Monday, 10 September 2012

There is SECRET Facebook group administered by a UKIP man who wants to sterilise women who want abortions

It is called Exchanging Ideas.   You can join this secret group if you request friendship from Stuart Hamilton, the backstabbing piece of shit who used to jointly administer the group with me.

We agreed that, since I had broken the rules of secrecy, I should be seen to be punished.  I agreed that my punishment would be a week's exile.

However, he soon put up polls about whether I should remain admin and then whether I should return at all.

Of course, if the boot had been on the other foot, I would have kept to my word about letting him return after a week, and left it at that.   However, these days, in slut and bastard Britain where even educated men have no grasp of the principles of fair dealing and keeping one's word, his behaviour was only to have been expected.

And so he has banned me permanently and made Mark Barnes, the UKIP man who wants to sterilise women who want abortions and to make non-white citizens of Europe second class citizens, the group admin. repeats verbatim what he said about wanting to sterilise women who want abortions and making non-European citizens in Europe second class citizens.

I was content to have it as an open group, but Stuart Hamilton wanted it closed and then finally secret.

Were we sharing porn with each other or something of that nature?  NO.

Why was he so obsessed with secrecy?

Because he feared jeopardising his social life and his chances of future employment.

I went along with it because I was at the time content to post there, and did not at the time see the harm of the group being secret.

However, when I read that a UKIP member in Exchanging Ideas, Mark Barnes, was saying that he wished to sterilise women who want an abortion, and that he wished to make non-Europeans living in Europe second class citizens, I could not hep but want an answer to this question:

"Why is this intensely chauvinistic and misogynistic man who wishes to treat other races as second class citizens and sterilise women who want an abortion in UKIP while I am forbidden to join just because I  am ex-BNP?"

What Mark Barnes wants goes much further than the BNP after all.  He really should join the NF with views like his.  However, he is too cowardly and hypocritical to do so and already knows the NF are full of proles he despises and wouldn't be seen dead with.

Also, his wife might object and his business might suffer.

So there you are.  Anyway, Mark Barnes is currently administrator of this secret Facebook group full of people who fear to express their political views in an open group.

That group is now cursed. is a new group I have set up, called PUBLIC debate which is an OPEN group, for people who are not afraid to say what they mean, and who are able to defend their views morally and intellectually, but if not, withdraw them.

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