Friday, 14 September 2012

The end of crude ethno-nationalism?

The result of the Trinity Ward by-election for Burnley Borough Council on 13 September 2012

Labour - Tony Martin - 493 (49.25)
Liberal Democrat - Stephanie Forrest - 256 (25.57)
Conservative - Tom Watson - 96 (9.6)
BNP - Derek Dawson - 95 (9.6)
UKIP - Craig James Ramplee - 35 (3.5)
NF - Steven Smith - 26 (2.6)

Majority 237
Turnout 1,001

The BNP claim to be both a civic and an ethno-nationalist party.  Actually, if they were really clever, they should drop race from their entire discourse.  But we know they are not really that clever and are being led by a man who has too much to lose.  Nick Griffin will not be sticking his neck out for you, BNP member or BNP supporter.   It is much more important to him to stay well within this comfort zone.  He knows which side of his bread is buttered - the EU side, for it is the EU who pays his and Nigel Farage's wages.

That is why these parties never get anywhere.  They are too busy wasting their time and energy in Brussels when they should be going up and down this country talking to the British voter, winning hearts and minds about leaving the EU.

But Brussels has created just the kind of culture and environment that these easily-impressed MEPs like, rubbing shoulders with bureaucrats and people whom they think are bigwigs.  That is why the Eurosceptic movement is precisely nowhere and neither Nigel nor Nick want Claire and Dave in their parties, however brilliant and bold they are, indeed, especially if they are brilliant and bold.

David Jones will not be mentioning race at all in his campaign (Polling Day 25 October 2012).   He will be talking only about issues that affect and will be of interest to all British citizens who live in this country.

David Jones - campaigning for family values and smaller government

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