Saturday, 8 September 2012

UKIP distance themselves from me because they fear controversy like a vampire fears garlic

My message to UKIP activist when he asked me for more information about my background:

I am afraid I have a rather high profile in nationalist circles having been expelled from the BNP last July and posed with with David Jones formerly of the BPP of Todmorden when I help him with his campaign in April.
explains further.

My anti-feminist views at have not endeared me to the UKIP ladies or the leadership who wish to avoid controversy at all costs.   

My intention is to be at a nearby hostelry available to meet any UKIP delegate in Birmingham prepared to meet me in order to consider the possibility that my being a member would not completely discredit UKIP and might even do it good.  

I know the leadership dislike me and find my views too radical. 

The response I received:

"In your particular circumstances I personally feel that an exception might be made to the BNP rule. However I regret that I cannot support your bid for membership of UKIP because of the level of controversy that your views provoke. UKIP has a problem of credibility due to the unremitting assaults from the political and media establishment and I fear that your views (to which you are entitled) would offer an opportunity to the BBC and the rest to distract the voters from our core objective, which is to get a fair referendum on the EU.

"If all you do is all you ever did, then all you'll get is all you ever got."  Texan saying

Check out how boring their tweeters are at!/1party4all/ukip

UKIP have no Director of Communications either, but they know they already know they don't want me.

Is UKIP a party that has programmed itself for defeat?

Is UKIP a party that is crippled by cowardice?

Isn't it a bit too early for UKIP to become quite so damnably complacent?

What I fear is that it will be the Conservative Party who will end up taking the UK out of the EU and say to us:

"You see?  You could always trust us to take the country out of the EU when it was in the national interest.  In the end, we did it before UKIP got round to doing it."

Do these fuckers at UKIP care?  Of course not, as long as they can continue holding on to their comfort blankets and sucking their thumb so they can feel all safe and warm being cuddled by their mummies and nannies.

In politics, it is of course more important to feel safe and never venture from your comfort zone.  It is more important to feel safe than ever accomplish anything at all!  That is the UKIP way.

That is how the emasculated white man who is in fear of his women now thinks.

Indeed, he is now impossible to shame because he has no pride and feels no shame.  

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