Saturday, 15 September 2012

The real reason why the EDL hate Muslims: feminism

Muslims in their land reminds Westerners of the decline and fall of their civilisation and how their government does not care about them, because it keeps letting Muslims whom they hate and fear into their country. As long as the West continues to decline and fall, the non-Muslim Westerner will continue to hate Muslims. The only time the West will cease to hate Muslims is when it becomes Muslim.

If Muslims want to be less hated by non-Muslims in the West, they have to be seen to be giving them something good that they cannot otherwise enjoy, but for Islam.

This means giving them things that come out of Islam, which they already hate and fear.

It will take a very persuasive person to sell Islam to non-Muslims in the West.

Sadly, however, the white working classes are not interested in abstract ideas such as good government or arguments.  They can only understand things they can see, and they can see Muslims, whom they hate and fear.

We cannot expect the white working classes to grasp the principles of good government or esoteric matters such as electoral reform.  They can only remember that life was better before the Muslims arrived, and therefore the Muslims must be the problem.

But why did the Muslims arrive?

Because their government let them in.

Why does the government keep letting Muslims in whom they know the locals hate and fear?

Because the white working classes are not fit for purpose.

Why aren't the white working classes fit for purpose?

Because they are badly brought up by their single mums and badly taught by their sink school comps.

Why doesn't the government tell off these single mums?

Because too many of them have the vote.

To fix this problem, we would have to

1. narrow the franchise

2. make white women have more children

3. make schools teach white working class children properly

But no government will ever tackle the problem because 5 years is not long enough to fix the problem of education and training, nor is it long enough to be able to fix the problem of white working class women not having enough children that are fit for the British labour force.

The white man is basically too afraid to tell his women off. He is actually deeply ashamed of this and hates himself.

Indeed, there is even a word for this. It is called being pussywhipped.

However, instead of criticising his own women - the feminists in positions of power, the Slut Single Mums who keep having their bastards at taxpayers' expense that only turn into NEETs, or the mother of his children - he sees brown people who are Muslims whose presence in his land he already resents.

After all, if he criticised his women they would divorce him (as well as take half his stuff and deprive him of his children) or leave him or be rude to him or refuse to have sex with him.

Such is the abject state of the White Man.

That is why he needs to convince himself that there is someone lower than him, and these people who are lower than him are Muslims.

If he did not have Muslims to hate, he would only be left with the option of hating himself for being in this degraded state or having to tackle his women, which he is afraid of doing.

That is why he would rather hate Muslims.

Therefore, if Muslims want to stop the white man from hating him, they will have to help the white man.

What is the white man most afraid of?

His women.

How can Muslims help the white man against his own women?

By questioning and defeating feminism on his behalf or by persuading and equipping him so that he can do so himself.

All the countries that have embraced feminism, have a low birth rate together with indiscriminate universal suffrage and a multi-party system are basically fucked.

China can just about save itself with its one-party state but I fear it is now probably too far gone as well, for it has let out the genie which has granted them the heady pleasures of Consumerism, Sexual Liberation and Fractional Reserve Banking.   There are no more wishes left.

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