of the conversations they had on other pages must be figments of someones imagination as are the photos of them in london togethr.....he will have nothing to worry about then

Claire Khaw This may be a case of mistaken identity. I did know the late Mike Smith who used to live near Bournemouth. He did stay over at mine once. I think some people may have thought we were lovers, but I managed to decline his advances without offending him or breaking our friendship.

Perhaps they are confusing poor Philip Glover with Mike?

Claire Khaw I really don't think Philip is my type even if I am known to go for older men.

Maggie Chapman Nope, definitely no confusion.I will admit i have seen the screenshots of your conversations but i have not personally seen the photographs

Claire Khaw What was supposed to have passed between us?

Lucas Gervas Then post these screenshots Maggie. It's not nice to make unsubstantiated accusations.

Maggie Chapman Im not posting them, they arent my property.

Claire Khaw I must say I am very curious now!

Maggie Chapman Im not making any accusations, i am simply saying ukip are talking to philip glover aboujt his relationship with claire khaw

Claire Khaw Can you give us the gist of it then?

Maggie Chapman If claire says she does not know him at all, then obviously the screenshots and the photos are fake....

Claire Khaw The last time I canoodled with an older man you all might have heard of was last year.

Big Sister is watching you

When I am leader of UKIP, any leader who behaves in the way Maggie has about another would be disciplined, if not expelled.

Who do the fuck does she think she is anyway, the Head of the UKIP Secret Police?

But it seems that UKIP is being run by the likes of Maggie and her cabal.  Big Sister is watching you, mate, and you better believe it.

Time to get rid of these women.

Time to get these nasty evil gossip-mongering harridans right out of the politics and business of men.


Anonymous said...

And she had one this year with Max Tasker, and she accuses others of it?

Claire Khaw said...

How do you know Maggie Chapman had an affair with Max Tasker?

Anonymous said...

Hi Claire i know because Max Tasker my husband. I would like to speak with you more to find out about this woman who has destroyed my marriage.

Anonymous said...

Because he my husband. It happened this year.

Anonymous said...

Why should people not know about this it is the truth.

Anonymous said...

Tell me more i am intrigued to find out more about the woman who caused so much pain to a family?

Anonymous said...

Can i ask who this is?

Anonymous said...

She ruined my familys marriage.. Nasty nasty woman.